While We’re Waiting… Kipnis the Dirtbag, Browns WR Comparison and Bizarro Baron Davis

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Dirtbag! Have we found a nickname for Kipnis- “No matter the deceiving connotation of the term, Acta heaped praise on his rookie. “A dirtbag is one of those guys that runs through a wall to win every single day,” Acta said. “He throws himself around, is always dirty, runs every ball out, just does whatever it takes to win. That’s what we call a dirtbag in baseball. Really not concerned about how he looks on the field, but just getting it done.” [Meisel/Indians.com]

Interesting comparison- “See, it was not so long ago that another “small” quarterback was taking over a franchise in a state of flux. In 2006, Drew Brees signed a deal to become the starting quarterback of a team coming off a 3-13 season. While I know Brees was already an accomplished quarterback with the San Diego Chargers and McCoy still has much to prove, my focus here is on the receivers, not who was under center. Can you venture a guess at how many “big name” receivers Brees has had when he signed with the New Orleans Saints? Well I’m going to make it easy on you, none.” [Evans/National Football Authority]

Truly strange. Cavalier Baron Davis giving a horoscope reading. [Ball Don’t Lie]

Want to know what the Browns offense might look like? Take a look at the Rams last year- “One big wrinkle that the Rams utilized was the addition of a 1-step pass option to the running game. This run/pass option is often misunderstood by fans and commentators. On any of these run/pass option plays, the wide receivers will anticipate a pass and run a given route. The line, backs, and TEs will run the play as though the run were going to occur. Neither of these groups makes a read, they simply carry out their branch of the play as though both the run and the pass were happening simultaneously. The QB will make a pre-snap read based on the defensive players defending the wideouts. He will basically decide to go with the run play or the pass based on what the defense was doing.” [Dawgs by Nature]

“Manny Acta’s ImpACTA Kids Foundation has done wonders for the children in the Indians manager’s hometown of Consuelo, in the Dominican Republic. Acta has built fields and a library facility on fields once covered by weeds, and he’s also sponsored a Little League program that bears his name.

But Acta’s charitable efforts aren’t limited to the Dominican. He has taken to Cleveland as his home away from home, investing in the futures of some of the area’s best and brightest students through a scholarship program that began last year, his first at the helm of the Tribe.” [Castroturf]

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Love our dirtbag. When it looked like Kipnis was gonna be the only offensive addition to the team, I had my doubts, but so far so good.

    And, I missed Jimenez’s first start and had never seen him pitch before. What a crazy delivery! Reminds me of Billy Traber for some reason.

  • Mark

    I enjoyed that National Football Authority link. It’s nice to think that our offense can turn into the Saints but I’m not truly believing that. No, I liked it because its spelled out what the Browns front office and coaches are thinking – that a good QB, in a good offensive philosophy, making the right reads and throws is so much more important to a team than a big named receiver. This is what Shurmer and Colt have to prove.

  • Clevo

    The little of him I’ve seen, Kipnis may be our best baserunner, by far. I was skeptical of him hitting 2nd, esp after Fukudome came to town, although if he hits like last night, it doesn’t matter who he hits in front of.

    Ubaldo would have been near perfect last night if not for Carlos getting alligator arms and a really bad bounce in left center. He showed grit coming out the next inning to no damage, and also put the team on his back by going 8 last night. This is the team that needs to show up for the rest of the season.

    Now we’ll see how positive everyone is after Carmona faces Verlander today.

  • Harv 21

    Apropos nickname for Kipnis- I think that was also Lenny Dykstra’s tag and they appear to be similar in demeanor.

    Like I said yesterday, he’ll have to adjust when the league figures out his swing – they won’t let him yank inside pitches around the right field pole indefinitely – but so far, what’s not to like. He certainly isn’t playing tight.

  • TSR3000

    @4- Wasn’t Dystra nicknamed “nails”?

  • mgbode

    getting a sweep would mean a 1 game division. i’d rather be facing Penny than Verlander like the schedule initially said, but we’ll all feel more confident after taking down Justin :)

  • Dave

    @Clevo, Kipnis looks great on the basepath. BTW, did anyone see LaPorta’s AB last night? Woof that was baaaaad. What is Acta’s nickname for LaPorta?

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    Yeah, forgot for a second about today’s match-up. This could be Carmona’s defining moment. He’s facing bad news even if he pitches 7 innings of shut-out baseball. He knows that. Does he show-up?!? Definitely going to watch this one.

  • mgbode

    Fausto’s defining moment will forever be the midge game. Unless he wins a crucial WS game for us (or beats us in one), the game we will all tell our grandchildren about is the game where this young kid went out there and acted like everything was normal despite having 100 or so insects crawling all over his body.

  • Harv 21

    @4: yeah, you’re right. Was thinking of a former roommate who looked like and perpetually drooled like Dykstra and smelled.

  • Roosevelt

    “That’s what we call a dirtbag in baseball.”

    Really? Is there anyone besides Acta and maybe Ozzie Guillen that does that?

  • Clevo

    @ #11- the Pre 2004 Red Sox w/ Trot Nixon and Kevin Millar (It may have been earlier than that, like 01 or 02) called themselves the Dirt Dogs, same idea as what Manny was saying about Kipnis. Hopefully the only time there is any comparison between Trot and JK.

  • Garry Owen


    It’s also “dirtbag,” but with a much different connotation.

    LaPorta looks like an old man at the plate, at first, and on the base path. What happened to that guy? Does he have some undisclosed injury?

  • mike

    billy traber?! i know what you mean, but its funny. maybe billy traber + 20 mph!

  • http://www.60bpm.com/ Robbie

    @mike — I’m only referring to Traber’s delivery, which was messed-up… probably why his elbow didn’t survive. Looked like his shoulder was hardly involved. Ubaldo has that wierd hitch. Doesn’t really bother me, just saying I was “like whoa” when I saw it last night.

    @mgbode — You’re correct. That was definitely his defining moment. Maybe this will just be a “statement game”. Fausto’s in a place where the Indians NEED him to step-up. At this point, he’s got to realize when it comes to the staff, at best he’s #3 after Jimenez and Masterson, possibly #4 after Tomlin. Does this bother him? Does he have something to prove? Does he care? I’m just a bit sad because a staff of Jimenez, Masterson and Camona (’07) would be wicked insane.

  • Shamrock

    I like the Kipper.

    Carmona hasnt been the same since he and Sabathia imploded verse the mighty Red Sox. Sabathia still can’t beat them even with the Yankees offense. I miss Cliff Lee though.

  • mike

    robbie – i know thats what you meant.

  • enjoyradio

    The Long Beach State baseball team call themselves the Dirtbags, because during a CWS run they practiced off campus on a dirt field. It really is a nice thing to say!