While We’re Waiting…Symon On Cleveland Sports, Terrell Owens, The Problem With Urban Meyer

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Feature on Michael Symon and his Cleveland fandom: “Symon isn’t just a fan; many of the Browns players are regulars at his restaurants. He says he was never concerned about the lockout because he had inside info. Nevertheless, he’s ecstatic that no games will be missed. He’s ready for Colt McCoy and company to hit the field again. Speaking of the young quarterback, Symon is drinking the Kool-Aid. ‘I’m in. I’m pot committed,’ he says. ‘I don’t know if it’s cause I’m a Browns fan, but McCoy has that spark and swagger. I think we’re gonna go good places with him.'” [Adam Watson/ThePostGame]

A little more on that new CB of ours: “We can’t believe we have to go over this either, but of course a cornerback’s numbers aren’t just a function of “production,” but also whether he’s viewed by opponents as a weak spot in the defense. Of course, a cornerback might end up with more tackles or interceptions than another precisely because he’s worse at the position than the other, and targeted more frequently, which explains why All World corner Nnamdi Asomugha, to name one, finished last season with only 19 tackles, no interceptions and 6 passes defensed in 14 games. So of course, to say a cornerback’s production was “better” than another because that cornerback had more tackles or interceptions or whatever than the other is somewhere between meaningless and plainly idiotic.” [Pete/Cleveland Frowns]

Wow – bold suggestion: “Terrell Owens hasn’t been the headcase like he was early in his career. His last two stints with the Bengals and Bills you can almost say he was a model teammate. It would add another weapon to the arsenal on offense and help Colt McCoys development. The move would probably open up the offense and help out Mo Mass and Brian Robiskie in there third year with the team. If T.O checked his attitude at the door, and I can’t believe I am saying this, he could be a great fit for the Cleveland Browns. When T.O is on the field you can’t bring the safety in the box in fear of him beating you on the deep ball so that should help out the Browns run game and Hillis.” [Randy Ward/Browns Gab]

Age-old moral quandaries and the OSU head coaching position: “Meyer’s pedigree is undeniable–he’s won two national titles and has proven he has what it takes to topple the fat kingpins of the SEC currently residing over the sport. With that, though, comes Meyer’s willingness to push on envelopes in a manner which is/was less discreet than Tressel’s methods…Would these risks be something that Ohio State would be willing to endure if it meant returning Ohio State to perennial national title contendership? Would bringing boss hogg outlaws like Will Hill to campus be worth the windfall of exposure/money of winning national titles?” [DJ Byrnes/Eleven Warriors]

But does he still have a New York “essence”? “Employees of the bar privately told Grossman that Edwards was encouraging his cousins to fight.  Also present at the time was former Wolverine star and NBA star (and ESPN employee) Jalen Rose, who reportedly tried to stop the fight. Edwards has more than his employee prospects hinging on this one.  He’s still on probation for assault in Cleveland, where he recently faced the possibility of jail time based on a guilty to DUI in New York.” [Florio/PFT]

  • mgbode

    was anyone expecting more out of Patterson than a CB3 to use in nickel situations?

  • stin4u

    Still a hearty no thanks to T.O. and Braylon Edwards is an absolute mess. What a waste.


    This doesn’t really have to do with any of the articles, but a buddy of mine just informed me he was going to be back in Ohio in the fall and wanted to go to a Browns game. I went to WFNY tickets and it doesn’t appear that the Browns are an option from the Team Drop Down…Is this just a glitch?


    Oops…nm….just went to the team website and the front page is advertising single game tickets going on sale on Saturday…I guess no one is really re-selling tickets that they aren’t able to buy in the first place! Doh!

  • mgbode

    @REEP – season-ticket holders are already selling their tix for individual games.

  • dwhit110

    It’s like Braylon Edwards and LeBron James have combined in my mind into one big mashed up caricature of themselves.

  • B-bo

    @REEP I just picked up two tix to the Seattle game Oct. 23 (third row west end zone) for $65 each, so they are out there to be had. I tried WFNY tix first as well, but wasn’t patient enough to wait and see.

  • B-bo

    The only thing I want to see less than TO in a Browns jersey is Urban Meyer on the sideline in Columbus. Hardly the guy you want coming in to “clean up” after the mess of the past 8-9 months.