While We’re Waiting… Thome and Mid-Pre-Season Browns

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“That he’s joining a pennant chase gasping for breath, with the Indians six back of the Tigers and suffering what seems to be a key injury a day (even on an off day, it was revealed Josh Tomlin will miss his next start with an undisclosed ailment), hardly seems to matter. The fact is, Thome is on the last leg, if not the last pinky toe, of what is likely (read: had better be) a Hall of Fame career, and this would be the most suitable place to cap it. Should the Tribe be rejuvenated by his presence and get back into the thick of the AL Central standings, well, then, all the better.

Obviously, this transaction — that rare August waiver-wire claim that amounted to actual prominent player movement — is about improving a sagging lineup, one that might be bereft of Travis Hafner’s bat for the remainder of the stretch run. But it’s also about something else. That word so many use after failed relationships, be they of the reality TV or the actual reality type. Closure.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]

Well, I’ve seen it fail in the past as well- “Fickell first acknowledged what’s been obvious in the handful of open practices, that what started as a four-man competition has been trimmed to two main players, 25-year-old senior Joe Bauserman and true freshman Braxton Miller. And though he’s talked very little about specifics and even less about which way he might be leaning in terms of naming a starter, Fickell said he’s seen teams succeed using two quarterbacks in the past. “That might be what we’re after,” he said.” [Jackson/FSO]

“If the Indians, or any Cleveland team, ever win a championship, it is not going to be easy. It won’t be done in conventional fashion, with a juggernaut destroying the competition. It will, almost certainly, be done by an underdog. By a team that nobody believed in. By a team that comes from behind in the fourth quarter of a game seven, or one that makes a desperate 55 yard field goal in the final minute. Or, maybe, by one that chases down a team that is up 6.5 games with 35 to play just to make the playoffs.” [Rebuilding Since 1964]

Hideous uniform week continues- [Dr. Saturday]

“Elsewhere on the Browns roster, the depth situation at linebacker remains terrifying. As previously advertised, Fujita is playing sparingly, while D’Qwell Jackson is working himself back into game form. However, the player considered to be the least injury-prone, Chris Gocong, has yet to actually play. Replacing Gocong is Jackson – who has shifted back inside to his former position, rather than focusing on making an important transition to an outside spot.

In the process, third-year linebacker Kaluka Maiava has gained some significant playing time at outside linebacker. Maiava has shown some decent versatility – particularly in pass coverage. However, beyond second-half wonders Titus Brown and Brian Smith, there doesn’t appear to be any relevant linebacker depth. Considering the always tenuous injury history of Fujita and Jackson, this is not a soothing thought for the Browns moving forward – especially when compared to the final month of 2010, when the Browns’ defense eventually cracked.” [DK/The Orange and Brown Report]

  • Goldenflash7903

    I am curious why all these uniforms are so aweful? These teams will wear them once this season. It is a fun thing that is offered to select universities. Can we get over the “tradition” of all of this. They have character and provides a style pop, where in most cases style doesn’t exist. They also wouldn’t do it is the players, coaches and schools didn’t like it. And if people don’t know, the licensing departments at all major colleges and universities are like Nazis when approving what can be produced with the schools name on it. (Hell, there are a lot of schools that do not allow shot glasses to be made anymore because it promotes drinking).