Browns Sign TE Evan Moore to 3-Year Contract

Following the pattern of locking up would-be core players to longer-term contracts, the Cleveland Browns have reportedly inked tight end Evan Moore to a three-year contract extension.

The Browns had signed offensive tackle Joe Thomas to a lucrative seven-year deal and has reportedly been in talks with running back Peyton Hillis. Moore’s deal, worth approximately $3 million per season, is a two-year extension coupled with a revamp of his 2011 tender.

Current starting tight end Ben Watson is entering his age-30 season and is set to enter free agency in 2013. The 6-foot-6-inch, 250-pound Moore end has shown flashes of brilliance in his limited time with the Browns, proving to be a mismatch for both linebackers and defensive backs. In 17 games with the Orange and Brown, Moore has hauled in 28 passes for 480 yards and one touchdown. Despite having occasional bouts with the injury bug, Moore, 26, looks to be the team’s tight-end of the future.

  • mgbode

    I hope Rubin is next and, yes, also Hillis.

    Not sure Moore has done anything to ‘deserve’ $3mil/year for 3 years but more power to him for getting it. hopefully, he now proves he can stay on the field and start earning it.

  • Shamrock

    Moore and Watson that’s all McCoy has in the way of targets. Still no idea why Cameron was drafted.

  • justin d

    Why not make a bid for Briggs for our linebacker core?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    @ shamrock

    I think you’re selling momass, little and cribbs just a little bit short, don’t you think. When you throw hillis in that mix as another receiver, I actually think this team has some good things going offensively.

    Now, if they can keep Colt upright, they’ll be in business.

  • christopher

    let’s hope Moore doesn’t need that $3 million to pay his medical bills over the next three years.

    He’s been on the sideline a little too much for me to be comfortable handing him 3 years right now.

  • RoversRugby

    Christopher, you do know that an NFL team can cut any player at any time, right? For 3 million a season, that’s pretty affordable for a team to cut ties with if something untoward happens.

  • christopher

    And Rovers you do understand that even when a player is cut he still earns his “guaranteed” money right?

    I haven’t seen how much of the $3 million a year is guaranteed but it’s more than inwould have been comfortable giving him until he proves he can att healthy for an entire year.

    Especially with the logjam of TE’s on our roster right now as well.

    I swear the snark on this site has gotten out of hands lately.

    I need to stick to reading the articles and leaving the comments fields alone.