Fantasy Football Gone Too Far?

Deadspin covered it earlier today and now Browns players like Evan Moore, Scott Fujita and Mohamed Massaquoi are busy on Twitter today retweeting a message from Chicago Bears safety Chris Harris.  Harris took exception to an website promotion for fantasy football that featured recently injured running back Jamaal Charles.

I agree with the players here. Chris Harris said the following. “It baffles me that has taking Jamal Charles season ending or even career ending injury to promote fantasy football #perspective” Followed up by, “I just feel it’s very tasteless to use any players season/career ending injury to promote Fantasy Football PERIOD!!!!!!”

Makes me wonder what bucket the league website revenues end up in and how much the players see from it. Even if 100% of the profits ended up in player pockets, it still wouldn’t justify the flippant use of a player’s livelihood to promote fantasy football.  Talk about strange and interesting times.

  • Shamrock

    It’s all about the $$$ how shocking! That has ruined fantasy sports too!

  • Nicko

    Wow, that’s pretty bad.

    Fantasy football is for nerds anyway.

  • Matthew Grant Anson

    I’m just glad he wasn’t on my team.

  • Scott

    Everyone always wants their cake. ESPN wants to cover sports and then broadcast them, promoting storylines which ultimately better both sides of the coin. The NFL wants to profit (or take share from) the Y!s and CBS’ of the world – who, might I add are exponentially better hosts for fantasy sports – and then hang their players out to dry in doing so.

  • The Conductor

    Fantasy Football drives TV ratings. Why would anyone follow any other team or buy the NFL ticket if there wasn’t fantasy football?

    The players need to get over themselves. Charles was a bust pick. Next time he should jump higher or not have such bad genetics that his ACL gives out when he ties his shoe laces.

  • oribiasi

    The most interesting part of this article is the link to the Drew Pomeranz story. Some of the comments I find hilarious are this one, from, hans:

    “Perfect example of the draft gone wrong: Shelley Duncan falling to the New York Yankees. I rest my case.

    Shelley Duncan doesn’t rest his case. Shelley Duncan’s case rests its subject.”

    How time changes everything…

  • Clown Baby

    @ 5, Yes 2nd leading rusher in the NFL last year is quite the bust. Injuries happen to everyone but it takes talent to compile those types of stats.

  • Mark

    @The Conductor – you’ve got to be kidding, right? If it’s satire it’s not bad.

  • The Conductor

    @Mark – of course I’m kidding. Who buys the NFL ticket?!

  • The Conductor

    The NFL pours a rich, thick sauce of electronic entertainment all over you every Sunday with Fantasy Football.

    Jamaal Charles and his extra A are nothing but a booger that accidentally fell in while the Chef was wiping his nose.

  • mgbode

    stay classy

  • eldaveablo

    Kind of reminds me of last year when you could buy a still photo of MoMass getting that hit that knocked him out and drew a fine.

    Thoughtless mistake, or just trying to cash in any way you can?

  • Tom

    Terrible, but inevitable, the editors sometimes do cross the line.

    Best part about the picture though is:

    “Six pounds of marijuana found in Bengals’ home”

    They just don’t stop…

  • mgbode

    Oh, forgot to point this hilarity out earlier this week (we can laugh because it happend to us first).

    Let’s set the stage: 1:45 left. Cardinals down by 1. And then Chansi does what Chansi does.

    1-10-ARI 20 (1:45) (Shotgun) 4-K.Kolb pass short middle to 17-C.Stuckey to ARI 32 for 12 yards (34-B.Westbrook). The Replay Assistant challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. (Shotgun) 4-K.Kolb pass short middle to 17-C.Stuckey to ARI 32 for 12 yards (34-B.Westbrook). FUMBLES (34-B.Westbrook), RECOVERED by WAS-37-R.Doughty at ARI 32. 37-R.Doughty to ARI 32 for no gain (17-C.Stuckey).

  • Lloyd Braun

    Those poor exploited multimillion dollar athletes. We and their employer should all be more sensitive to their feelings.

  • kozy

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Youngblood played with a broken leg and a ruptured disc.

  • Chris

    @15: That’s pretty much what I was thinking.

  • Horace

    @15 and 17:

    agreed 100%. if a player has a great game and makes the front page of, he’s happy. if he has a bad game or is injured, then it’s in bad taste to feature him? sorry, live by the sword die by it.

    the players want all the exposure along with the “look at me” routine? fine, but we’ll still be giving you attention when you get hurt.

  • Tim

    Maybe I am wrong and maybe I don’t understand the life of a pro athlete. I imagine with fame and success come real stress. However, I find it really really difficult to feel sorry for someone who makes that much money playing a sport. I can feel sorry for their personal problems and life issues… But with things like this, I have no sympathy. Give me 20 million and you can say whatever the hell you want to say about me when I get hurt.

  • sleepless in cincy

    I’m with the players on this one. Can’t imagine logging into my jobs’ website & seeing my pic with a caption that reads “Sleepless out 3 days with stomach flu and now his project is in jeopardy”. I understand the nfl is trying to get as many people following fb, but seems there are more positive ways in which to build the fan base.

  • sleepless in cincy

    Not sure the amount of $$ someone makes justifies the ridicule they can be exposed to. He was hurt while doing his job & some jackass at decided to use it to try & increase viewership. BTW, an earlier comment suggested fantasy fb is for nerds. U should not be allowed on this site anymore. What a moronic statement from someone I am guessing is a gigantic moron.

  • Garry Owen

    Fantasy football = Dungeons and Dragons for adults that used to make fun of the kids in school that played Dungeons and Dragons.

    I kid. I kid.


  • Foghorn Leghorn