NBA Blog Previews: Southwest Division


It’s that time of year again. That time when NBA training camps get underway, preseason games are starting, and NBA previews are being made.

Other than the fact that an NBA season keeps seeming more and more unlikely, why should this year be any different? Sure, there’s no training camp and preseason, but that doesn’t mean NBA previews can’t still be done.

Things are just a little different this year. Rather than a true season preview, think of these as more of an offseason report. A state of the union address, if you will.

We’ll get to the Cavaliers preview a little later, but for now, here are the Southwest Division Previews. There’s a lot of intrigue with the Southwest Division. Will the Mavericks experience a Championship hangover? Can the Grizzlies build upon their impressive postseason run? Are the Spurs officially done? Is there a future with Chris Paul in New Orleans? And what exactly is going on with the Rockets?

You can find the answers to these questions and more by clicking on the links below. And I encourage you guys to please click on the links and give the other NBA bloggers some page views.

Southwest Division Previews

  • Chucky Brown

    as 1 of about 17 americans who care that the NBA is locked out, this truly makes me sad

  • Ben

    Let’s guess which teams will still be around when the NBA comes back from their year vacation. I say cross off the Hornets for this division.

  • mgbode

    @Chucky – I care. Just not yet. Same way with the NFL for me. I don’t really even consider them to have been locked out because we got the same season we always do.

    Obviously, with the NBA, there is a better chance of that not happening. And, as much as it doesn’t affect the Cavs, it will affect my overall enjoyment. Especially come January when the only sport that I regularly watch will be college basketball (which, in theory, is a similar product, but in practice is grossly inferior)

  • mgbode

    @Ben – the Hornets seem like the obvious answer due to their ownership being the NBA itself and NO not being among the largest markets in the country.

    they are definitely a contender if the NBA starts eliminating teams, but I think that is not likely. And, I think there are other teams to contract before the NO market gets hit (though they could contract the Hornets and move another team there)

  • Ben

    I think they could get rid of 4 tomorrow and it would only help the league…Hornets, Bobcats, Raptors, and Kings. Eventually the leagues will start looking at contraction only because they expanded to fast.

  • mgbode

    The Raptors make the NBA alot of money. No way they would be on the list.

    I don’t think the leagues will contract teams unless absolutely necessary (or as a bargaining chip in CBA discussions) because it inherently adds risk to the investment of buying a team and therefore can lower overall value of the other teams and the league itself.

  • Ben

    Wow. Did some homework on the raptors and was unaware that a team that dreadful would be doing that well. I don’t think contraction will ever actually happen but I do think that this lockout could drag into the NEXT season. The owners are going to get their hard cap and sooner the players realize that we will have basketball.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    The NBA lockout can continue through all of this season for all I care. The players are spoiled and have ruined any hope for parity.