Nike Releases Images of Ohio State Pro Combat Uniforms – 2011

I am always surprised how much people love jersey and uniform talk. Well, I’ll keep the talk to a minimum. Here are Nike’s uniforms for Ohio State this year in their 2011 Pro Combat series.


Ohio State claims that these recently released bad boys honor the 1961 team, making these 50th Anniversary kits.  “Honoring the Past and Driving Toward the Future” is their slogan to go with the uniforms that will be donned as the team faces the Wisconsin Badgers on October 29.

  • -bobby-

    Wow. that looks AWFUL… IMO….

  • Rob

    could be worse…. look at Maryland’s unis.

  • yerfdog

    Looks like a cyborg…… Whatever a cyborg looks like

  • B-bo

    It’s bad, but much better than the last two efforts. I just wish we’d stick to the classic look.

  • jewpants


  • theherd10

    Those S-U-C-K, suck, suck, suck.

  • Nathan

    Very Nice! Beter than last years! I like the once a year change. No gloves to get us flagged this year.

  • kunal

    These suck! Not as bad as some of the jerseys other teams have been wearing so far

  • jimkanicki

    we’ve reached the tipping point with all these additional unis. the equipment vendors are tripping over themselves to be more outrageous that the next. (anyone see maryland’s absurd helmets?)

    the flagrant mercenary motive behind this when juxtaposed with suspensions over charity gifts bags is sickening.

    im not a joe paterno fan, but i do appreciate that he hasn’t pimped out his school like every other program.

  • NJ

    Pro Combat? Cause we need more sports=war talk while there’s, you know, actual Americans fighting actual wars. Shame on you, Nike. (Looks terrible too.)

  • stin4u

    Not really an OSU fan but these are horrendous. I’ll pass. Why not wear the old get up with the scarlet or grey bands on the sleeves with some sort of new twist? This looks like something a space ninja would wear.

  • Pat

    i kinda like the idea of throwback unis, but the mechanical sleeves and gloves just look weird, nike couldve done so much better

  • jimkanicki

    oh… and congress should enact a law that only army can wear camo.

  • Tron

    They look awfully similar to Georgia’s uniforms (helmet at least). Has Nike finally run out of really ugly designs they’re just rehashing them now?

  • Pale Dragon

    I expected terrible, and Nike did not disappoint. At least the last two years they kept with a throwback look. This is just tacky. The grey is too dark and the helmet stripe is too wide.

    The only good thing to say is that they didn’t go with black uniforms, like some had speculated back in the summer.

  • mgbode

    sigh. not a fan of this ‘new’ idea of a very thick stripe. it does not look good.

    the red jersey scheme looks surprisingly decent (if they would fix the helmet stripe). also, like the placement of the numbers on the helmet.

    is the camo-shirt what is under the shoulder pads? because there certainly are not pads on in that pic.

  • MrCleaveland

    They’re crap-tastic!

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    that camo look has to be an undershirt type thing, which i would assume is optional to wear under the pads.

  • saggy

    re: maryland. guess what? everyone’s talking about maryland football. amazingly brilliant move by their sports marketing department.

    i don’t really mind these jerseys at all. the camo undershirts are kinda blah, but i like the rest.

    oh, and i like the maryland jerseys, too.

  • C

    I’ve come to like the Oregon jerseys, especially the matte helmets and the silver helmets in last years bowl game. But other Nike efforts seem to suck. These would be better if the stripe was thinner, or just make the whole helmet red and be done with it.

  • chad

    Disgusting! I’m tired of all these alternate uniforms. Especially when they look so God-awful

  • Pixie508

    The uniforms don’t bother me, but not such a fan of the helmet. I’m also assuming that the camo stuff is the underarmor type piece, and won’t be visible (except apparently a little near the sleeve if they wear it).

  • Horace


    Exactly correct.

    What’s next, the Nike Murder-Pro War jerseys? It’s absurd.

  • Painesville

    What the…I don’t even…

  • architrance

    I agree with NJ and Horace – does Nike really need to be making this Sports=War analogy? And to call it Pro-Combat!?

    As we know all too painfully, these are not PRO’s they’re AMATEURS.

  • humboldt

    @NJ – completely agree. Nike continues to fetishize war in an entirely inappropriate way. This whole marketing gimmick is ill-conceived and poorly executed

  • NJ

    Even Winslow’s soldier diatribe, at least that was just one emotional young man ranting in the heat of the moment.

    This is a multi-national company trying to profit by associating sports with killing and death. That’s pretty close to my definition of “evil”.

    Like @25 said, the name is ridiculous on it’s face too. It’s not PRO, it’s amateur. And it’s not COMBAT, it’s sports. But I guess Nike’s Amateur Sports Uniforms doesn’t have the same ring nor generate sales.

  • Scotty

    Just for the sake of comparison, here’s a page with some pictures of what the 1960’s jerseys ACTUALLY looked like. Swing and a miss for Nike on this one in my opinion.

  • mgbode

    I’m confused how much vitrol these uniforms are receiving. as I mentioned, I hate the thick stripe (though apparently it does closely resemble the ’61 this stripe – ugly in both cases).

    However, the actual uniform is pretty modest. Gray pants with a scarlet stripe that cuts off before the waist so they can put a scarlet-O near the waistband. Scarlet jersey with plain numbering and a simple gray stripe across the shoulder pads.

    The camo undergarments are annoying and ugly, but you can barely see them when the uniform is fully assembled.

    Honestly, this looks like a pretty bland uniform by Nike’s standards (and that is a good thing).

  • King Me

    Good idea, average execution (I would say below average, but considering Nike’s track record…) Maybe it’s just the striping that bothers me, but I don’t know why they couldn’t keep the traditional striping on the pants and shoulders.

    Also, the camo is just unnessary.

  • skdf

    I wonder if OSU is contractually obligated by Nike to remove all brand labels from the helmets. That is a Riddell Revolution Speed, made in Elyria. Everything with a swoosh on it? Made by Nike contractors in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. by children.

  • tOSUgrad

    I think they are fantastic lol

  • http://610wtvn Nadine Omlor

    Oh my…..

  • Manny parks

    I like these uniforms, i think the thick strip on the helmet looks sick. Thats not cammo thats supposes to be buckeye tree print. i thought it was a good idea. thumbs up nike