WKNR Changing Lineup With New Afternoon Show? (Updated)

Update: According to the people at Ohio Media Watch, the new afternoon show will most likely be Bruce Hooley, Greg Brinda and Chris Fedor doing the news updates.  That would also mean that Fedor will no longer be a part of The Really Big Show from what the Twitter chatter is saying.

As many of you probably noticed today, Tony Rizzo was on the air in the afternoon shift on WKNR today.  According to Rizzo, this is just a temporary assignment as he does “two-a-days.”  According to what Rizzo is saying, WKNR will have a new show on the air in afternoon drive next week.  He also said that Michael Reghi and Kenny Roda will move their “R&R” show to nights from 9 PM until 12 AM.  Presumably all the other shifts will stay the same, although I’m sure Jim Rome would still like his first hour back on the flagship WKNR as opposed to KNR2.

So, who exactly, will be the new afternoon show?  Start the speculation, I guess.  Rizzo did say “they” won’t be here until next week.  If that pronoun usage is any indication, we won’t be subject to a solo talker type of show next Monday.  It also means that we could be looking at a show imported from elsewhere.

One thing that is almost certain is that this has to be viewed as something of a demotion for Michael Reghi and Kenny Roda unless there were some other career scheduling implications that forced them to change.  As far as I’ve ever known about the business of radio (and feel free to correct me) the morning and afternoon drive-time slots were always considered the primetime slots.  Nights, not so much.

The Cleveland sports radio landscape continues to change.  Who knows how much the launch of 92.3 the Fan had to do with this programming decision.  It seems to me that it might still be too early to have a real ratings comparison between what The Bull and the Fox are doing against Reghi and Roda.  So, maybe this move was in the works already.  Then again, maybe WKNR is already feeling the heat of the new competition.

Most local sports talk fans have always thought that more competition would just make everyone better and benefit the listeners.  We’ll see soon.

(Update: Myron Falwell, frequent Ohio Media Watch tipster, is reporting that Reghi and Roda will in fact be moving from 9p-12a; Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer will allegedly stay at the 9a-1p Really Big Show slot with Fedor heading to afternoon drive to join Greg Brinda and Bruce Hooley.  Recall, Hooley – he of Ohio State Buckeyes coverage fame – had a test drive with the Really Big Show, featuring Brinda at the time, when Rizzo was on vacation this past summer. This change to the afternoon drive will provide the station with its fourth host(s) in recent years with Munch Bishop giving way to Michael Reghi, who was later joined by Kenny Roda in the station’s latest round of changes. Falwell reports that Goldhammer will have a “reduced role” on the Really Big Show, a claim which was refuted on air by both he and Rizzo.)

  • Arlen Yoder

    I long for plain old sportscasting without all the opinionated showmen that are on now. Give me someone like Hal Lebovitz any day. Someone with real knowledge as opposed to opinions. 

  • Lewis Robert

    I never could understand why kenny&reghi were on together, they were always talking about  there kids, and not sports.

  • FireGoldhammer

    Please join this page to have Aaron Goldhammer removed from the show.