Braxton Miller: The Night A Star Was Born

With 59 minutes and 40 seconds of last night’s Ohio State – Wisconsin game in the books, Braxton Miller had connected on 6 of 12 passes for 49 yards through the air.  Then with twenty seconds to go he did this:

He went legend forever, if only for a night.

Just one week ago these 11th ranked Wisconsin Badgers were not only favorites to win the Big Ten, they were also legitimate National Championship contenders as well.  Just around that same time Braxton Miller had completed 1 of 4 passes for an entire game as a starting Big Ten Quarterback.  I don’t imagine either of those things crossed his mind when he let it fly from forty yards out last night.

While that final pass served as Miller’s first TD through the air, he had already found the end zone twice on the ground before that.  He finished with 99 yards rushing, those two rushing touchdowns, and he managed the game effectively enough to put his team in a position to win it late with his last-second heroics.

Whether the story that Luke Fickell told about Braxton confidently winking at him before that final drive is totally true or more simply the preamble to a tale of Buckeye folklore first told by Fickell himself is insignificant to me too.  I believe it happened like that because it’s more fun to do so, and there’s no reason to think it didn’t.

What Miller did say for sure of that final play was this though:

“When I broke containment out of the pocket I just kept my eyes up field,” Miller said. “I was just trying to make something happen.”

And he did make something happen.

Charged with the duty of not losing the game for his team, the Freshman went out and won it for them instead.  He showed flashes of superstardom, and he put his team in a position to continue to compete for a Big Ten Title in a season they were supposed to simply go away and hide.

He was a star last night, and gave reason to believe that he can be one going forward as well on the biggest stages College Football has to offer.  Reason for not only Buckeye Nation to believe, but maybe more importantly reason for a kid entering the High School playoffs in Ohio this time last year to believe he can be a star at The Ohio State University too.

Well done, Braxton. Keep going.


  • Lyon

    absolutely unreal.

    More importantly, I loved how he reacted to it all. He was so calm afterwords, like it was no big deal. I respect that in today’s game where players celebrate making a tackle 25 yds downfield.

  • -bobby-

    That pass was so awfully duck-ish… but it worked so who am i to judge.

  • JM

    So does Rick think they are contenders now? For the Big Ten I mean.

  • jraster

    Anyone have a link to watch the Browns game online today?

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Penn St. is 2 games up on OSU in the division, with a bye week, Nebraska, @ OSU, and @ Wisconsin coming up.

    OSU has Indiana, @ Purdue, PSU, and @ Michigan.

    If I am not mistaken, if OSU wins out and Penn St. loses to either Nebraska or Wisconsin (a real good possibility), OSU goes to the Big 10 Championship game via the fact that they beat both Wisconsin and PSU head to head.

    So as hard as it is to believe considering where we were a month ago, OSU has a decent shot at playing for the Big 10 championship.

  • Vince

    ^You are correct.

    This game was absolutely unbelievable. The energy inside the stadium and the true “12th man” that we are for the Buckeyes at the Shoe really gives us an edge that no one else has. #ShockTheWorld

  • Stinkfist

    wish I watched, but that coverage was horrendous

  • LittleWahoo

    Tick Tick Boom