Kyrie Irving Scores 21 Points In Chris Paul Charity Game

In an exhibition game played at Winston Salem State University last night, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson teamed up “competitively” for the first time since going 1st and 4th overall to the Cavaliers in this past June’s Draft.  Irving went for 21 points on 9 of 17 shooting for the night, and Thompson finished with 4 points and 4 rebounds.

As the highlights indicate below, the game was pretty spectacular, although it was really more of a dunk contest than anything else.  The Winston Salem Journal said that players “played defense like the player with the ball had poison ivy and they didn’t want to get near him” and that is a pretty accurate description.

Nevertheless though, Kyrie and that toe of his did look healthy enough to run up and down effectively a little bit with the NBA’s elite,  so that’s encouraging.  It’s also good to see those two guys on the floor together for the first of many, and I imagine next time they are as Cavaliers Tristan will get the ball about a dozen more times than he did last night.

The highlights from the game are ridiculous, and they come courtesy of the guys from

If you fast forward to the 1:47 mark, there’s a few from Kyrie Iriving starting there:


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