While We’re Waiting… Colt on Losing, Haden the Bright Spot and Too Much Moneyball

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“Only four games into his second NFL season, McCoy has already lost as many games as the Browns’ starter as he did in four years at Texas, where he finished his college career as the winningest QB in NCAA history. The losses keep McCoy awake at night, causing the perfectionist to toss and turn as he rewinds play after play in his mind. McCoy doesn’t have to worry about an upcoming sleepless Sunday as the Browns (2-2) have a bye this week. But that doesn’t mean he’s taking a vacation. McCoy, who attempted a team record 61 passes in last week’s 31-13 loss to Tennessee, is using the time to analyze his performance.” [Withers/Yahoo]

The good and bad of the Browns at the quarter mark of the season- “The Good: Joe Haden – You really can’t say enough about the effort that Haden puts forth on and off the field. The love that this Florida transplant has given the city of Cleveland is unreal. His escapades range from zany (dressing up in full uniform at Cavs and Indians games) to touching (sponsoring a youth baseball team and actually showing up to watch the kids play), and are always a joy to hear about.

Oh, and he also happens to have developed into one of the league’s premier corners. Quarterbacks just can’t get a ball past him. His awareness is off-the-charts good; he always seems to position himself to make plays, and he has the athleticism to get a hand on any ball thrown his way. And you have to love a guy who talks as much trash as he does. As obnoxious as people like Ray Lewis and Hines Ward are to play against, having a vocal leader on your own team is a beautiful thing. A potential superstar in the making, Haden is the kind of athlete that would be embraced in any city he landed. Buy him a beer next time you see him making the rounds through Cleveland’s suburbs.” [Dawg Pound Daily]

“And then there was Phil Dawson, who drilled field goals of 48 and 51 yards in the first half. The swirling winds in Cleveland Browns Stadium did not derail him, as he is now 6-for-6 on the season. In the first three games, his longest attempt was only for 30 yards. I wasn’t very pleased that he gave the Titans great field position on their first touchdown drive when he kicked the ball out of bounds, but I’ll give him a pass because Titans kicker Rob Bironas did the same thing later in the game.” [Dawgs By Nature]

Awesome video spoof of ‘Moneyball’ and the Yankees- [Big League Stew]

Is a contest in order? [WFNY Tumblr]

  • 5KMD

    Great video, but I hate that the Phillies get left off the hook again. They are doing the exact same thing in the NL.

    I have a friedn who is a Phillies fan who makes it seem like they are winning games on a shoestring budget. His look is priceless when I talk about buying championships. (when you resign a player for 150 million dollars, you can no longer call him homegrown talent. That’s the point).

  • mgbode

    wait, the Phillies didn’t draft their entire pitching staff?

  • 5KMD

    I was at a concert this summer with said Phillies fan and also a Pirates fan. The talk came to pitching and the Phillies fan asked the other guy why the Pirates don’t already resign Paul Maholm for “like 5 years and 50 million dollars?” He just didn’t get it.

    At least yankees fans know they are buying championships and are proud of it. I think I hate Phillies fans worse.

  • Pining4The’Ship

    Awesome – the video has been taken down, didn’t get to see it.

  • Garry Owen

    Living in the midst of the them, I’m constantly amazed at the “struggling small-market underdog” mentality that the average Philly Phan tries to project.

  • 5KMD

    As if it was a victory for the little guy when Cliffie turned down some pin striped dollars and signed with them. Rediculous.

    Again, I’d root for the Yankees over them in the WS.

  • 5KMD


    Try it again but go to the link Jest.com right above the picture window. It should still work there. Did for me at least. It’s worth the trouble.

  • mgbode

    I could never root for the Yankees. I would do the same thing I did the last time the Yankees played the Phillies in the WS. Not watch it.

    go Rangers. go Cardinals or Diamondbacks.

  • 5KMD


    AS always, you are much wiser than me. I agree not watching or rooting for the proverbial asteroid is the much better plan.

    Don’t forget about the Brewers.

  • Pining4The’Ship

    @7 – Thanks, I was able to watch it. Great video.