While We’re Waiting… Small Market/Big Influence, Manning and LeBron, and Dirty Players

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“Pile all of those factors together and you have a faction of owners in 2006 that has turned into a majority in 2011. They are furious that the players are getting paid so much. They are furious that the NBA’s current revenue sharing ($60 million a year) is worth less than half of a league like the NHL ($137 million). And they are trying to take advantage of throwing their new weight around. This is what deputy commissioner Adam Silver was referring to last week when he mentioned “robust” discussions about revenue sharing at recent owners’ meetings. This is also what Hunter has been referring to when he’s described a fracture within the ownership ranks.

At the heart of this labor dispute is money, of course. But there’s that other classic element at play as well: power. And who has it among the ownership ranks is changing.” [Windhorst/ESPN]

Those who were calling for this trade (cough, News Herald, cough) can forget about it- “During his introductory press conference, new Red Sox GM Ben Cherington announced that Lackey will undergo Tommy John surgery and miss the 2012 season. Unfortunately, that also means the Red Sox won’t be able to move Lackey and the remaining three years on his contract. There’s one less thing for Cherington to deal with in his first days on the job.” [Big League Stew]

Good job by Kaczmarek answering a question from a Colts blog comparing Manning and LeBron- “However, this is how a rational person on the outside looks at the situation. I know, that from a fan’s perspective, it absolutely sucks. And you know why it sucks? Because you’re spoiled. That’s the truth and I have no problem saying it because we were spoiled too. Cleveland fans were used to having the Cavaliers around as the one team that we knew could compete. Colts fans were used to having a top 5 offense and winning 10+ games every year. Now where are you, last in the power rankings? It doesn’t feel good to get thrashed on national television or to lose by 55 points. The good news is that it makes you a better fan. Sometimes you have to remember what it’s like to lose so that you can fully appreciate how awesome it is to win. It let’s you put things in perspective. So, next time the Colts lose a playoff game, it will still hurt, but you can look back and say: “Hey, remember when we didn’t even get this close?” In that same vein, this season will let you identify the true, diehard fans. Forget the guys that only show up when the team is winning. For the remainder of the season, your fandom is being tested; it’s your chance to show that you stand with this team through thick and thin. I watched twenty six straight losses for the Cavaliers this past season and do you know why?” [Fear the Sword]

“For the most part, Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Red Bryant had a great game on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. He blocked two field goals and almost single-handedly kept the Seahawks in the game. However, he made one crucial error late in the fourth quarter. After the Seahawks sacked quarterback Colt McCoy with nearly a minute left in the game, Bryant head-butted Browns tight end Alex Smith, resulting in a penalty that gave the Browns an automatic first down, cementing the win. After the game, Bryant said Smith was “talking the whole game” and taking cheap shots, obviously getting inside the defensive lineman’s head.” [DiMatteo/Dog Pound Daily]

Finally, oh the humanity! [WFNY Tumblr]

  • bridgecrosser

    Rick yesterday you quoted an article re: Browns defense being 8th in scoring allowed. Do you if that excludes the special teams TD(s). Also of note, some services credited the OAK fake field goal against the Browns defense and not the special teams…

  • Swig

    The last place a Colts fan should be looking for sympathy is in Cleveland. Manning won them a super bowl and will be back next year. Two massive differences.

  • Dee P

    I love the story about Alex Smith and Bryant…as long as Smith doesn’t cross the line and get flagged, then he is doing exactly what it takes to win at the professional level. In the NFL, every player is a pro – you have to figure out how to get the edge…Smith figured that out with Bryant on Sunday. We talk about how young teams like the Browns need to “learn” how to win…this is all part of it. Find a weakness of your opponent and exploit it…kudos to Smith….again, as long as it doesn’t cross the line.

  • oribiasi

    @ Swig: Couldn’t agree more. When I saw the suffering little 12 year old during the Colts third game of the season, sitting in the stands and weeping, hanging his head low, I had to laugh. Real suffering is not being in the Super Bowl since it was created, kid.

  • mgbode

    hehe. it’s like the Miami writer penning a piece on how Miami might be the most tortured sports city. every journalist goes for the hyperbole.

    and, if the Cavs had suffered through last year and had obtained one of the biggest can’t miss prospects out of the deal for their troubles to replace #6 (like Andrew Luck sitting their for Indy), then they could at least compare the situations that way.

  • Ghost To Most

    Real suffering is losing your job and getting kicked out of your home. Football is just entertainment.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ Rick

    Bridgecrosser- that total did include special teams points actually. So, you could argue the defense is even better than the previous ranking. Althiough after the MNF game the Jaguars defense sneaked ahead in those same rankings, bumping the Browns to 9th.


    @5….like Kyrie Irving? Irving’s talents/hype out of college compared to Luck’s probably don’t match up, but we did get the #1 (albeit from the Clippers) and #4 picks in the draft for our “troubles”.

  • Jay

    The WFNY Tumblr is solid entertainment every time I look at it. Fantastic!

  • Pat

    even though the scores show that the browns give up 20 points a game, putting them at 9th for PPG right now, 14 of those were to oakland special teams and 7 were to a Tennessee INT, which arent on the defense. Im not quite sure where that really puts the browns defense, but its probably about 4th or 5th with 16.5 PPG actually allowed by the defense. what the browns need is a more consistent offense, like what they did against the colts. the defense is keeping them in every game, but the offense isnt doing anything to win those games. then again, it is tough to have a good offense when you practice against a defense that you cant score on very easily.