ESPN: Dan Gilbert, Not a Bad Guy After All

An anonymous agent may think that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert is the face of all things evil within the current NBA impasse, but the super group of ESPN reporters who put together this latest gem shout, “Au Contraire” in the face of the man who would steer his players clear of this very Rustbelt town.

Per Chris Broussard, Brian Windhorst, Ric Bucher and/or Marc Stein, the firey owner of the Wine and Gold has softened his position and is no longer grouped with with the uber hardliners that have reportedly been pushing for the league’s ownership team to pocket 53 percent of Basketball Related Revenue.

“He’s long been one of the certified “hawks” — the aggressive and hungry faction that was known to be seeking radical change,” writes one of the aforementioned, assuming there was no Bristol-based keyboard sharing. “However, multiple sources have confirmed to that Gilbert has adjusted his position in recent days and moved into a more moderate mode, voting with fellow owners who are willing to accept a 50/50 share of BRI.”

In a world of “that’ll show ’em” type maneuvers as the one linked above, this report may have cleared Gilbert’s name from the list of those who continue to put a crimp in the players’ plans -specifically, Washington’s Ted Leonsis and Denver’s E. Stanley Kroenke.  For those curious, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver- Gilbert’s theoretical partner in crime through this entire process – has also moved over to the side of those who are down with the 50-50 split.

  • mgbode

    I like how this may come down to the NBA players vs. Jordan. Just for the one-liners like: well, the NBA players couldn’t beat Jordan when he was playing, why do they think they can now?

  • Clown Baby


  • Thomas

    Here is a stupid question….

    If the owners and players need to split BRI, shouldn’t the players split their endosement monies withthe league?

  • TSR3000

    menourvers??? What does word mean??


  • Sam B

    @ Thomas

    I disagree. By that logic, Gilbert would need to split his personal business monies with the league. I could see the argument limiting that scope to just Fathead sales and not messing with the loans business, but either way personal is personal.

  • mgbode

    @Sam B – but then the argument goes to why the owners have to pay the expenses and the players do not (to which the players counter with the owners franchise value appreciation)…and round and round the merry-go-round goes.

    one thing I was interested to see was what the owners/players agreed on as to counting towards the BRI (this was up for debate and mentioned early, then non-surprisingly, dropped from discussion w/o telling us what happened)

  • Thomas


    Doesn’t Gilbert have to pay a fee to the league for the license of using player images and stuff?

    Just wondering because some players get endorsments because they play basketball in the NBA so could that be considered BRI.

    I really don’t care either way just wondering what other people thought. I always thought sports lockouts/strikes were stupid. Even the worst players usually make more that the average person.

  • Brendon

    Nice point Thomas!

  • Swig

    Even the worst players make an order of magnitude more that the average person.

  • mgbode

    @Swig – just to play devil’s advocate; not quite.

    the worst players that play in the NBA generally get a 10day contract or two during the season as an injury fill-in. these players are generally in the D-League when they get called up ($14-25K a season, and they will not get that full amount).

    they have to pay their own expenses for travel, bball training regimes, and other expenses in the off-season as they are not apart of a team full-time.

    if a D-League player makes 1/2 a season of D-League pay ($7K) + 1 10 day NBA contract ($485K minimum / 82 games * 3 games worth of salary = ~$18K)

    Therefore, the worst NBA players make somewhere around $25K per year (minus expenses).


    Yes, an extreme example, but just wanted to show that there are NBA players not making a ton of money here.

  • jimkanicki

    @mgb10 – you are correct. and players 6-15 on a roster will be most damaged by the loss of year’s earning in their (already) short career. so… silly question.. why isn’t the union looking out for the majority of their members who could really use that league minimum 500K this year?

    that was a rhetorical question. this union is controlled by its stars and their agents.

    this union shows no interest in
    improving the quality of their product,
    their customers, and
    their less prosperous union brothers.

    this is not a union. this is a collection of selfish egomaniacs. they disgrace the concept of ‘labor union.’

  • James

    @TSR3000 What does that mean? is it a combination of men and hors d’oeuvres? Is this soylent green?!

    lol! j/k

    When are these meetings going to end, so we can see some .500 basketball??

  • Shamrock

    Just cancel the season already and let the babies whine while noone cares.

  • Cleveland Frowns

    Menourvers? Delicious! My fingers are crossed for salmon canapes with creme fraiche, to be washed down with a glass of firey red.

    Speaking of firey, that Gilbert image, please kill it with it. Jeepers fricking creepers.

  • saggy

    @shamrock – i’m beginning to really like the way you think…

  • saggy

    except for your Julio Jones argument, of course…

  • saggy

    @mbgode – you forgot to add in the per diem for NBA players ($106/day, which is $1,060 for 10 days).

    Also, you forgot to mention that the player will stay in 5-star hotels with 5-star accommodations, and top-notch staff. basically, 10 days with no expenses whatsoever.

    Also, chances are, D-League players also get free (or close to free) lodging, too. the teams usually own certain apartments or hotel rooms in their city.

    Lastly, it looks like the top players in the league (those who would be playing on 10-day contracts in the NBA) make closer to $24,000/year.

    I only say this because i think you are underrating what those guys make. Plus, why would they only make half of a year’s salary?

    i think those d-leaguers/10-day contract guys would be making closer to $40,000, plus a free place to live, plus per diem (both d-league and NBA).

    When you’re living in Topeka that ain’t half bad at all.

  • Thomas

    I’d play basketball for $40,000/yr.!!!! I don’t know if too many would watch unless it was billed as a comedy show but hey, sign me up!

  • Grif_E

    Ohh good lord those owners are geniuses if they’ve gotten the media and players convinced 50/50 is the compromise position.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Maybe he saw that article from Bucher about the draft being a 3-year lotto and changed his tune??

  • FrenchBrownsFAN

    Good article, but I would just like to correct a mistake in French you have done: we do not say “Eu contraire” but “Au contraire”.

  • mgbode

    @Saggy – I gave the most extreme example to show how the ‘worst’ players make around that much (salary structure is $14K – $25K in Dleague as I mentioned; doesn’t necessarily mean the best get the highest as alot of those young players evolve at different rates). I used half a season of Dleague because if they are trying out and getting called up to the NBA, then they are not getting paid for the Dleague at that time. Perhaps 3/4 would be more apt?

    Great point on per diem. Especially at that low salary rate, it makes a difference (and most of those players can pocket it because the richer players usually do take care of their food, etc). Thanks.

    I don’t count food & lodging. Just like I don’t count when my company pays it for me when I go on a business trip towards my salary. That is what it is – a 10 day business trip.

    yes, there will be more players around $40K than $25K. but, why do you assume they live in Topeka? they may work there during the year, but that doesn’t mean it is where they live.

    (from what I can find, there are some Dleague teams that try to find discounted or help w/ lodging during the season, but it is not a guarantee and I am not sure how to factor it in)

  • mgbode

    @jimkanicki – I agree. And, not only that, but the players are going to end up losing more in $$ lost to these weeks lost than they ever hoped to gain by negotiating.

  • Matt

    I like how Frowns is making fun of spelling. Firey. Classic.