Ohio State Lands Top Recruit in Ohio, Adolphus Washington

It’s been a tumultuous time for Ohio State football, and questions continue to linger over the future, but on Tuesday the Buckeyes received some outstanding news on the recruiting front.

Adolphus Washington, the 6’-6”, 240 pound defensive end from Taft High School in Cincinnati announced that he will be attending The Ohio State University next season. Washington is the #1 recruit overall in the state of Ohio per Scout.com and he is the #3 DE in the country. Scout.com also has him ranked as the #1 player in the Midwest.

Being able to secure the top player in Ohio is a major accomplishment for the Ohio State staff. As mentioned, the Buckeyes are facing a lot of questions right now. They are still waiting to hear from the NCAA on potential additional sanctions, their coaching situation is still up in the air and by all accounts there will be a different coaching staff next year.

Indeed, all the turmoil almost cost the Buckeyes the chance to secure Washington’s commitment. A rumored OSU lean early in the recruiting process, things began to look bleak for OSU’s chances once the scandal broke and Jim Tressel was fired. In fact, many recruiting insiders began to report that Washington was no longer even considering the Buckeyes, especially after Kyle Kalis flipped to Michigan and Brionte Dunn re-opened his recruiting as well.

No matter what head coach Luke Fickell’s future may hold, he deserve an incredible amount of respect and props for bringing Washington back into the Buckeye family. Fickell, long regarded as one of Ohio State’s most talented recruiters, worked tirelessly to convince Washington to still take an official visit to Columbus.

That push paid off for Fickell, as it was on that official visit that Adolphus Washington decided he felt that OSU really was home. At Tuesday’s press conference Washington said that it was on that visit that Ohio State was able to show him all the academic advantages the school had to offer him and he felt most comfortable with all the aspects outside of football. Washington also mentioned that he felt comfortable with Luke Fickell and that he had no doubt that Ohio State was where he wanted to commit to.

It’s somewhat unusual for a school to be able to land a recruit of Washington’s stature without a coaching staff firmly in place, but at Tuesday’s press conference, Washington admitted he wasn’t too worried about. Noting that Ohio State will still be Ohio State no matter who coaches, he also mentioned that he believes Urban Meyer will indeed be his head coach next year, something he’s genuinely excited about. Washington also said he hopes that Urban Meyer will retain Luke Fickell on his staff.

At Tuesday’s press conference at Taft High School it wasn’t all good news for the Buckeyes, however. Washington’s teammate, WR Dwayne Stanford had narrowed his choices down to Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Oregon. Stanford and Washington were long expected to be a package deal, but after taking a visit to Eugene, Oregon last week, Stanford felt that the Oregon Ducks would be a better fit for him, and so Tuesday he announced his decision to commit to Oregon.

Stanford certainly would have been a welcome addition to the class, but losing out on him was softened by the recent commitment of Fork Union Military Academy’s Michael Thomas. Thomas is a teammate at Fork Union of fellow Ohio State commit and former Glenville star QB Cardale Jones.

After mostly negative news in the recruiting world in the wake of Jim Tressel’s forced resignation, Ohio State must feel relieved to finally get some great news in the form of the state’s top player. Washington will have a chance to make an immediate impact on the OSU front 7. Now Washington will just wait to officially see who his coach will be next year.

  • Stinkfist

    Bucks wont be down for long. 2-3 years tops

  • oribiasi

    @ Stinkfist: Yeah, especially with Meyer throwing his hand in. He can seriously recruit SEC talent and change the dynamic of our team. Its actually a good time to be a Buckeye :)

  • Right Side

    “Noting that Ohio State will still be Ohio State no matter who coaches”

    Figuratively Speaking yes…

    Football powerhouse, not true.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Andrew

    I agree, Right Side, but when you believe Urban Meyer is going to be coach, as Washington does, then that statement is likely true.

  • Clown Baby

    The way Fickell is recruiting for OSU even though OSU is very publicly saying his head coaching stint is done says a lot about what kind of person Fickell is. I hope he can get some head coaching experience and be back at OSU in the future.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Washington was immediately suspended for ‘receiving improper benefits’ when Luke Fickell pulled the ear flaps of that AWESOME hat down to keep his head warm.

    Gene Smith was too busy updating his resume to be reached for comment.

    /future tense.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Sounds to me like OSU probably does have a deal in place for Meyer under the radar, and is telling the recruits as much so they don’t lose any more of them.

    That being said, nice addition to next year’s class.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    All jokes aside, would it be a recruiting violation to promise a recruit that a new yet-to-be-hired coach will be in control next year. Would it also be a violation for Urban Meyer to have contact with a recruit before he is hired. It jus sounds like a problem waiting to happen.

  • christopher


    I’m not expecting 2-3 years down, unless youre counting this year. There is a ton of untapped talent on this team that just needs the right playcalling and coach (cough, cough…eh, hem.)

    Miller is a playmaker, Hall and Hyde in the backfield is a great 1-2 punch and Reed is back with a year under the belt on offense.

    Other side of the ball Shazier had his coming out party in the PSU game and I expect him to be a faster meaner version of Little Animal when all
    is said and done (that being said we still have huge questions as to the other two LB’s next year), the Washington recruit is huge to finally get some pressure back on our defensive line and I’m really looking for Christian Bryant to become a leader next year now that he’s healthy again.


  • christopher


    Fickell has been the in-home recruiter for the past several years and has been said to be one of the best there is. JT was only brought in once they got the kid to the school.

    If Meyer does come in next year I echo you and really hope he stays with the program.

    He’ll get his shot at a HC position at the right time
    for him and when he does I wish him well.

    @Cbus thank you for the Gene Smith comment, made my morning. :)

  • Gbwoy

    @christopher – “when all
    is said and done (that being said we still have huge questions as to the other two LB’s next year”.

    You’re foretting Curtis Grant. I think we only have one LB slot to worry about next year. Lack of depth, certainly. But those 2 certainly have the ability to be the best OSU linebackers since Bobby Carpenter and AJ Hawk. Not saying they will certainly be that good, just that they can be. Shazier was obviously a bit undervalued and has a higher cieling than many recruiters thought, and Grant was 5 star per Rivals and Scout.

    I’m very exicted abotu us picking up Washington. Welcome to the Buckeyes, Adolphus!

    Hopefully this shakes some other guys who were on the fence loose.

  • christopher


    Good point on Grant. I would much rather see him get his shot in the Michigan game over more misses from Moeller.

  • Clown Baby

    Re Grant: Heacock said that he thinks Grant would make more of an impact as a rush end/LEO than he would at an LB position. I understand that might not mean much in a couple of weeks.

  • MrCleaveland

    I can imagine how the recruiting pitch went:

    “You know, Adolphus, I think you’ll love playing in an URBAN environment, know what I mean, know what I mean? Nudge nudge, wink wink, know what I mean, know what I mean? My, yer gonna love it here, know what I mean?”

  • Right Side


    I was referring more to the current season, than the future.

  • paulbip

    so what are this kids grades?

  • Billy Thomas

    lol @ 14 great job

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Andrew

    @Paulbip: I don’t know his GPA, but by all accounts he’s a smart kid. He’s planning on majoring in nursing, believe it or not, and OSU’s academic resources were a factor in his comfort level with OSU.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Nicely done, MrCleaveland…didn’t catch the “My yer” reference at first…

  • Steve

    Andrew – OSU’s academic resources were certainly a factor, but its not in a positive manner. From the kid – “Even if you’re giving minimal effort there is no way you can fail.”

    This is not the type of quote that Ohio St needs to be dealing with.

  • Adam

    @Steve: Did he really say that? If so, it takes some intelligence to put a sentence like that together. Unless he’s just repeating what Fickell told him.