While We’re Waiting… The Please Distract Us From the Browns Edition

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“The Indians’ primary outfield options, at present, are Shin-Soo Choo, a five-tool talent coming off a one-star season, and Michael Brantley, a bud who still has yet to bloom. In a season smeared by a DUI arrest, broken thumb and, finally, injured oblique, Choo regressed from a .300 average/.400 on-base percentage star-in-the-making to a .259-hitting question mark, just as his arbitration price tag is rising. Brantley, meanwhile, has not shown anywhere near the on-base ability in the big leagues that he did in the Minors, and he’s coming off surgery to repair a broken hamate bone in his hand. Both have big upside, if healthy, and the Indians are going to need every bit of that upside in this outfield.

Beyond that pair, the Indians have Shelley Duncan, a terrific teammate who was a valuable contributor down the stretch in 2011. But at present, they seem likely to relegate him to some sort of left field/first base/backup DH concoction, especially with Travis Hafner disabled list stints now in the realm of annual tradition. And lastly, they have Ezequiel Carrera, your typical light-hitting speed-and-defense type, with the important caveat that he made some puzzling defensive gaffes last season. He’s not an everyday player. Not yet, anyway. This is what the Indians have in the wake of the Sizemore era, and it’s probably not nearly enough power and run-production for a team that had the fifth-lowest slugging percentage in the league — and the third-lowest among AL outfields — last season.

If only they had another Sizemore looming in the Columbus cupboard with a bold bat, fresh legs and stale quotes. If only.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]

A little light reading for you NBA fans. The owners’ proposal to the players. [USA Today]

“The litany of excuse is nothing more than a running joke. Every year it is the same thing. Injuries…I don’t care. Rub some dirt on it. New coach…hmm…still don’t care. New playbook…well…still not caring. Maybe we need to recruit scholars. New players…I thought these guys were pros, don’t care yet. So and so was hurt…again…Really? What you did last time? DON’T do that again. No sympathy here. Is Cindy from Accounting has the flu, someone else has to step up. Contract disputes… I still have to work, so why can’t you? These guys make more money in a game than I do in a year. Not caring yet. I’ll always be a Cleveland fan, but just once I would love to not end a season with, “Well, there is always next year.” [Happiness is a hot pierogi]

“And, to hear the players tell it, they don’t seem to know that they’ve been beaten. They were beaten in June, in July, in September when things started up again and they’ll be beaten next week. No matter their choice. Here’s what one of them said to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski on Thursday:

“Why do they keep scrambling us to New York for these meetings when they never listen to us?” one player representative told Yahoo! Sports. “We told them not to go past 53 percent. They did. We told them we’re not taking this deal. Why waste our time?”

Oh, you told them not to go past 53 percent? Well geez, why didn’t that work? Did you tell November not to be colder than October? Did you tell that bottle of beer not to explode when you left it in the freezer overnight? Everybody, back to New York! You don’t have to take the deal, NBA players, but it’s over. It was over months ago. It’s not getting any better, it’s only going to get worse, and it’s only the desperate cries of worried agents and outright hubris that is leaving you with any optimism. You shouldn’t have any optimism. You’re not even an eighth seed up against the best in the conference. And to anyone complaining about the players acting selfishly, get over yourself. You would be driven to the point of quitting your job, whatever it is, if you had to accept the rollbacks they’re up against.” [Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]

Finally, I hate them. I’m not sure if they had a chance, being Miami and all. [UniWatch]

  • boomhauertjs

    WFNY needs more Cleveland State Vikings’ content and less Randy’s Non-Learners’ content.

  • TSR3000

    The marlins unis went from bad to disgustung.

  • Lyon

    “And to anyone complaining about the players acting selfishly, get over yourself. You would be driven to the point of quitting your job, whatever it is, if you had to accept the rollbacks they’re up against”

    Um, if I were to receive 50% of my business’ income, I would never complain.

    I’m tired of reading articles that try to seem unbiased but almost always come off as anti-owner. I’ve said it before & i’ll say it again, the owners have all of the risk in the business so they should be able to make the most money. simple as that.

  • Lyon

    i will give Dwyer this though, he’s right that the players are dumb for not taking the offer, b/c the future offers are only going to get worse & the players don’t seem to realize this

  • Boomhauertjs


    Sounds like the NBA’s proposal would prevent what happened last summer from happening again. Good idea.

  • http://serandez.blogspot.com Ezzie

    Players are like Occupiers – they think that this stuff is coming to them for some reason.

  • christopher

    millionaires and billionaires squabbling over money….pathetic.

  • Jim

    How about a little love for the CSU vikings taking down a top 10 team while on the road?

  • mgbode

    @1 – what, the Vikings? They lost Norris Cole, they are going to struggle and have a mediocre year. It’s not like they could go into SEC country and beat a top4-SEC team with a huge NCAA-tourney building resume win, right?

  • Jay

    I’m detceting a tone of sarcasm in mgbode’s type. Huge win for the Vikes last night.