While We’re Waiting… Tribe Options, Low Expectations and Too Offensive

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Looking at some non-free agent options- “Pagan is particularly interesting, because of his ability in the OF and his speed…plus the fact that the Mets were rumored to be discussing non-tendering him, meaning that he could perhaps be had for a pittance. For a player that posted a 3-year cumulative line of .294 BA / .344 OBP / .441 SLG / .785 OPS from 2008 to 2011, that may be a player that could fill a hole in the Indians’ OF. Maybe a player like Pagan is underwhelming in terms of the desire to add a middle-of-the-order RH bat, but there are other players that would (and should) interest the Tribe. Perhaps those guys aren’t players you want on long-term deals or even on incentive-laden deals, but they’re productive enough that if a team is looking to jettison them or save some money, the Indians can pick up the remainder of their salary (or a portion of it) and get some production out of these players that would dwarf what could be legitimately expected of internal options without any future commitment to them past this year.

Just like they did with Fukudome and Lowe (and even DeRosa back before the 2009 season), perhaps could do with another player in the final year of his deal who may be available this off-season and could step into the Indians’ void in the OF and lineup and represent an upgrade over the internal options without tying up money for the next few years – Marlon Byrd.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

CSU Head Coach getting some love for the team’s big win- “Waters grew up in Detroit, where he learned the game on the city’s playgrounds in the 1960s. Fouls were foreign on the Motor City’s blacktops, he said. The sixth-year coach employs the same concept in practice. Before Sunday’s game, one of Waters’ players jokingly asked: “Are there going to be officials, Coach?” “We allow everything, even knocking guys against the wall,” Water said. “Our guys literally feel like the game is easier. We get at each other so hard. So when you get hit in the game, it doesn’t affect you.” [Medcalf/ESPN]

Man our expectations really are low- “Consider this the coming-out party for wide receiver Greg Little. While he’s likely not going to develop into a No. 1 receiver, his rookie season has shown that he is already a playmaker, which is something the Browns desperately need. On Sunday, he had six catches for 84 yards, including a 52-yard catch late in the first half.” [DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

“Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the game has changed so much that coaches have no choice but to be super aggressive offensively. Watching Smith and Coughlin make the same “stupid” decision —- a move we’ve seen Belichick make in recent years — caused me to reflect. The decisions are a natural byproduct of commissioner Roger Goodell, the competition committee and TV network executives illegalizing defense. They want the NFL to look like the Madden video game. Unless Devin Hester is catching the ball, punts are boring, frowned upon and flagged by referees.

Hard tackles — the kind of hits a defender spends his life dreaming about — are forbidden. You can’t play defense on the back end. Belichick, Coughlin and Smith realize this, and they’ve adjusted their strategy accordingly. The Jets have Darrelle Reevis and Antonio Cromartie, a great corner and a very good one. Brady still carved up New York’s secondary throwing to his tight end.” [Whitlock/FOX Sports]

Finally, Fear the Sword may have found the video that most appropriately sums up the status of the NBA- [Fear the Sword]

  • Swig

    I am not clicking through unless I’m way wrong because I’m missing something…

    Whitlock’s comment is just plain ignorant. Coaches SHOULD be more aggressive because it is the right decision. You are going to have more variance, but also a higher payout in the end.

  • MrCleaveland

    On the first drive of Sunday’s game, the Browns are at 3rd and 2. McCoy hits Little for a 1-yard gain. ONE flipping yard! Unbelievable. Somewhere, Dennis Northcutt was smiling.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Unrelated note…The last paragraph of Pat Shurmur’s wikipedia entry is somewhat amusing…


  • LaundroMat

    @3: You mean the missing ‘r’ in “string”?

  • BuckeyeDawg

    @4 – well, no…I was just referring to the very diplomatic way in which Shurmur’s futility was described, coupled with the idea that you don’t typically see subjective entries like that in an encyclopedia.

    Guess I am easily amused…

  • Lyon

    i like the “uncoordinated line movement”. Made me think of that electric football game where the players all just vibrated around the field.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Shurmer was born in Ann Arbor? No wonder the Browns suck… they have the stench of A squared all over them. Yuck.

  • Mike in Seattle

    Why is Little not likely to develop into a #1 receiver?

  • LaundroMat

    @5: I was being sarcastic, but not in SARCASM FONT, thus the confusion.

  • Sloozeronymous

    Seems like the best segway here is “speaking of Pat Shurmur,” so I’ll just get to the link:

    I read stuff like that and can only think “why don’t WE do such sensible things?” I know there are some tangible differences b/w the 49ers and Browns this year (e.g., a healthy starting running back), but I REALLY like how Harbaugh has adjusted his systems/plays to the reality of his team and talent, in ways that Shurmur hasn’t. This goes back to Scott’s “Square Pegs” post a couple weeks ago. I don’t have much more to add, other than that I hope the creativity Shurmur showed (and then abandoned with 6 consecutive runs) is a sign of things to come.

  • mgbode

    I support the pickup of Angel Pagan. Not only because his defense and speed on the basepaths is greatly underappreciated, but also because his contradictory name would add to the great names of recent Indian OFers (Milton Bradley, Coco Crisp, Fukudome – pronounced differently).

  • Steve

    I am amazed at the number of people who share the same viewpoint as Whitlock. First off, and most obviously, is how defense is changing. You can’t knock a guy’s head off anymore because we’ve realized the irreparable damage it causes. Whitlock played through college and has worked around the league for a long time. I am absolutely certain he knows many, many former players who have suffered debilitating injuries. And he still doesn’t understand why the league wants to cut back on big hits?

    Next, the strategy on 4th and 1 (or even inches). Coaches across all sports have become far too risk-averse. If you go for it on 4th and 1 from the other team’s 40 instead of punt and miss it, you get ripped to shreds on Monday. You make it? You get a nice pat on the back. There are smarter people than Whitlock who have run very accurate win probability models, but of course he couldn’t be bothered to look into that.