Craig Ehlo To Take Coaching Job With Cavs According to The Spokesman-Review

The Spokesman-Review is reporting that former Cleveland Cavalier Craig Ehlo will be hired as an assistant coach on Byron Scott’s staff this season.

Ehlo is currently an assistant with the Eastern Washington Eagles, and previously coached in high school as well for three years before working as a television analyst prior to this season.

The Plain Dealer has not confirmed this as of yet, but this is what The Spokesman-Review is reporting:

A source close to the Eastern Washington University men’s basketball program confirmed Saturday morning an earlier rumor that Eagles’ assistant Craig Ehlo has accepted a coaching job with the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to the source, the Cavaliers will formally announce the addition of Ehlo to head coach Byron Scott’s staff, where he will serve as a main assistant, on Monday.

First-year EWU head coach Jim Hayford, when contacted prior to his team’s Saturday night nonconference road game against Ehlo’s alma mater, Washington State, would not publicly confirm nor deny the report.

“All I’m thinking about right now is how best to play Washington State,” said, Hayford, who gave Ehlo, a veteran of 14 NBA seasons – seven of which were spent in Cleveland, his first college coaching job last March after he, himself, was hired away from Whitworth University by Eastern. “I know he’ll be beside me on the bench in Pullman tonight, which is great.

Craig Ehlo is in the Washington University Hall of Fame, and he is the pride of Lubbock, Texas.  He played 14 seasons in the NBA after making his debut with the Houston Rockets in 1983, and was most notably a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers for seven seasons.  

Ehlo scored 5,130 points, dropped 1,803 dimes, and collected 2,267 rebounds in those seven seasons with the Cavs from 1986-93.  He also averaged double figures in points in four of those seasons, topping out at 14 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds per night while playing in 81 games during the 1989-90 regular season.

For his career he averaged 9 points, 3 assists and 4 rebounds in 873 NBA games, 321 of which he started.  There was also this one time the greatest player who ever lived hit a jumper over him to win a playoff game too.

Which if you missed it, is something the guy his teammates called “Eggs” talked about just last month with

It’s a play Ehlo will not be able to escape for the rest of his life.

“Everybody has a great signature moment,” says Ehlo. “My signature moment came on a bad side, but I still consider it a great signature moment.”

“I was in a dead run, so I flew right by him with my hand in his face,” Ehlo said. “People always say that I played good defense because I had a hand in his face. He was able to hang in the air for a longer period of time than I was, and let me fly by.

Ehlo flew. Jordan soared.

And as Ehlo says, “The rest is history.”

Time to make some new history here on the sidelines, Eggs.  Don’t think we all forgot that you were also the guy who made that shot to put Cleveland up 100-99 in the first place that day too.  Nor did we seem to forget that Michael Jordan beat everybody he played to the tune of six NBA titles; he didn’t just beat you.

So assuming this report is true, welcome back Mr. Ehlo. We’re glad to have you.


  • christopher

    Welcome back Craig. You were nowhere near as abused by MJ as the Portland Trailblazers were in my book.

    MJ straight took Clyde and his bros to the shed in an entire series versus a last second miracle shot over an outstretched hand of one Mr. Craig Ehlo.

  • Tom Pestak

    I will look forward to having Ehlo with the organization!

  • Ghost

    Ehlo always got schooled by Jordan, but then again who didnt?

    I remember when we brought in Gerald Wilkins from the Knicks because he allegedly gave Jordan “fits”, he was supposed to be our “Jordan stopper”. Ha, after we brought in Wilkins we not only lost to the Bulls, AGAIN, but got swept.

    Ehlo was a solid player, a classic overachiever. Kind of unfortunate that people only remember him as the guy who was abused by Michael Jordan.

  • Not Tree Rollins

    Am I the only one that involuntarily blurted out noooo!… When they read this? Let the sucking continue.