While We’re Waiting… Trade Winds Blowing

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Another in the ‘keep Baron’ camp- “As far as freeing cap space to sign an expensive free agent, there doesn’t seem to be a rationale for doing that. The Cavs have positioned themselves well for a rebuilding project. They just drafted Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson in the high lottery and have seven more first round picks in the next four drafts. Other than Irving and Thompson, only Anderson Varejao has a guaranteed contract beyond 2012 – 2013. Draft picks and flexibility are exactly what a re-building team needs; why would the Cavs add a new long-term free agent piece to the puzzle, before having a chance to evaluate how Irving and Thompson fit? It doesn’t make sense.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog]

Oh man- “When Urban Meyer decided to take the Ohio State job less than a year after retiring from Florida, many Gator fans were upset with their former coach. But few more so than Jen Wiley, who named her son after Urban because of her and her husband’s allegiance to Florida. Wiley’s son, now 4 years old, is actually named Spurrier Urban Wiley, after Florida’s two national championship winning coaches — Steve Spurrier and Meyer — but after Meyer’s move to the Big Ten, Wiley wants to change her son’s middle name.” [Watson/Dr. Saturday]

Exactly. Limited options to only trades- “The one thing that is kind of unsettling is how the Indians have almost no money leftover this offseason to spend. It was known going into the offseason that they only had about $60-65 million to spend, and when you add in all the expected raises in arbitration it left about $10-15 million to spend this offseason. The Indians decided to use that money by resigning Sizemore for $5 million and trading for Derek Lowe for another $5 million. By taking the chance on an oft-injured outfielder and back of the rotation starter in the twilight of his career the Indians pretty much blew all their available money to upgrade the offense in any way through free agency. I’m not a big proponent of free agency, but by going the route they have so far it has really pushed them into a corner where the only option available is to trade for a bat. That may have been the plan all along as the first base options in free agency are not all that great, but I know a lot of fans are already rolling their eyes after hearing the Indians are broke and can’t add a bat because they spread the available money on question marks like Sizemore and Lowe.” [Tony/Indians Prospect Insider]

“When you look at the Browns, blaming the likes of quarterback Colt McCoy or offensive linemen Jason Pinkston and Shawn Lauvao isn’t the answer. These guys are playing as well as they can in the structure they are in. Simply put, they may not be good enough to make a difference for this team on game day, not today, not tomorrow, maybe never. They were put into the position they are today. McCoy is the QB and he hasn’t proven to be the presence a team in the game today at the position. Lauvao and Pinkston man the left guard and right guard spots and have been beaten too often on game-day attempting to protect McCoy, or in run-blocking situations.

Much of the same could be said about the wide receivers, the linebackers, the defensive line and so on. Without the talent, coaching, experience and confidence at the professional level, the fine line between winning and losing is often immeasurable. What we think about McCoy, Lauvao, Pinkston and others really means very little. It’s those men bunkered in the Browns’ training facility that mean everything. Those men must continue to retool this team objectively, as the issue doesn’t appear to simply be the on-field talent.” [Adkins/The OBR]

Another trade question for Tribe fans- “I think Asdrubal is a terrific ballplayer and he’s certainly exceeded all expectations the Indians had for him when they acquired him from Seattle way back when. But I somehow don’t trust that 25 homers and 92 RBIs is his new norm. Maybe I’m turned off by his second-half slide and lingering concern over his conditioning. It’s quite likely I’m reading too much into that second half. But I think the goal of the trading season, for a team like the Tribe, ought to be to move guys at the peak of their powers, before their price tags drastically outpace their performance. I fear, for the Indians’ sake, that Cabrera could be headed in that direction.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]

  • TSR3000

    If the Indians don’t add a legitimate upgrade at either 1B or OF I will be incredibly disappointed.

  • -bobby-

    Why is Pinkston getting lumped in with Lauvao? Watch the games and you will see he is performing quite well.

  • epoch

    Uh …

    The Browns are playing the Steelers tonight. On primetime television. There is not a single article that mentions this on WFNY.

    Are we this defeated? Are things this bleak?

  • mgbode

    @bobby – i agree. pinkston had a really rough start to the season, but he improved while lauvao continued to get beat.

    i’m hoping steinbach is able to come back next year and pinkston can slide over to RG. that would just leave RT to slot in the draft and then make sure we have some depth.

  • Shamrock

    Lauvao isn’t even the worst Pashos, when he does play, is worse then horrible. I hope more then anything Steinbach gets healthy for next year let alone his own future.

    As for the Cavaliers that makes sense freeing up all that $$$ after this season. I’m pretty sure the team will struggle again which means another high pick – Barnes – so having $ to spend in addition would be nice.

    As for the Indians, well, all we have is hope they’ll add a legitimate bat but I’m skeptical. Go figure. Until they spend entirely to much has to go right for them to even contend. Meanwhile the perennial powers just outspend their mistakes. Except for Florida, lol. I hope they can somehow land Pujols but if not I hope he returns to the Cardinals.

  • natedawg

    McCoy needs some decent receivers (that can catch) before we dismiss him as our future QB. I think he will feed off of that and everything will come together, but it hinges on people making plays and CATCHING THE BALL!

  • -bobby-

    Shamrock- I disagree. I think Pashos has been decent as an edge blocker. He is too slow to move out for screens which is bad, but most of what gets by that right side is at Lauvao. Mack has recently been doubling with Lauvao to help him out its that bad.

  • -bobby-

    as for the McCoy/ WRs debate:

    All you have to do is look around the league to see QB is the most important position out there. And you can use examples from the past 2 years to see Colt is not cutting it. 1- Peyton Manning. Quite simply, without him the Colts suck. They have a probowl WR and TE in place, and they still suck. So everyone agree there? good.

    Next, Carolina Panthers. If I am not mistaken (and Im not) they have the same targets as they had last year. Last year they had rookie QB Jimmy Clausen at the helm. Granted new regime and blah blah this year, but that O did NOTHING last year. One of the worst in the league. Insert Newton. Honestly I thought the guy was gonna be a huge bust. Turns out, that offense can move now. He still has a lot to learn, but hes showing the things needed to be a legit QB in this league with the same players Clausen had.

    I think that just shows all it needs to that Colt is not getting the job done. He is not a good QB. I now some of the counter-arguments will get “Browns dont have pro bowl WRs”, “Carolina has Smith who is fast and can get under the ball” etc. And yes, I do agree with those, but I dont think its an excuse to keep Colt as a designated starter. I mean, we have slower WRs who find themselves wide open and Colt underthrows them to the point where they have to stop. If he cant throw it in stride to them how would he do that to Steve Smith?

    A legitmate question- If we had Larry Fitz, Calvin Johnson, and Greg Jennings as our top 3 WRs, do you think we can win a SB with Colt McCoy. IMO we still wouldnt have a good enough O, because of McCoy. I dont think Colt McCoy can makes the passes needed in the NFL.

    As for drops by WRs- does anyone believe part of the blame lies in McCoy? I know it may seem small, but when does he ever have a tight spiral that the best in the league have (Brees, Brady, Manning, even Newton!)? This is a game of inches and milliseconds. Yes, sometimes the WRs just need more concentration. But If the nose of the ball isnt the middle of the football, then its hitting thier palms, fingers etc instead of the WRs being able to catch with their fingers. Sure it may not be a problem in practice, but in a game when every step, every yard, every second counts, I have to believe that part of the blame goes on Colt for these drops.

  • -bobby-

    Not supposed to dish just on colt, yes the WRs need upgraded as well. But with so many questions can you legitimately tell me you think Colt is “they guy?” If not then you have to find a solution for the most important position in the game.

  • CP

    The Angels signed Pujols. Having two other 1B’s on their roster in Morales and Trumbo, the Tribe might have a possible trade partner. Apparently the Angels’ other needs are a starter and a late-inning reliever. Interesting…

  • 5KMD


    He’ll probably come back, but you might be getting his name only and not the performance we are used to. He had back surgery, right?

  • C-Bus Kevin


    No more Hillis in the magazine rack, huh?

    Don’t think I didn’t notice.

  • mike

    if pujols to the angels is true, could Trumbo be available?

  • mgbode

    @5K – yes, he had back surgery. supposedly, it is possible that he could come back near full health by next season, but yes, there is a good chance he will never be the same.

    which, of course, means we have another hole to fill at OG. maybe that extra pick from the Hillis/Quinn trade will do (it’d be awfully lucky to find another starting caliber OG in the 6th round, especially as a rookie though)

  • natedawg

    Would take Trumbo but his OBP sucks. 120K in 149 games! Laporta struck out 25% of the time but trubmo strikes out 22% of the time!

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    @14 Trumbo was a rookie… he will get better, also his price may be too high

  • pepe

    I was going to ask about Trumbo too. The kid can play and continued to get better as the season wore on last year. If the Angels want to get Trout, Hunter, Boujous and Abreu in their line-up everyday there doesn’t look like there’s a spot for Trumbo.

    He won’t be cheap, but he’d probably bat 5th for the Tribe and that would really improve the batting.

    Probably a pipe dream, but I’d love to see him wearing an ugly, racist cartoon character on his head.