Indians’ Chris Perez Gave All-Star Ring to His Father

The morning of the All-Star game there was a family brunch for the players and their families. Before entering the brunch, they handed out All-Star rings. When I picked mine up, they asked me to try it on. (I already had planned to give the ring to my Dad, so I had told them to make the ring [five] sizes too big for me.) My Dad was right next to me and noticed how big it was on me. I tried to play it off, but he kept making a deal about it. So finally I just walked away.

Flash forward to after the game, my family and I are relaxing back in the hotel, and I pulled out the ring and gave it to him. He was shocked, surprised, happy, and speechless. I couldn’t think of anyone else that deserved the ring more than him; he’s the reason I love the game, and the reason I became an All-Star.

It was a small token of appreciation for all the hours and money spent on me playing ball growing up.

– Indians closer Chris Perez in a recent interview with The Bleacher Report. Perez recently signed a one-year contract with the Tribe, netting him $4.5 million and allowing both sides to avoid arbitration.

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  • Abe

    Good on you, CP!  More guys like this in sports please.

  • Anonymous

    Pure Rage!

  • Anonymous

    You guys have posted some nice feel-good stories today. This, Z, Holmgren.


  • gtavc94

    He even sized it for him, that’s badass.