NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers Interested in Cavs’ Ramon Sessions

According to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers have had talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers to acquire reserve point guard Ramon Sessions.

With Derek Fisher approaching 40 years of age and Steve Blake fighting the injury bug, the Lakers evidently feel that the 25-year old Sessions could help Mike Brown’s new team get back to levels of offensive prominence.

In an interesting twist, the Lakers have nearly $9 million in a Traded Player Exception which they could send Cleveland’s way along with draft-related assets which Chris Grant and the Cavaliers have been acquiring since the day LeBron James decided to play for the Miami Heat. Unfortunately, if we are talking players in return, the Lakers, per Wojnarowski, have a slew of short-term players who cannot be traded until March 1. They had attempted to acquire point guard Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets but their trade proposal was rejected by David Stern on behalf of the league-owned franchise.

Several teams, including the New York Knicks, have expressed interest in acquiring the athletic Sessions’ services. Though he has struggled as of late, giving way to rookie point guard Kyrie Irving, Sessions is a career 45 percent shooter and has an innate ability of getting to the free throw line. He averaged 13.3 points, 5.2 assists and 3.2 rebounds per game in 2010-11.

The Cavaliers have reportedly also been involved in discussions for veteran center Chris Kaman.

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(Source: Yahoo! Sports)

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    No Chris Kaman. Please, no Chris Kaman.

  • Anonymous

    Second.  Kaman has become a black hole.  He shoots a bad 10-foot jump hook every time he touches the ball.  The guy had some good years with the Clippers, but he’s developed some terrible habits and he’s on a fast downward slide.

  • Jack

    Trade Sesh before the Lakers go and sign Arenas…

  • Anonymous

    umm, well, if they do that, then they’d still need Sessions :)

  • Anonymous

    yeah, not sure what the point of Kaman would be on our team.  Andy is a better version of Kaman to me (at least for what we need).  

    unless we get their #1 pick this year unprotected, then why not :)

  • Anonymous

    Really?  #1 pick unprotected?  You think the lakers will not make the playoffs?  Seriously?  I know they are only 12-9 right now but cmon man.

    Looks like we will not be getting Sacramento’s services this year unless a miracle happens.

  • Harv 21

    Wow, not a Sessions fan but cannot think of what Lakers might send of value in return.

    Can’t believe I’d support keeping him in a rebuild season when his value might never be higher, but just who would back up Kyrie or replace him if he goes down in this compressed season? Gibson is not a PG, he’s a spot-up shooter in a PG body. His ball handling is below average and facilitating has never been his game. Maybe Grant needs to wait for other teams’ injuries to pile up, which should start happening soon.

    Also, Sessions is still a disinterested defender which Mike Brown hates. Of course, MB probably has little say in these moves.

  • Ethan

    I think he was talking about Kaman (Hornets pick)

  • Anonymous

    yessir.  and that’s why the “:)” is at the end too.  Hornets are not giving up that pick to ship out an expiring contract in Kaman (even if they get back Tristan).

  • Anonymous

    Sessions for Lakers 1st round pick.  Probably ends up in the low 20s when all is said and done. 

    Not a great portion of the draft, but some interesting possible talent.  Fab Melo if he comes out after his academic ineligibility.   Teague may be there (he’s a PG though).  maybe we get lucky and a guy like Tyler Zeller drops.

    I agree that we’d be hard-pressed to maintain the light load of minutes on Irving without a real backup PG though.

  • porkchopxpress

    Awright here’s some outside the box thinking to get max trade value.  We form a coalition that agrees to buy 500 season ticket packages from the Indians if Larry Dolan will call Jimmy Dolan and casually mention how he has a tape of Sessions going for 60 against the original Dream Team, with no explanation as to how this would be possible.  He will then mention how Jerry Buss is going to get Sessions because he knows how to run a team in a big market.  I am saying that by the end of tomorrow we have NY’s 1st rounder this year, our choice of Amare or ‘Melo and profit sharing rights to the next 10 WWF events held at MSG.

    The point is anytime you here that a bat poo crazy man with no short or long term memory, and a compulsion to do “something” – “anything”, is interested in your player you wait.  You give that man every opportunity to make the crazy mistake he is dying to make.  If you think I’m kidding read Wojo’s piece about Dolan blowing up months of Donny Walsh’s negotiations 2 days before the trade deadline because he wanted Melo “NOW!” 

  • porkchopxpress

    hear, not here, I’m dumb but not that dumb

  • Anonymous

    For Gasol, straight up.


  • Jaker

    You do make a good point about needing a backup PG, but this isn’t a Title contending team, this is a rebuilding team which has a small window of getting some young playmakers. The draft after the big pick is just as important as the big pick itself, which is why this year the Cavs NEED to go up and get a wing playmaker for Kyrie, like Kidd-Gilchrist, before they start winning and are too late om drafting high. OKC did it best when the drafted Durant then Westbrook and Harden. If they messed up the two later drafts, they could have really screwed themselves in the rebuilding process. Instead, they locked up their young stars and are one of the best in the NBA.

    This is why trading Sessions, Jamison, Parker and maybe more is a must do for this team. 3 years from now, this team should want to be contending in the East, and this year’s draft is the most important part of making that happen. As much as a contending team needs depth, a rebuilding team cannot afford to hold onto trade assets. If Grant is smart, he’ll deal them all for picks this and next year.

    Final Point: Starting Wing/Leading Scorer>BACKUP of a Future All Star PG

  • jimkanicki

    gasol for sessions + jamison.
    it works.  
    actually adds wins to both sides.
    will give lakes cap space at end of year for dwight howard. seems like fairly decent value back for our backup point guard and $15M waste of space.

    this also works for stoudmire or carmelo with for the knick deal. but i dont want to be saddled with either of those two for four years. might be an interesting three deal (if you can find someone who wants carmelo or amare).

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Not to mention the message it sends. It would mean the Cavaliers are sacrificing long term success to try to sneak into the playoffs this year, it would mean they are blowing up the rebuilding plan. We have a plan in place, now let’s be patient and let it play itself out to perfection.

  • Harv 21

    Jaker, I actually agree. My main point is I think there will be a better offer soon for him. My secondary point about backup PG is … right now I need to see one Cleveland team playing decently for my sports psyche. If Kyrie goes down the Cavs will quickly disintegrate, and if the tribe then does their usual following of a promising year with a dud I might just go nuts watching a full year of ineptitude. That comment was the fan in me, not the GM.

  • Anonymous

    just to put the reality back into the fantasy:  the Knicks do not own their 2012 pick (Houston has it)

  • Anonymous

    I missed crazy trade scenarios (I say this in all seriousness).

    I think ESPN is going to have to fire Hollinger when they realize his formula says that the Lakers adding Sessions + Jamison for Gasol adds wins to their total.

    the Knicks can’t trade Amare to any team because no team is crazy enough to take on his contract w/o insurance on his knees other than the Knicks.   Except perhaps crazy-brilliant Gilbert who sees Nash+Amare in Irving+Amare?

    it’s so crazy that it just might work!     (and gives the Knicks a way to pursue Deron or Dwight in the offseason because you know FAs are just clamoring to be in NYC – or at least they think so and that’s what matters).

  • jimkanicki

    the gasol trade could work for the lakers if they’re clearing the decks for howard.  

    the question becomes do the cavs want gasol at 18M for 4yrs.

  • baclap

    The first thing I thought of when I heard they were considering Arenas is we should try and deal Sessions to them. That is if they have anything to offer us.

  • steve-o

    Since we’re talking about insane trades… Sessions, AJ, AP, Hollins and others with expiring contracts to match salaries for Gasol and Bryant. The lakers clear the decks for a run at CP and DH. Our staring line up… Kyrie, Kobe, (Gee/Casspi), AV, and Gasol. Keep Tristan, Erden and Boobie to come off the bench and fill in some holes with veterans buying out their contracts and the playoffs would be a wild ride.

  • Doc

    They need to get J.R Smith from the Knicks