April 24, 2014

NFL News: Brad Childress Officially Named Offensive Coordinator of the Cleveland Browns

According to multiple sources around the Cleveland area from the ABJ to both WFAN and WKNR, the Cleveland Browns have secured the services of Brad Childress as their offensive coordinator.

That news is hardly a surprise as it seemed almost imminent when Mike Sherman was hired to fill the same position for the Miami Dolphins last night.  All along it was thought to be a two horse race for Pat Shurmur’s staff vacancy.

Important questions remain like who will be calling plays, but for now, we know who will be on the sidelines.

[For more on Childress and the Browns, read: If it is Brad Childress For the Browns, Then Good]

  • Anonymous

    Awriiiiight! No more clowns like Daboll. Coach ‘em up, Brad.

    Hey, do I hear someone making a pitcher of Kool-Aid?

    /eternal, irrepressible, hopeless optimism

  • Stetter47

    I like the hire. We now have two experienced and respected ex-Head Coaches as our coordinators.  How can this not be good in helping this young team evolve in the still new offensive and defensive systems.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Not sure if this was mentioned in the other thread, but one reason to love Childress: He’s a failed head coach who likely won’t be getting (m)any offers in the future to become a head coach due to the public nature of his previous failures. 

    Between him and Jauron, who is similar in that regard, the Browns can not only have two strong coordinators, but two strong coordinators who will stick around for a while. If they’re the legacy desiring types, they can establish themselves like Dick LeBaeu has in the “brilliant [of/de]fensive mind” status if they can prove to be successful for a long period of time. More importantly, this will help the Browns have some serious stability and (gasp) perhaps even attract players who want to play in certain schemes or for stable groups – and at worst, continue to draft players who are athletic and teach them the scheme as the Ravens, Steelers do on D, and the Colts and Pats have been doing on O.

    Of course, this is assuming he’s good at this, though that’s at least something I have confidence in.

  • Anonymous

    Works for me.

  • Floydrubino

    one reason to love him is he is a failed coach. I understand what your saying but it’s pretty funny.

  • Floydrubino

    I don’t like childress but at least he has some good experience. I just wish it was heckert in charge only because I know he would be making football decisions only based off the merit of the coaches performances. If holmgren is doing this to hook friends up that is pretty weak. One will never know. I know one thing the childress hiring makes a lot more sense than the shurmur one but that does not mean much.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Agreed, but it’s true. Stability + learning from failures = Success (?)

  • Anonymous

    this is a really good point. i think the biggest problem with the team besides talent on the field is the rotating cast of coaches. if we can keep this core together for 2-3 years we will be making the playoffs consistently. 

  • JM

    I thought Shurmur said he would be calling plays. 

  • Anonymous

    This is a wait a see hire.  If he helps the offense this year, then great.  If he makes some boneheaded calls like he used to make in Minnesota, then rut roh.

    More importantly, it’s now time for Tommy H to do his thing and bring in some talent.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Interesting that our HC has no prior head coaching experience, but our coordinators and front office have lots of it.  Shurnur is surrounded by former head coaches.  This can only be a good thing…right?  (Right?)

  • BrownsReno

    Glad to see us working on getting better. I have full confidence in H&H to get the ship in the right direction and this is more proof of that. Lets get Oline help in FA and hit the draft like Jet Li. We’ve been WFNY for 10 years… Well guess what fellow Browns Fans? THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!!!!!!

  • Floydrubino

    The one thing that confuses me is that Holmgren hired such a weak head coach in Shurmur that he can’t even name his own staff. It is obvious that holmgren hired some “yes man” head coach and then is making all the decisions. Heckert is in charge of draft and talent which is great for us because he is the best evaluator(or his team of scouts) that we have had in a significant time. I am a little confused on why holmgren just does not come  down and coach if he hired such a weak candidate. Even though I think Holmgren is a little overrated I would still like to see him coach and especially if we get rg3. If Holmgren does not have the energy to coach do you think he has the energy to run a team.

  • Floydrubino

    but just our luck we will be undefeated and then the mayan calender thing will happen.

  • Floydrubino

    I don’t know because there are some people that you would never bet their horse if they placed a bet on it because they are naturally wrong or just have bad luck about stuff. Hopefully childress has part of your equation of the learning part so it can equal success but if you take that out what does
    Stability+inability to learn from failures = ?

  • Anonymous

    he said he might hand over play-calling and it would depend who the OC was.

  • Anonymous

    I would think and hope that Shurmur had quite a bit to do with Childress being selected as OC.  Holmgren has never coached with Childress (though he has plenty of colleagues who have coached with him).   Shurmur was Childress’s QB-coach when Brad moved up to OC.

    Why can’t Holmgren and Shurmur work together on things?  Just like Holmgren, Heckert, and Shurmur (and the rest) likely work together on the draft?

  • Floydrubino

    in philly they worked together but why were we waiting for mike sherman than also(holmgren’s guy)
    this means that shurmur did not have autonomy when he made the selection

  • Anonymous

    again, why can’t they work together?   is it possible that Holmgren and Shurmur put together a list and that they decided together who should be on top for OC?

  • http://twitter.com/oribiasi oribiasi

    Funny comment on ESPN.com:  “If Childress is the answer, I don’t want to hear the question.”

    Let’s hope he knows what he’s doing…

  • Hetz

    This is a good hire.  I am pleased.

  • Big Z

    I think Chilli’s resume speaks for itself; I couldn’t be happier with the hire. I’ll be even happier when we find out he’s calling the plays.

    The real questions are which QB does Childress like? And how much pull will he have when it comes time to make the decision?

  • Max

    I’m like, whatever, man

    I just hope it works. The idea of Brad Childress being our OC doesn’t blow my skirt up, but at least he has done the job elsewhere. He won’t have as steep a learning curve as someone would have who is learning on the fly. Perhaps that can at least help our offense with the little things like getting the play call in on time, calling plays where the routes cover more than 4 yards, and maybe even some passing plays where the design calls for the reciever to catch the ball while he is traveling upfield, instead of towards the sideline, or back towards the line of scrimmage.

    I just hope it works

  • Paulbip

    “he has done the job elsewhere”.  Yes, for one year he called the plays and stunk up the joint.  Most hated man in Minn.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    I’m not saying it’s a guarantee; just that it’s one point to look at as a positive. I’d prefer taking this chance than on an unproven commodity who, if they DO turn out well, will leave in a year anyway.