POLL: Who are the Best Browns Players Since 1999? Offense

A fun little project we are undertaking here and at Cleveland.com to come up with the best Browns players the team has had since 1999. Today we are doing offense first.

Enjoy this little trip down memory lane!

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    blame DA for the unprecedented TWO picks, 25 yds in TD drives, 13 points in final minutes of first half at cincy.

    blame dungy for playing 64 yrd, 11/24 jim sorgi — karma got him when they lost first playoff game.

    a BLAMEFEST!!  likes all round!!

  • CBI

    Ahhh, Ross Verba, what a character.  Bible group leader to Las Vegas man whore whose ego (and agent) ran him out of pro football.  Good memories. 

  • Kmann

    Wow, when you see some of these players grouped together it’s quite depressing>  I think I need a drink after this poll!

  • steve-o

    We could have every one of these players in their prime on our offense next year and we still would be bad.