Video: Alonzo Gee’s Baseline Dunk on Udonis Haslem

Deemed the “Dunk of the Night” by, Cavaliers swingman Alonzo Gee provides Miami Heat power forward Udonis Haslem with some punishment for being late with his help defense.  It could be argued that his dunk earlier in the game was even more highlight worthy. Also could be argued that Gee would have attempted the three-pointer from the corner just one season ago.

  • Chris Gillespie

    Gee is a much improved player, he’s eventually going to be a solid role player for years to come.

  • Anonymous

    I like what we’ve seen from Gee this season, and honestly he could possibly develop into a decent starter.  His shooting has improved and he works hard on defense.  I used to think we had a bigger need at SF than SG, but I’ve flip-flopped on that… Caspi and Gee both have some potential.  Parker and Boobie are what they are.  Boobie is that Steve Kerr shooter that you need coming off your bench.  Parker is that guy you need to be on another team.

  • Gren

    Gee continues to impress me. I just hope he sticks around for a few years.

  • Anonymous

    he may have shot the 3pter if the pass wasn’t off.  that was a great catch on that pass as I thought it was giong to be yet another TO and then he does THAT!

    also, impressive along with Parker last night doing what he could to slow LeBron

  • Dave

    And he came so close to kicking #6 in the head after he scored, completely accidentally, too!