Video: Kyrie Irving Stars in New ESPN NBA/RV Commercial

“I think we found Kyrie Irving.”

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Ironic, considering you cannot see Kyrie Irving on ESPN this year.

  • Anonymous

    I would wear out the “Like” feature here if that were possible.

  • Anonymous

    It would have been better if they were watching a Heat Playoff game and found Lebron in the couch….sorry couldn’t resist

  • Anonymous

    Sort of funny….but I also don’t get it…

  • Scott @ WFNY

    One year off is okay. I’d much rather have Cleveland have a star for thr next several years, hopefully beyond.

  • 5haun

    I want to know why he has a shirt with the old cavs colors on it. That gold should be yellow.

  • Anonymous

    I would correct you and say “2 years” if the Cavs didn’t technically have an ESPN game against the Heat last year (which was scheduled only to capture the Cleveland reaction to lebron).  I mean, is Kyrie Irving not fun to watch?  Does Andy V not have incredibly entertaining hair?  Do people really want to watch the Celtics put their walkers aside for a sweet matchup against the Atlanta Hawks in ATL’s not-so-packed house?  The public at large obviously thinks the answers are “no”, “no”, and “yes” although I can’t say I have any idea why that is.