While We’re Waiting… Brad Childress as Offensive Coordinator, More Varejao All-Star Talk, and the Buckeye Offensive Line


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Leading off, Brad Childress is the Browns’ new offensive coordinator, and ESPN AFC North Blogger Jamison Hensley doesn’t think it was the best choice, “The problem with Childress is his track record with offenses. In the eight years Childress has been a head coach or offensive coordinator in the NFL, his offenses have ranked in the bottom half of the league five times. The disturbing part is he’s been an NFL playcaller for only one season. The result? The Vikings finished 23rd in yards and 26th in points (17.6 per game) in 2006 before Childress passed those duties over to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell the next season. ” [ESPN AFC North Blog]

We’ve had some talk this week from WFNY’s Scott about Anderson Varejao and whether he deserves a trip to the All-Star game. Over at Stepien Rules, our own Brendan Bowers gives his thoughts on Andy’s All-Star prospects by breaking down the other options, “To reiterate, Anderson Varjeao is averaging over one rebound per game more than anybody on this list not named Dwight Howard, he is averaging more steals than anybody on this list too, while also scoring in double figures. With the exception of Joel Anthony who actually stinks, only Joakim Noah and Roy Hibbert are playing on teams with better winning percentages than Anderson’s Cavaliers are right now too.” [Stepien Rules]

Over at Eleven Warriors, they’re assessing Ohio State’s offensive line and its outlook for the 2012 campaign. One player to watch is Reid Fragel, who will convert to tackle from tight end for his senior season, “Fragel spent his first three seasons as a tight end, but announced his switch to offensive line and to a new number (77) a few weeks ago. His footwork should be off the charts and he certainly has the height (6-8) to play the position, but it’s all a matter of him putting on weight now. He’s on a mission to top 300 and he’s closing in on that mark. If he does earn the job, don’t be surprised to see some tackle eligible magic near the goal line.” [Eleven Warriors]

Let’s Go Tribe has a detailed look at WAR predictions for Tribe players heading into the 2012 season, “I targeted the young hitters fairly well, though this was in large part due to the late season contributions of Kipnis and Chisenhall. Despite it’s fairly large contribution last season, this group (Santana, Kipnis, Chisenhall, Brantley, LaPorta) has to be considered the largest area of potential growth going into 2012. Brantley’s defense in left helped make him a 2+ win player last season and, before his injuries, was showing some improvement in his power. If he plays regularly, I could imagine a Brantley regression making him essentially worthless with a slight breakout and continued strong defense making him suddenly close to a 4-win player. A safe guess, again assuming he plays, is what he did this year, about 2 wins. Kipnis and Chisenhall fall into the anyone’s guess category, but most people’s guess for the former are that he will adjust quickly, while Chisenhall might be a little slower to come along. ” [Let’s Go Tribe]

Finally, like Rick, I’m a bit of a uniform nut, so I had to post this look at the Memphis Grizzlies’ throwback jerseys from Thursday nights. These monstrosities belong to the Memphis Tams of the ABA in the early 70’s, and they’re the worst jersey/shorts mismatch I’ve seen since the Wizards’ gold star jerseys. [Ball Don’t Lie]