While We’re Waiting…Carmona’s Dilemma, Grossi in Trouble and an Indian Taking a Pay Cut?


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“Carmona, as was made evident when it was publicized that the Indians had financed dental work to help improve his nutrition, did not grow up in the kind of context. Here, in a blunt instrument sense, is the situation it seems Carmona faced: remain in 3rd-world poverty or falsify his identity, illegally, and give himself a much better chance of changing not only his own life but the lives of those around him. He chose the latter, and it worked out in spades. Did he make the smart choice? Did he make the ethical choice?

What does it mean that by dumping dollars into a sport, I support a system that forces young athlete after young athlete to such a decision point? What does it mean that 15 year olds in the Dominican Republic are forced to make a choice in a context that is more complicated, both morally and legally, than any situation I’ve faced in 27 years of life, and likely more complicated than any I’ll ever face? Is reform of such a system even possible?” [Let’s Go Tribe]

“But now, Cleveland is somehow sitting pretty at 6-7 – tied with the New York Knicks for the seventh-best record in the Eastern Conference. Being on the playoff fringe isn’t a great accomplishment in the grand scheme of the league, but the Cavs’ competency is sudden and, on first glance, a bit baffling. Cleveland was able to add two top picks (Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson) in the off-season thanks to some lottery luck, but this is, more or less, the same team that lost 63 games a year ago. Are we really to believe that those rookie additions alone – coupled with Varejao’s return from injury – were enough to right the most depressing team in basketball?

As is usually the case with such questions, the answer is yes and no. Irving has been truly fantastic in his rookie campaign thus far, and his offensive excellence is a big reason the Cavs have gone from having the second-worst offense in the league last season to an above average offense this year.” [Mahoney/NY Times]

Browns beat writer in hot water? “Whispers from the friendly confines of the Plain Dealer newscomplex tell Scene that Grossi’s errant, insulting tweet might have the Browns beat writer in trouble today. Newsroom rumors, which are all they are at the moment, have Grossi actually in the office today, which as one person pointed out, never happens. That might not be anything — he did have a taping of some inside sports videocast for Cleveland.com. But, the editors and bosses have been talking to everyone’s favorite “most irrelevant writer in Cleveland,” and folks are assuming it’s a dressing down.” [Grzegorek/Scene]

The story of Bob Feller demanding a pay CUT- “Yes, the Nolan Ryan of his time demanded a pay cut. Don’t even bother imagining this happening today. Feller’s agent (which was himself, back in ’50) would never allow it. Peer pressure wouldn’t allow it. The rules of collective bargaining probably wouldn’t even allow it. It might not even occur to him. So there’s no way that Bronson Arroyo, who had an NL-worst 5.07 ERA in 2011, ever would walk into the office of Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini and hand over $2.4 million, or 20 percent of his $12,000,000 salary. Same goes with A.J. Burnett and the New York Yankees.” [Brown/Big League Stew]

All part of a master plan? “This season, they enter the draft with 3,120 points in first and second rounders alone. That doesn’t even account for the 3rd and two 4th round picks. In layman’s terms, the Browns are walking into a gun fight with an Uzi. H&H have addressed the other areas of the team enough to get us by. We need a triggerman.

H&H have acquired picks while developing the other areas of their roster. They have waited patiently to spring their trap to catch that damn mouse. Now, I can’t say the trap will work perfectly and we will draft our Super Bowl winning QB. Who knows, maybe the ball gets hung up going down the track and we draft a bust, I don’t know. But it’s time to crank that wheel. We are leaving the 2012 NFL Draft with a Quarterback.” [Dawgs by Nature]

  • boomhauertjs

    That story about Feller just makes me more angry about the Indians putting up a Thome statue…

  • Max

    Can’t say I blame Fausto for taking his shot. I don’t read about too many honest business people in ye olde fishwraps anymore, and this isn’t anywhere near as reprehensible as the actions of many politicians…like a certain ex-county commissioner…or an ex-mayor who screwed the city on many shady deals to help out his buddies.

    The only thing this does is make me less likely to fall for the “If Fausto can regain his form…” meme of spring training. I think the Tribe will be ok without him. You can never have too many starters, but this isn’t going to impact us anywhere near as much as losing Victor (for the year) will impact the Tigers

  • Mark

    I will happily concede that bashing Tony Grossi is low hanging fruit…yet as one who doesn’t like to climb trees to get my apples, here I go. It is a sad state of affairs at the PD when Grossi is allowed to keep his job. He is a lazy reporter who shows nothing but distain for his readers. His Q and A column is arrogant, his tweets are pathetic and the next time he actually breaks a Browns story will be the first time he breaks a Browns story. I cannot understand how the PD thinks so little of it’s readers by having Grossi cover the biggest team in town. One can only hope that his Learner tweet will be the beginning of his demise.

  • Max

    his only redeeming quality is his continued campaign to keep Modell out of the HOF. I’d almost rather keep him around and continue to ignore him just so that he can maintain his post as a HOF voter and continue fighting the good fight to keep Art out

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ WFNYRick

    I don’t see how the PD allows him to respond to people on twitter like he does. As long as he represents the paper in any public forum he should behave in a professional manner.

  • Anonymous

    ah gotta love the “draft a QB just to draft a QB even if he’s a bust” argument by DBN.  umm, no that’s not smart.   draft a QB that you believe in or don’t draft a QB.

  • http://twitter.com/CTownPride Steve J

    He’s one of the few people I followed on Twitter that I just had to unfollow at one point.  I’m usually pretty good at ignoring stupid tweets, but the constant snark and arrogance was too much.  I have no idea why he’s allowed to do this unless the PD no longer views itself as a journalistic enterprise.  That, or Grossi is looking to get into radio/TV as a Colin Cowherd-type personality.

  • Harv 21

    Hate to pile on Grossi but think the PD would be best to go in a different direction if for no other reason than Browns coverage is one area where they can retain dwindling readership.

    He’s not old by beat writer standards but he seems to be coasting. The speed with which stories now disseminate plays into his weakness – a sketchy work ethic in trying to deeply understand the sport and in aggressively seeking sources writers at smaller media outlets might have trouble accessing. Remember, this was a guy who about 15-20 years ago claimed that he could not get a comment from Modell after a game. Turned out he never attempted to contact Modell, who was at the stadium, Modell went crazy and the PD  temporarily suspended Grossi as main Browns beat writer for the rest of the season.

    A lot of people here now detest Brian Windhorst but recall how much we relied on his info and understanding of the Cavs and how much we loved his writing. I was reading him on the ABJ site when the PD stuck us with the awful Branson Wright. The PD could get a football Windhorst, and this Browns town would eat it up. RIght now Grossi’s drowning in his own hubris.

  • Anonymous

    “Last night there was a comment attributed to me on my Twitter account.” 

    Attributed to me? Nice weasel wording there, Ton. Talk about pathetic.

  • dr. cleveland

    Did the exact same thing. His tweets almost enraged me.

  • dr. cleveland

    Did the exact same thing. His tweets almost enraged me.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com/ WFNYRick

    I thought for certain he was going to use the ‘hijacked twitter account’ excuse for a minute.

  • JM

    How hilarious was it when he said it wasn’t his job to listen to interviews related to the Browns? Then on Cleveland.com the headline was Grossi breaks down the interview?!?

  • Yeah

    I’m convinced u delusional Browns’ fans hate Grossi because he is the ONLY member of the media covering the Browns who is constantly and consistently critical of the Browns front office. Of course, u would want to run him out of town so you can all pretend Hogren actually is a PROVEN front office guy rather than a lazy ex-coach who has conned Lerner into giving him millions so e can retire to Seattle in real comfort! Ha!