While We’re Waiting… More on Delonte’s Troubles, Jason Kipnis the Outfielder and Harangody’s Value?


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More on Delonte West, this time some insight into his condition- “That’s why this most recent episode is so hard to swallow. The messages about West sleeping in the car or in the gym seem to indicate a relapse in his fight with depression. It’s frustrating and hurtful to see because his situation, while unfortunate, is treatable. The obvious rejoinder to West, a multi-million dollar athlete, is “why doesn’t he get a hotel room” or “why doesn’t he rent a house?” Those questions, while relevant, are too easy, and don’t come close to the source of the problem. The correct question is: “why hasn’t he asked for help?”Help. It’s a simple, small word. It’s not hard to say, but to anyone with bipolar, it is damned near impossible to ask for.” [White/HoopSpeak] ALSO CHECK OUT: A Teachable Moment [IGoHardNow]

On Jason Kipnis- “The other players at ASU might have pushed Kipnis, but he exceeded many of their levels. He was named to the Sun Devils’ All-Decade team at the end of 2010. The most surprising part for Indians fans might be that Kipnis was named to the All-Decade team as the Sun Devils’ centerfielder. After signing his professional contract, he went to Mahoning Valley in 2009 and played left and center field. After the season, the organization moved him to second base.” [Did the Tribe Win Last Night?]

“The Walrusball era at Ohio State officially passed when Urban Meyer astutely decided against retaining Jim Bollman, despite his lengthy tenure. It was a merciful and unceremonious conclusion to his tenure, which was perpetuated only on account of his relationship with Jim Tressel. If his results mattered, Bollman would have been gone years ago. Now that Boston College has hired the Buckeyes’ ex-coordinator to be its offensive line coach, Ohio State’s run of football frustration smudged by his fingerprints finally has its closure. Bashing the Buckeye offense is not gratuitous or too played out. If anything, too many Buckeye fans do not fully realize to extent to which Bollman did everything but steal from Ohio State during his 11 years in Columbus.

Consider the following of the Buckeyes’ outgoing OL coach: Since all of John Cooper’s holdovers matriculated, Ohio State has finished in the bottom third of the NCAA in sacks allowed three times – and that’s largely with mobile, athletic quarterbacks. In that same period, three times the Buckeyes have been in the bottom third in allowing tackles for loss, the hallmark statistic for poor line play and telegraphed playcalling. Over those past seven seasons Ohio State’s total offense has averaged a national ranking in the bottom half of all FBS schools despite recruiting classes that are the envy of 95% of those same programs.” [Ramzy/Eleven Warriors]

Hey, we’re open to offers for Harangody- “Lemon Face: Cleveland’s Victory/Pummeling Cigar Parade: There are probably better places in the league for Luke Harangody and Semih Erden. Boston (where they came from last season) is probably one of those places. The end of the Cavs’ bench is certainly not one of them. Erden’s coming back from injury (another one) and Harangody has the unfortunate task of being an average big on a team overloaded with bigs that need time on the court to develop and time on the court to look like delicious trade bait.” [Vafa/Hardwood Paroxysm]

Amico on the importance of a deep bench this year- “If you own a bench, you gotta chance. That’s almost always the story in the NBA — but it’s especially the case in a lockout-shortened season such as this, with the schedule requiring teams to play games night after night after thankless night. And a compressed schedule usually means lots of injuries, minor and otherwise. That puts a premium on depth. If you have it, you automatically increase your chances of making the playoffs, winning a round, dreaming of a title. If you don’t, well, it may not matter how good your starters are or how much you have accomplished in the past.” [Amico/FSO]

  • swig

    Reading Delonte’s tweets was painful.  It sucks to see someone who wants to be a good person fighting some inner demon, and then having that struggle broadcast to the world.  Best of luck to him (again).

    Aside, I really dug the look of the site when I opened it this morning.  Usually I despise change, then get used to it.  You guys did a great job with the roll out and the quick touch-ups.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with alot of Ramzy there, but this line is folly:

    “Ohio State has finished in the bottom third of the NCAA in sacks allowed three times – and that’s largely with mobile, athletic quarterbacks”

    alot of those sacks were afterall our mobile, athletic QBs rolling into the pressure.  even in the NFL, alot of mobile QBs get sacked alot.

  • Marshall

    I agree the site is nice, but is there anyway we can get the general tab to be the default? Right now it’s the Browns and until I get used to this I’ll probably miss some articles on the other tabs. Took me a second to hit the general and see the WWW. Don’t mean to be a pain, I’m just less likely to dig into the site during my procrastination at work if it takes more effort to navigate.

    /Haven’t done a lot of testing to see if it’s just my browser or Chrome

  • swig

    If you scroll down the front page past the headlines it says “more from WFNY” and it’s the articles in the order posted as we’re used to from the older design.

  • Eric Devlin

    Hogwash on Bollman. Ramzy is typing tripe.  He ignores the truth.
    Let me school the sometimes-witty Ramzy.
    Tressel’s recruited – successfully I might add – in a manner where he spent schollies on skill positions. He loved having extra playmakers.
    He loved having a defense.
    His whole schematic was Win With Defense, Don’t take risks.
    Bollman was valuable to Jim Tressel because he was one of the few men who would would work within a scheme like that. E.G. Make Do With a Few. Convert players, Teach them to play multiple positions and plug in as needed, the best set of 5 for a given gameplan.
    WE, the fans had to endure this and dumped the hate on Jim Bollman. Wrongly.
    Tress did not value an offensive line. He opted to use a running qb thereby minimizing the time needed to throw.
    We dumped on Bollman. Wrongly