While We’re Waiting…Quiet Browns Offseason, Indians Offseason Improvements, Romeo Crennel Returns!

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Can there really be such a thing a a quiet offseason in Browns town? “When did this become Browns fans’ last stand at the Alamo?

Are we really wondering about blowing everything up, or spending a bazillion dollars in free agency next year, or intimating that Pat Shurmur should be fired?

Maybe the news that they plan to hire an offensive coordinator isn’t enough to satisfy the bloodlust we’ve developed over the past four years.

Think about it—this very well could be the most boring offseason the Browns have had since 2008. We’ve seen a major player get hired or fired every year since then. Here’s a recap of that carnage up until now, starting in 1999, and getting pretty aggressive as we arrive at the present.” [Jimmy Weinland/Dawg Pound Daily]

Discussion on Tribe improvements in this new year: “In this edition of the Wahoo’s on First Weekly Wroundtable, we all offered our own resolutions. But instead of promising ourselves to get in shape or become better people, we asked each participant to come up with a New Year’s resolution that a Cleveland Indians player, coach, or front office executive should make for 2012.” [Wahoo’s On First]

Taking in future Buckeyes during the high school All-American game: “Did I mention how good TJ Yeldon is? He can both run and catch, as evidenced by him leaping over guys following a reception, and then adding a great run shortly thereafter. Then the Adolphus Washington show started. First, he blew by the left tackle for an easy sack, and in the following play he powered into the backfield and caused another one. Washington is a terrific recruit with a ton of upside, and his power and speed are evident on every snap. He’ll likely shift more inside as he gets bigger, and take on more of a John Simon type role rather than a Thaddeus Gison one (which also hopefully means he develops an affinity for flannel). Washington does need to hone his technique somewhat though, as in college a bullrush can’t really be your only move.” [Johnny Ginter/Eleven Warriors]

Romeo Crennel will be a head coach again: “They interviewed former Jacksonville Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, not exactly an inspired choice since he wasn’t extremely successful with a 68-71 record in nine seasons. And they interviewed Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. The Chiefs played inspired football for Crennel in three games, winning two of them. Crennel didn’t do very well with the Cleveland Browns, going 24-40 as head coach. However, the Browns weren’t exactly loaded with talent.” [Aaron Wilson/The OBR]

Indians news and notes, including Josh Tomlin’s health and the continued search for a bat: “The Indians are already in a pinch from a matchup standpoint late in games where opposing managers can load up on left-handers against them, so the addition of a right-handed bat is not going to change things. What they should be focusing on is adding the best possible fit at first base regardless of what side of the plate that player hits from. This is why while Derrek Lee may be a good fit for the team because he is right-handed with pop and plays good defense, a better option may be Carlos Pena who is left-handed but has more pop, plays better defense, and arguably has more impact potential.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

Antawn Jamison’s veteran role on a young team: “Jamison also has allowed his heir apparent to succeed in a reserve role and to gain confidence — usually against the opponent’s reserves. Thompson is an impressive weak-side defender and an explosive leaper. He also possesses good basketball acumen, rarely making poor decisions. But Thompson, another Cav who doesn’t create his own shot, would be exposed as a starter. He and Irving will get to play together soon enough. Coach Byron Scott is making the smart play by sticking with Jamison.” [Tom Reed/The Plain Dealer]

  • Shamrock

    Ha, if this in fact is the most boring offseason in years for the Browns then they and by default you (by you I meant the turn a blinds eye follow ’em off the cliff FANS) deserve what you get. There is no way you can build a winning let alone competitive team strictly by drafting. It’ll take years even if every draft pick you make contributes. Besides that Lerner has the money. Maybe if he didn’t have to pay off so many ex coaches a few free agents would have been added. There will be players available there always are especially for a team coming off a 4 win season.

  • http://serandez.blogspot.com Ezzie

    It’s mind-boggling that KC thinks Crennel can be a successful head coach.

  • Mark

    @Shamrock – The Colts built their entire championship roster off of draftees and undrafted free agents. All if it. No FA pick ups. I’m pretty sure GB has done the same in their current run, with just a few FA signings. So yes, it can be done.

  • JM

    Steelers, Ravens, Patriots, Colts, GB all have done it.

  • Shamrock

    I disagree about Baltimore and New England I know they’ve used free agency to assist their drafting. Pittsburgh, Green Bay and Indy okay but that’s still few and far between.

    Free agency would only benefit but maybe I’m wrong. I know I’m to impatient because I saw numerous free agents and a trade of Aaron Curry from Seattle to Oakland that would have benefited Cleveland. Time will tell.

  • JM

    It all depends on who is in charge I guess. Hopefully they use the draft and free agency and don’t mess up.