Antonetti: Fausto Carmona is Officially Roberto Hernandez

In a recent sit-down with the Plain Dealer, Cleveland Indians general manager Chris Antonetti stated that the team has received documentation that starting pitcher Fausto Carmona is officially named Roberto Hernandez (Heredia).

Arrested in January under suspicion of false identity, Hernandez, who was the recent recipient of a $7 million club option under his alias, was also found to be 31 years of age — three years older than believed by the team. The player was recently placed on the restricted list, meaning that the team holds no obligation to pay him until he is able to join the Indians.  Antonetti did make it clear that, once cleared by the Dominican Republic, Hernandez would be welcomed back to the team.

In six seasons with the Tribe, Carmona has a record of 53-66 with an ERA of 4.59.

Since the arrest, the Indians have traded for starting pitcher Kevin Slowey and coming to terms with free agent Jon Garland.

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(Source: The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

  • Zack16

    Would have been cool if his name was Enrico Palazzo…

  • Anonymous

    Why did he choose Fausto Carmona?  Fast Car Man?

  • Anonymous

    Tony Montana would have been too obvious

  • Max

    “coming to terms” with Jon Garland…do you mean they’re working out the contract details, or that they are learning to accept and deal with their unfortunate situation and how that situation has required them to sign Kevin Slowey and Jon Garland?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve always assumed that he sold his soul to the devil.  For a 4.59 ERA. 

  • Anonymous

    I have “come to terms” with cleveland sports

  • Derald

    Let’s just all agree to call him Fauberto from an earlier article

  • Anonymous

    Fausto Carmona is his stage name.  Is he going to have to pay $1M to MLB for changing his name for the jersey change?  Why don’t we just send some cash down there to get the case expedited?  Are there vegas odds on when/if he will be back this year?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry all for the thread crapping but Fausto means “fortunate, enjoying good luck”

  • Anonymous

    Great, now Fausto is trying to steal THIS guy’s identity.

  • Anonymous

    Im hoping that Hernandez-Carmona-Heredia comes off the restricted list some time in July, has a couple of strong starts and promptly gets traded for prospects to a team desperate for pitching at the deadline. 

  • Mel-r

    Faux-sto, as in fake.  Coming to terms with all of these name changes in sports… gay.