Indians’ 2012 Win Total Over/Under Set at 75.5

The year 2012 is supposed to mark the beginning of the contention window for the upstart Cleveland Indians. Surprising many last season with their hot start, injuries derailed what would otherwise be a successful campaign, ultimately leading to a finish of 80-82.

Which makes the over/under (per Vegas Watch) of 75.5 somewhat disheartening. While this total is not necessarily reflective of where Vegas thinks the Indians will finish (as opposed to a line to stir equal-weighted wagering), the fact that the Wahoos currently slate fourth in the AL Central is not a vote of confidence in the court of public opinion.

Also worth pointing out is the 11.5-game gap between Prince Fielder’s Detroit Tigers and the rest of the AL Central, surprisingly represented by the Kansas City Royals.

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  • Boomhauertjs

    That’s probably about right. It took an amazing start last year just to finish .500 and if they have a Wedge-like start this year, you can bet there will be a July firesale that ensures 90 some losses.

  • Jack

    Baseball is dead. 

    No one cares.

  • T.O. Tribe

    After Verlander and possibly Max Scherzer, the Detroit rotation is suspect. Valverde will implode (or explode if he can’t squeeze that gut behind the belt well enough). Prince will be fine and Miggy too, but the rest of the infield is an offensive hole (including Peralta who will regress). I’m not saying the Indians will win the AL Central but methinks the hype machine is crowning Detroit to quickly and too handily, and that includes Vegas.

    Bet while the line stays as is. This season will be more exciting than they’re making it out to be.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    The hot start was legendary, but could we also say that the injuries were just as rare?  Even if we take into account injury-prone guys like Hafner and Sizemore, there were a lot of missed games from Choo, Brantley, and Kipnis (when you take into account his total time in the majors).  Zeke Carerra, the singles masher with a .613 OPS, is nothing more than a late game substitute at best, and yet he started 51 games for the Tribe.  You could also argue that our starting pitchers are better than they were a year ago.  Those are my reasons for expecting a better season this year than last.

  • APV

    I think last year’s number was 71.5

  • Jeff D

    It’s early in Spring Training so optimism is high…give me $10 on the over!

  • mgbode

    and Fister.  man, he did not look like the pitcher he was for Detroit that he was in Seattle.  he was their 2nd best pitcher down the stretch.  I beat on the drum that he was only as good as the rest of their SPs anyway, but then he outpitched everyone and made me look dumb (yes, that’s probably not a good indicator).

    if Fister keeps pitching like he did down the stretch this season, then it’s going to be an even tougher hill to climb.  if he comes back down to Earth, then we have a much better chance.  

  • kjn

    It took a disasterous finish to keep us at only .500. Potatoe, patatoe.

  • kjn

    Call it blind optimism, but I’d be all over this.

    A young team last year, we’ve only gotten better IMO. Now, I’m not saying by leaps and bounds, but with our young guys maturing, more veteran pitching being brought in, and a few solid contributors in the field added, I don’t see us being worse than last year. On top of that, the Twins and Sox are both messes. Oh, and we also get three games against the Astros.

  • Wow

    Guys they are finishing in second place, just accept it.

  • Eric G

    65/1 for the WS

  • mgbode

    i doubt the Sox are any more of a mess than they were last year.  those hitters can’t be that bad again, can they?

  • mgbode

    how much to win?  (i mean, if we’re going all-in, let’s go all-in)