NBA All-Star Reserves Announced Tonight

Anderson Varejao, Reggie Evans

Tonight on TNT the NBA All-Star reserves will be announced. Cleveland fans have been hoping to see Anderson Varejao get a shot to represent the CLE in Orlando, and possibly even rookie Kyrie Irving. I’m sorry to have to say it, but it isn’t happening.

Clevelanders weren’t so crazy as to insist that Varejao should be voted in as an All-Star starter at center. Clearly, Howard is the more talented player. As the season has worn on however, Andy has held his own with the second tier of players at the position. His 11.0 points per game put him 8th in the Eastern Conference for centers. He is second in overall rebounding, and first in offensive rebounds. Stats have long been Anderson’s foe when it comes to making an All-Star roster, so why not this year when his numbers are comparable?

His primary competition for an All-Star spot are Roy Hibbert and Tyson Chandler. Hibbert will likely get the back-up center spot. He is averaging a couple more points than Andy and he plays for 17-8 Indiana. Chandler also has the points edge on Varejao and plays for the Knicks.

So much of what Varejao brings night in and night out are immeasurable. His energy, hustle and heart not to mention his defensive skill set make him “invaluable” as Austin Carr would say. Those characteristics, along with his great attitude make me wish we could somehow vote him onto the All-Star team if for nothing else than a reward. But it is highly unlikely to happen this year for Varejao. 

Pick your NBA expert. I’m not seeing one that says Varejao should, or will get the nod. Not Hollinger. Not Stein. Not Spears. Not Aschburner ( Not a single writer out of five from Not Sheridan. Not In fact, I can’t find one, remotely legitimate, or at least published site with Varejao on the roster. Not even Bleacher Report.

The rest of the world is trying to tell us something. Andy isn’t going to make the squad. Yes, technically the coaches decide who the reserves are, and not analysts. It would certainly be a collective statement for the Eastern Conference coaches to say “this is the kind of effort we want from our players” by selecting Varejao. I just don’t think it is going to happen.

Kyrie Irving is getting some love. He has made several people’s ‘snubbed’ or ‘just missed the cut’ lists. The general consensus is that he is talented enough, but he’s only 19 and nobody is in a real rush to make him an All-Star. I can live with that. No problem.

It is too bad we won’t get to see Andy launch himself towards the sidelines to get a loose ball, or try to take a charge on a dunk attempt in Orlando. We still love you Andy.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree Andy does alot of things that don’t show up in the stat sheet, but he was never going to get selected.  Fans, Media, and yeah Coaches will all look at the stat sheet first.  Andy just doesn’t stack up there.  After Dwight, there is Hibbert, Monroe, Chandler, Noah, and AV.

    Of those 5:

    AV is 4th in Pts/game
    AV is 1st in RB/game
    AV is 4th in Blks/game
    AV is 2nd in Stls/game
    AV is 3rd in Ast/game
    AV is 4th in FG%
    AV is 5th in FT%
    AV is 4th in PER
    AV is 5th in WS/48

    Comparison here:

  • Jared in LA

    Brilliant comment about trying to take a charge in the All-Star game, made me laugh.  Andy only knows how to play basketball like a maniac.  If he was voted in, no way he’d not be diving into the scorer’s table for a ball or trying to draw charges. It’d be hilarious.  

  • Anonymous

    Varejao should be a reserve and Irving will be in the soph/fresh thing, might even be the first player chosen.

  • Harv 21

    He’s playing with more intensity the last 2 weeks, every game, every minute, than any stretch of regular season games in his career.  And since he knows this team won’t contend for a ring, and he’s in the middle of a contract, can only guess it might have something to do with All-Star selections.  So for that reason I don’t want him selected. Let him ride the outrage the rest of the season and show Tigger what ferocity can do for you. Hollins can watch too but he’ll probably just conclude it’s a very interesting and different way to approach the game.

  • Anonymous

    I think Andy is sending a message to Grant.  He is showing he wants to be apart of the foundation of this team moving forward and that he is worth it.   He is showing through his play and leadership that he can help mold the youngsters that are brought in as well.

    Think about all the threads on trades and about the Cavs drafting another big man.  And, now, think about how even the staunchest supporters of trading Andy are backing away from that line of thinking.

  • Harv 21

    a very sweet thought but I’m picturing his off-season millionaire’s Brazilian beach life and it doesn’t make sense. His friends must think he’s a freak … grimy cold Cleveland for a good-looking young single guy from a warm climate? If an upper-middle class guy from there has taken to this city then he is something of a freak. 

  • swig

    Not disagreeing with the points you fine gents have brought to the table, just one thought.

    Maybe Andy doesn’t have a motive, and this is just who he is?  Last time we saw him play was with Z and LBJ (and many others) so he never had to fill this role.  Also, maybe the injury last year was a blessing in disguise, giving him a full year to heal all the little things that we don’t hear about.  

  • Anonymous

    “picturing his off-season millionaire’s Brazilian beach life”

  • BrownsFanSF

    Maybe I’m crazy but I really do believe Andy is that kind of freak (the very best kind).  The one that understands that his millions comes from the hard earned money of the people of Cleveland, that wants to be loyal to the organization that took a chance on him all those years ago and that means it when he says that Cleveland is his home away from home.

    It’s legitimately hard to believe in the million dollar athletes and the things they say, I feel like Andy is the real article.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I think they need to draft another big man or better yet trade for one which would be my wish.  Varejao is the definition of a sixth man.

  • Harv 21

    shush guys, I’m still picturing that beach life and also resenting my parents’ choice of hemispheres.

  • Anonymous

    do Brazilians make any good beer?  I need to know the beer in my hand to properly picture.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to pair Andy with a legit center who can hit outside shots.   Irving/Andy run the pick-n-roll strongside, and Irving has the option to dish to the center on the drive.  

    It could also work with a PF, but I’d prefer to get the C if he’s available.

  • BrownsFanSF

    I can almost smell the ocean and feel that warm breeze in my hair…

  • Denis from Brazil

    I´m Brazilian, I live in the same city as Varejao does and have mutual friends here, so I got to know him…
    Most important things first, yes we have good beer. And the temperature here now is about 80°. It seldom goes below 60…
    All kiding aside, Varejao is a simple guy. You´d have to know where he comes from to understand. My feeling is that he understands how the fans feel about him, and that´s good enough.  
    And FYI, the guy works in the offseason too! I myself got him ice to put on his knees one sunday afternoon when we were watching a soccer game a couple years ago.
    Finally, you should come here if you can… It´s not bad at all…
    Denis – Vitoria (city) – Brazil 

  • Harv 21

    holy … who else is eavesdropping here, Congolese, Jamaicans and sabras?

    So Denis, beer me this: do you think he’s so simple and focused on basketball that he could stay for 10 years in a place without sunshine (forget the beach) for like 6 consecutive every year? We all love him but the whole Brazilian thing is a little incongruous here in the frozen grit. 

  • Anonymous

    would have loved to visit.  i should have thought of that before i had kids though. perhaps when they are off to college it will be an option again.   for now, having Andy is our own personal piece of Brazil.

  • Denis from Brazil

    I really do!!!
    He has Brazilian friends going over from time to time, he gets to spend a couple months here every year (and regardless of which months, the low temperature will be around 70, so he can go to the beach, for example).
    But most important, he is one of only a handfull of Brazilians who has ever made it to the NBA. I believe he is the most succesfull. (is that written right?)  Nene makes more money than him, but that doesn´t matter, he´s way more liked and respected than Nene. And which team has provided him that? Which fans? I do think he´s appreciative of Cleveland, and unless the Cavs don´t want him (or feel they´d be better off trading him) he´d gladly stay.
    And on the top of everything he´ll have time to be here once his athlete carrer is over. He knows the city is not going anywhere…