NFL Combine: RG3 Posts 4.38 40-Yard Dash Time

In his second run of the day at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Baylor QB Robert Griffin III ran a 4.38 second 40-yard dash, which places him behind only Michael Vick’s 4.33 time for quarterbacks in the history of the combine. In his first run, RGIII posted a 4.41 second time. The St. Louis Rams can’t help but smile, because the cost of that #2 pick continues to skyrocket. Hold on to your hats, Browns, Redskins, and Dolphins fans. The bounty that St. Louis gets for this pick could be shocking.

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  • MrCleaveland

    That’s nice and all, but we really won’t know anything about him until we know his hip flexion index, his femur-to-tibia ratio, his blink rate at rest and under stress, and favorite flavor of ice cream.

  • 216in614

    So he will be able to get over to the sidelines quickly after the receivers drop his passes, rushers go for 2 yds, OL gets him sacked and shurmur mucks up the play calls. Sounds like we should package at least 3 1st round picks for this guy…

  • Kevin

    I know the value there is to get your franchise qb, and i’m starting to wonder wether the price is not going to be too steep. Now they are talking about the 2 draft picks of this year and the second draft pick… that may be too much for my taste…

  • Big Z

    Yeah, I also think the Redskins will make a ridiculous offer to move up. I think everyone in Berea’s hoping for Peyton Manning to go to Arizona so the Browns can get Kevin Kolb and keep their 2 first rounders. 

    As for Flynn, it’s either Miami, Green Bay, or nothing. If Philbin doesn’t want him bad enough, all the other teams will assume it’s for a good reason and stay away.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind having Matt Moore over Colt McCoy. Dude looked pretty  dang good last season – far better than McCoy ever has.

  • Harv 21

    impressive, but has he ever been caught from behind? Someone just yesterday said that was the real test …

    is this where a draft hype skeptic is supposed to point out that Vick, with all his gaudy physical ability and a couple of playoff appearances, still frustrated the heck out of the Falcons because his football IQ was a little lacking until he had some, uh, involuntary relection time?

    JK, Griffin-heads, he’s a wonderful, the whole franchise package, smarter than Bernie, holier than Tebow. Wait, just kidding Tebow-heads, that’s clearly impossible. But his parents are MILITARY and you know what that means, a work ethic superior to Peyton Manning. Oops, just kidding Peyton-heads …

    Sorry, one more: isn’t a QB running a 4.38 a little like a bartender with a photographic memory? It’s nice and all, certainly helpful on the Friday night shift, but you also gotta mix’em and chat ’em up.

  • Craig

    Pull the trigger Browns.

  • MrCleaveland

    And when it comes to making ridiculous offers, Daniel Snyder wrote the book. I really hope we don’t try to outbid that lunatic.

  • Stinkfist

    Too bad he didn’t pull a Haden and underperform his 40

  • Mpasadyn740

    Let’s talk about Michael Floyd!

  • Craig

    I think he’s going to work his way out of how much the Browns are willing to give up.  

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Well that settles it. This RG3 guy is obviously too talented for the Browns to make a move to get him.

    Seriously though…it seems like the better this guy looks, the less Browns fans want to give up picks to take him. At some point, don’t you just eventually want the most dynamic guy available on your team?

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Also, nicely done Kirk. I like the related article “best QB’s since ’99.”

    It’s like you’re saying to the readers that don’t want to make a move for a QB…any QB…’Hey! Remember when we did that survey of the best QB’s since returning to the league and they were ALL pretty bad? I think the team should probably do something about that…now.’

  • floydrubino

    We better start planning for another option than RG3. If he looks this good by the time of the draft why would St Louis with the new rules not pick RG3. I hope that Fisher still has a bad taste in his mouth from Vince Young and sticks with Bradford. RG3 should be the #1 overall pick in my eyes so I want him desperately.  I just don’t think this management will pay the price to get him for the Browns. If we don’t pick we need to trade down obviously but if we can’t we have to go claiborne.