NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Says He’s ‘Best Quarterback’ In The Draft

Baylor quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is in Indianpolis this weekend and doing a media tour as he prepares for the 2012 NFL Draft. As you’re all aware, many mock draft experts have your Cleveland Browns taking RGIII with the fourth overall pick in April’s draft. He sat down with Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks for an extensive interview, and made his case as the best quarterback in the upcoming draft, and why he should go No. 1 overall.

“I hate to talk about myself like that, but if I had to straight up tell a head coach or an owner why they should take me, it’s because I’m the best in everything I’ve done,” Griffin said. “I’m the most accurate. I have the strongest arm. I may not be the tallest. I may not be the heaviest. But I’m the best quarterback in the nation, and if they pass on me, then I understand. But I’m going to go out and be the best quarterback for somebody else.

“It’s about consistency. And I was able to go out and make the nation a believer. I was able to make my own teammates believers, too. And that means even more to me, that they regarded me as the best quarterback in the nation.”

Griffin also seems motivated to continue to use the highly-touted Andrew Luck as a measuring stick, and motivation.

“Perception is reality, and at the beginning of the year I wasn’t on many radars,” Griffin said. “I did have a lot more ground to cover than he did. He was the de facto Heisman winner and the de facto No. 1 pick. We already took one of those from him and we plan to continue to go out there and do that. Whether it’s with the first pick in the draft, a playoff win, or who goes to the first Super Bowl.

“I will use that as a driving force, whether I go first, second, third or fourth in the draft. The fact I wasn’t out there with people believing in me is going to be the key to drive me to be a better player. So it’ll always be a competition between me and Andrew, just because we’re in the same class and the media is going to paint it that way.”

  • Chuckr

    Akili Smith once said he was the best also!

  • Mansoor Ali Khan

    I want him as our QB so bad…

  • Anonymous

    Well then we better not take him! I mean they are the same person and all.

    Anyone else have to log into disqus way too often when commenting on their phone?

  • Spanky

    Trent Richardson would be the better pick at #4 for the Browns. Griffen needs to prove himself in the NFL before he can brag like that since he only played against weak competion at Baylor. Yeah, I know he beat Oklahoma. So did Colt McCoy and Oklahoma was rated #1 in the country.

  • Anonymous


    Kalil/Richardson/Claiborne/Blackmon > RG3

  • Anonymous

    The Big 12 was the 2nd or 3rd best conference this year. He took a pathetic program to a decent bowl on his back. Plenty great NFL QBs came from mediocre conferences/programs. I am not saying we MUST draft him but we MUST take a serious look at him. Do you think Heckert has already crossed him off the board??

    So glad ppl like you are not making the decisions.

  • JM

    I’m pretty sure he’s second best. Luck is number one. 

  • oribiasi

    Either he is using an older than dirt sales tactic or the kids got mad ability.  I don’t even know what that last part means but the little kid next door says it from time to time and it seems complimentary.

    I really want him on our team but we have more holes than Swiss cheese, so who the heck knows.

  • Mansoor Ali Khan

    RGIII has incredible deep ball accuracy. If there’s anything I would love to see come to the Browns, it would be a vertical passing game. You simply can’t do it with Colt. RGIII is a must draft at #4.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Where do the Akili Smith comparisons come from? As far as I can tell, they both play football and they’re both black guys…that’s it.

    I’m thinking the fact that they both play football is pretty obvious soooo…what does that leave, exactly?

    Look people…you’ve got three things to evaluate…stats, relative competition, and physical ability. Beyond that, there’s a few interviews to gauge intelligence and character. Comparisons to other players with no basis in fact just make the observer sound ignorant. Here

  • saggy

    As with Peterson last year, I like Claiborne.  

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Man, I hate disqus.

    Saying RG3 is like Akili Smith is like saying Andrew Luck is like Ryan Leaf. Why is Luck like Leaf? He just IS!!

    See…now doesn’t that just sound stupid?

  • Ike

    You are not alone

  • Guest

    For the Browns to let Hillis go and then take Richardson would be spinning wheels while wasting a #4 pick to do so.  Regardless, the Browns will never do anything of consequence until they get a franchise QB.  I personally think Griffin can and would become that, so I think you’ve got to take him.

  • Dee P

    There has NEVER been a Big 12 QB start in a Super Bowl….that’s 46 years folks.  Yet our current starter is from that conference, and we are looking to replace him with another QB from that conference with the 4th overall pick (or higher).  It’s time we wake up and stop trying to buck the trend, and jump on board with the trend instead.

  • steve-o

    If he had said he was the second best QB I wouldn’t want him.

  • Dzm920

    Draft Blackmon,pick up Flynn if he can be had at fair market value to compete,take best receiver left with second pic,right side lineman with third pic