NFL Draft: Mayock says Browns should do “whatever it takes” to get RG3

During a teleconference yesterday with the media, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock weighed in on the Browns’ draft and the quarterback position.

“As much as I like Colt McCoy, I still think they have to look to upgrade that position and I think they have to do whatever it takes to get there,” said Mayock of grabbing Griffin. “If it’s me, yeah, I’m looking at that real hard. I want to go get RG3.”

The Browns, specifically Randy Lerner, have spent a lot of time talking about the importance of the quarterback position since the final whistle sounded on this past season.  It would seem likely that the Browns would go to extra lengths to find their quarterback considering all that noise.

What remains to be seen is whether the Browns will trade up in the draft or pony up in free agency on someone like Matt Flynn.  Obviously if it is up to Mayock the Browns will do whatever it takes on draft day including paying the high price of packaging both picks together.

It seems easy for draft experts to say that the Browns should just package their two picks, but Browns fans know the price.  Browns fans spent the entire year dreaming of having two picks after mortgaging a year trading down with Atlanta for the right.

All these factors just add to the pressure of a typical NFL off-season.

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  • mgbode

    you just showed recently how 50% or so 1st round draft picks bust (by position).

    now a “C” drafter hits on 80% of his 1st round picks?

    I don’t want you grading my kids papers :)

  • mgbode

    if you want to get a rise out of people, then you can always say people view RGIII as a can’t miss prospect because they have seen tape of Tannehill who is rated as the 3rd QB in this class :)

  • mgbode

    i like the trade down with Miami, but would be a bit disappointed that we take Richardson there over Reiff, who I really like.  definitely a well-thought out draft overall.

    if it played out that way, here are my picks:

    #9  Reiff, RT, Iowa
    #22 Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor
    #37 Wilson, RB, VaTech
    #40 D.Still, DT, Penn State
    *Not our biggest need by far, but this is way too far of a drop for him.  Our DT rotation would be ridiculously good and hopefully we found our RDE in FA.  We could also put Still as DE on run downs.

    Use our #68(3rd) & #141(5th) to trade up into the late 2nd to make sure we get Lavonte David OLB, Nebraska (you have him going #64)

    #103  Criner, WR, AZ
    #121  Bolden, CB, AZ State
    #175  Mitchell, SS, Miss State
    #217 Page-Moss, DE, UNC 
    #219 Hartman, FS, KState

  • mgbode

    “Abandon the WCO and go with the McNabb of the Eagles Offense”

    you mean the WCO-version that had great success under OC (Childress) and QB-coach (Shurmur)?

  • jimkanicki

    it was actually the inverse.  ie, 35% of 1st round DE/RBs bust* — but that still means 65% ‘succeed*.’

    so yeah, i think 100% in the first round is unrealistic.  and if a GM has a great record but only picks OG/C/LB/DB in first round (because they are the ‘safest’ historically), that’s not great either.

    main takeaway is probably this:  these guys earn their money in the 3rd round and later.  heckert’s record there is poor here and also not great in philly (celek and avant are his significant post rd 3 picks.).

    *’bust’ is arbitrary metric of ‘4 years or less in nfl.’

  • Jack

    Do you evaluate talent professionally? No – so stop insulting people who do 

    I was saying that the method of communication was discouraging, not the content of the opinions. 

    But thanks for keeping it above board, Jim. Class act.

  • Tony

    Give Colt Another Year With Some Help There Will A Ton Of Qbs Next Year

  • mgbode

    well, he gave us Pinkston and Skrine last year. Who knows about Hagg.   

    Colt and Lauvao have started a significant amount of games their first 2 seasons.  Both have huge ? but both could also stick.