NFL Draft: Trent Richardson Undergoes Knee Scope

Potential top-five draft selection Trent Richardson will not participate in on-field drills at the NFL combine after undergoing a “minor knee scope” three weeks ago.’s Jason LaCanfora reports that Richardson allegedly sustained an injury in a practice leading up to the BCS National Championship game and underwent the operation to alleviate discomfort. While he has reportedly made good progress on the injury, the most recent procedure will limit any eyeball tests hoping to be had by NFL general managers and their respective scouting units.

Richardson will participate in his Pro Day in Alabama on March 7. The Cleveland Browns continue to be in the mix when discussing potential landing spots for the dynamic running back.

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  • Jason Hurley

    A RB with a concern about the health of his knee?  Now I know we’re drafting him…

  • Harv 21

    [sighs in relief, thinking this will remove any temptation from Heckert]

  • porckchpxprss

    Not only drafting, I say we’re trading up to get him

  • MrCleaveland

    I wonder how many millions this little tidbit just cost Richardson.

  • oribiasi

    While this hurts his draft “value” I think think he will perform well in the NFL for some team.  It just shouldn’t be the Browns.

    Although, I wonder if his knees are better than Hardesty’s?

  • mgbode

    and a tad bit of worry over the prospects he could potentially “fall” to Cinci.

  • mgbode

    not as much as in previous years.  he was in consideration for a top5 pick, but top10 was more likely (see Adrian Peterson).  so, he falls from the 8-12 range to the 17-21 range.  uh oh, that’s Bengals range (which I do NOT want to happen).

    new CBA means there is less of a distinction between the top10 picks and top20 picks in money.   and getting onto a better team could potentially help him on his 2nd contract (when he makes his real money)

  • Mansoor Khan


  • Harv 21

    [stares into space, imagining a free fall to #29. Drool slowly falls onto desk, unnoticed]]

  • Harv 21

    [stares into space, imagining a free fall to #29. Drool slowly falls onto desk, unnoticed]]

  • dwhit110

    I know a lot of people are down on the prospects of bringing in Richardson, but if he was still there at #22 that might be a sweet value…

  • Jaker

    RG3 and Richardson? not a bad day

  • Woods

    It was a minor procedure to repair a meniscus tear.  

    This really has very little bearing on if the Browns will draft him at #4.   If Griffin is available at #4, they will take him.   My guess is the Browns will settle for Blackmon if he runs under a 4.45.  If not, then the pick will be Claiborne unless Coples does his Superman impression at the combine this weekend.

    If Hillis leaves through free agency, and Heckert picks Richardson, then the fans will just have to hope for the best.  There are just so many other priorities for the Browns to address.

    Bottom line – Heckert and his team know a lot more about who they will pick than we do.  I have to hope and believe that he makes the correct call.

    Go Browns

  • jimkanicki

    good post.

    griffin avail? agree.
    blackmon under 4.45? agree.
    else claiborne?  agree.
    coples superman?  man i hope not.  he _will_ kill at the combine but doesnt max it out on field.
    heckert knows more about who he’ll pick.  DISAGREE — I AM TELLING HECKERT WHO TO PICK AND I HAVENT DECIDED YET.