NFL Rumors: Donovan McNabb Being Linked to Cleveland Browns

Veteran NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has been in the news and some around the league feel that his next suitor could be the Cleveland Browns.

WKNR 850AM mid-morning radio host Tony Rizzo tweeted live from Indianapolis that three separate sources have linked the former Philadelphia Eagle quarterback to three of his former superiors in general manager Tom Heckert, current Browns head coach Pat Shurmur and recently-hired offensive coordinator Brad Childress.

In a recent interview at the Super Bowl’s radio row, McNabb went on record to say that he endorsed the Browns’ addition of Childress and, while mentioning current Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, that he and Shurmur will “do a great job together.”

In an inteview with Super Bowl Live on the NFL Network this past Wednesday, McNabb stated that he has three teams wherein he could “add a little flavor” if there was mutual interest. Given that the Browns continue to be among the handful of teams that have yet to commit to their quarterback for the long term, there will continue to be a mosaic theory which will place any available quarterback into the Cleveland-based rumor mill until a final decision is made.

McNabb, 35, was selected second-overall in 1999.  The Browns selected quarterback Tim Couch with the first pick that very year.

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  • Anonymous

    Ingram, DE?

  • Anonymous

    Ingram, DE?

  • Anonymous

    Alshon Jeffery ?

  • Drstove

    In his prime, I always thought Donovan McNabb was highly overrated. At 35, I see him as a third string QB to sit on the bench and help the younger QB’s gain from his experience. Nothing more. The only way he would get in a game is if the No. 1 and 2 QB’s were injured before a game was over.

  • Winston90070

    Get some receivers that don’t drop ball after ball try Mccoy again!!!!! We don’t want mcnabb!!!

  • KR K

    God NO!!!!!!!!  Maybe he meant he’d fit in as a soup chef serving that chunky goodness called Campbell’s liquid salt?

  • Bartlesvillegal

    So true!

  • Brodheadtrout

    why even think about mc nabb id rathersee them spend the money on cheerleaders at least they would  have  fans make more noise  when neeeded

  • Brodheadtrout

    spend some money in f/a get some good recievers and defensive  lineman,and draft some good players not trade down for daft picks

  • Anonymous

    Now your talking. Colt could be a good back up.

  • Brookparkjim

    oh hell no

  • Judith32

    Not just a few years maybe another decade..They need to make a draft choice or stick it out with Colt for better or worse.

  • Mansoor Khan

    That has to be the most idiotic statement. The fact you can think of 3 QBs that fell in the draft immediately only shows how much of an anomaly it is. You’re more likely to get Kyle Boller than Joe Montana.