Report: Jim Tressel to Take Job With the University of Akron

WEWS Sports Director and mid-day radio host Andy Baskin is reporting tonight that Jim Tressel will be accepting an administrative position with the University of Akron. Adam Schefter tweeted on Sunday that Tressel was considering taking an administrative job at a university. Mark Bishop and Kenny Roda also tweet that a 10am press conference will be held tomorrow in Akron to announce the hire. Stay tuned.


  • GelleyBoy

    Maybe you guys will actually cover Akron sports now if they get an OSU guy.

  • I-76

    shut up GelleyBoy… He is a Youngstown guy… ya know.. someone who knows how to beat Akron..

  • Cleveland Browns

    its not even the head coaching job

  • B-bo

    It’s akron, no one cares

  • porkchopexpress

    I do agree with GelleyBoy, its a common Cleveland hubris, and something alot of people didn’t understand when Lebron said he grew up resenting Cleveland because of how the city views Akron/Canton.  Just like Cleveland gets an inferiority complex when free agents choose bigger cities, we down here in the south resent Clevelands assumption that we are part of the greater Cleveland “region”.   I love the teams from Cleveland, but I admit I smirk everytime I hear the cities residents crying because some athlete chose a warmer climate/better club scene to play ball in. 

  • Anonymous

    Disagree.  Akron IS part of the “greater Cleveland area” if nothing else, because that is where all of our professional sports teams and TV stations are.

    And this site has covered Akron-area college news, when it’s been relevant.  When Kent Mens Basketball makes the Tourney, they mention it.  When Akron Mens Soccer was playing for titles, it was on here.  Cleveland State only got press recently when they started beating up the Horizon League.

    Seems pretty fair here.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I am so sick of you guys not covering every single Northeast Ohio sports team, however insignificant, and every Northeast Ohio alma mater of every single person that might happen to randomly visit this site.  Come on!  Where’s my Malone University Pioneers updates????

    Go ‘Neers!

  • Tigers

    You’re right. Akron is only the 3rd biggest school in the state in a city of 200,000+ people. Very insignificant. It’s very comparable to Malone. This blog does a great job covering Cleveland sports, but why focus on just OSU for college? 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure they will, if Akron’s football team ever does anything significant. (I didn’t say anything about the significance of the university, by the way.)  Thus far, it hasn’t. 

    In that regard, Akron’s football team is actually very comparable to Malone’s.  It’s just one division higher, although with a lower winning percentage.  

  • Chucky Brown

    its the eastern most suburb

  • Chucky Brown

    this was a sneaky way of getting coach tressel’s coaching expertise, without having to abide by his NCAA sanctions

    solid move

  • Chucky Brown

    I meant southern, damn I stepped on my own zing

  • Anonymous

    why get coaches with recent experience when you can hire someone who last coached in D1 the first year the BCS existed?  :)

  • porkchopxpress

    Just for clarities sake I don’t think the site does a bad job on Akron sports,  I don’t know how many “Thome/Sizemore back in Akron for rehab assignment articles I could take.  I just take every opportunity to point out Cleveland has an inflated sense of self worth regarding points south and its funny to me when they actually get to see their own place in the world.