Report: Peyton Hillis ‘parts ways’ with agent

Just yesterday, reports were coming out of Berea that the Browns were trying to sign Peyton Hillis to a three year deal with incentives. According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, the Browns may be dealing with another agent going forward-

The text of the tweet- “A source tells me that Browns RB Peyton Hillis and agent Kennard McGuire have parted ways, and adds the split was amicable.”

Peyton Hillis has a history of switching agents. Of course, McGuire and Tom Heckert also have a history.

The big question of course is what will this change do to contract negotiations? Conventional wisdom would say that at the very least they will be delayed.

[Poll: Do you think it is good for the Browns chances of keeping Peyton Hillis that he has split with another agent?]

  • TitusPullo94

    Fire the agent, take a slightly smaller contract from the Browns, but with no agent commission Hillis pockets more cheddar!

    Deal done!

  • gren

    At this point I expect a phone call from Hillis to hire me.

  • MrCleaveland

    I like Hillis, but he’s not the most stable guy around, is he?

    I wonder if he’s changed wives yet.

  • Natedawg86

    We should be good.  He is married to a Brown.  Amanda Brown

  • WFNYRick

     “I like Hillis, but he’s not the most stable guy around, is he?”

    Understatement. By a factor of 10 it appears.

  • 216in614

    Purely speculation here but I assume u would only fire your agent because he is telling you to take a deal but you want “better offers.”

    If he was going to accept a deal from the Browns would he fire his agent first? More like he was sick of hearing what a good offer the Browns made him and wants someone to tell him how he can get big FA money.

  • steve-o

    My thoughts exactly. At first glance I thought the title was ‘Hillis parts ways with Browns’. That could be the title of a future article.

  • saggy

    that’s funny!

  • B-bo

    How soon til he signs with Bob LaMonte?

  • cmm13

    I think you could speculate the exact opposite as well.

    His agent could have been in his ear telling him to leave the offer, he’ll do better in FA, blah blah blah meanwhile Hillis is ready to sign and call it a day.

    Either way, all speculation at this point.

  • porkchpxprss

    Sizemore injured?  Hillis firing an agent?  My world is collapsing, what more specters lie in the fog of spring?


    Hillis fired his agent?  Why not hire Bob Lamonte, then he’d get the highest contract on the team and a front office job.

  • porkchpxprss

    12 hours late and I still steal the joke.  sorry for not reading.

  • BenRM

    When will he learn that it is not his agent’s fault he is not getting better contracts, it is because he is not worth better contracts?

  • Harv 21

    Dear Hillis agents 1 and 2:

    Do not return his calls. Or his brother’s calls, or wifey’s calls. Look at that smoking wreckage of agents just this year. That’s you, right in the middle of the heap. You weren’t paid for the last rodeo and you’re a fool to think you’ll recoup that now. He’s the player you stay away from, the one the last agent supposedly didn’t understand, the one who wants what he won’t get, Don’t throw good money after bad. Put the phone down.