The Best Browns Since 1999 – Tight Ends

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Kellen Winslow Jr. ran away with this one.  Winslow is far and away the most talented player the Browns have had at tight end since 1999 and your voting agreed.  Winslow took 67% of the first place votes and Ben Watson was a distant second taking 16%.  Fan favorite Steve Heiden pulled 12% of that vote.

Steve Heiden pulled down 187 receptions and 1602 yards from 2002-2009 in the orange and brown.  Surprisingly enough he only caught 12 TDs during that time.  In two years with the Browns Ben Watson already has 105 receptions for 1173 yards and 5 TDs since coming from New England.

Both those really put Kellen Winslow into perspective though.  Winslow had 219 receptions for 2459 yards and 11 TDs over four seasons.  The first season and last season were both cut short by injuries.  In 2006, Winslow had 89 receptions for 875 yards.  In a magical 2007 season he worked with Derek Anderson to catch 82 balls for 1106 yards.

The Browns eventually moved on from Winslow and I am among those that thought it was the right decision to export his attitude and demeanor. Still, there is no denying his abilities and the fact that he has been one of the only offensive weapons since 1999 that other teams truly had to account for in their gameplans.

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    I don’t care about the timeline… Ozzie wins in my book!