While We’re Waiting… All-Star Media Day, Greg Oden, and Grady Sizemore


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Leading off, SI’s The Point Forward was on the scene at All-Star media day. Among a ton of player questions, Kevin Love was asked about his contract extension, ” I asked Kevin Love about why his new four-year contract extension includes an opt-out clause after the third season, and specifically whether reports were accurate in saying Love asked for the opt-out because he was mad the Timberwolves wouldn’t make him a the maximum five-year offer. “I don’t recall anyone saying I got mad,” Love said. “I wanted a third-year opt-out so I could see if the team was headed in the right direction. And now we are heading in the right direction. I did want a five-year deal, but I look at the contract as a four-year deal that could lead to something bigger.”” [The Point Forward]

Coming into Ohio State in the same freshman class as Greg Oden, my heart goes out to G.O. and all of the hurdles he’s had to endure in his time with the TrailBlazers. DJ Byrnes at Eleven Warriors has a nice tribute article to him, “Before proceeding as such, I was going to divert a whole post to Greg Oden’s national title game effort: 25 points on 15 shots, 12 rebounds (8 defensive, four offensive), one assist, one steal, and four blocks against one of the greatest college basketball teams of all time. It was one of the most Herculean efforts I’ve ever seen in a college basketball game. Years later, it’s a performance that I feel will never be truly appreciated by Ohio State fans because it was the capstone on a career which will probably also never be truly appreciated by Ohio State fans.” [Eleven Warriors]

Jordan Bastian, despite all the gloom surrounding Grady Sizemore’s lastest in a score of injuries, tells Tribe fans to think happy. “The Indians knew the risk involved when they declined Sizemore’s option and re-signed him at a lower cost with incentives. That inherent risk is a big reason why Cleveland spent the winter collecting  experienced outfielders like baseball cards. The team feels it is better prepared to withstand such a loss this season.” [Major League Bastian]

Jamison Hensley ranks the secondaries in the AFC North, and the Browns wind up third in that group, ahead of only the Bengals, “Joe Haden showed signs of being a shutdown corner, even though he failed to make an interception. He held his own against some of the best receivers in the NFL, from Larry Fitzgerald to Brandon Marshall. His worst games came against Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. While Haden is among the division’s best cornerbacks, Sheldon Brown was the worst starting corner in the AFC North. Brown’s biggest asset is the experience he provides to a young secondary. The defensive backfield was hurt by the loss of strong safety T.J. Ward, who missed the final 10 games with a foot injury. Teams took advantage of Ward’s replacement, Usama Young. Free safety Mike Adams beat out Young for a starting job in training camp. Dimitri Patterson was a reliable nickelback, breaking up a dozen passes.” [AFC North Blog]

Finally, Dawgs By Nature talks about coin flips, and how one almost lost us Joe Thomas, “In the 2007 NFL Draft there was one elite Tackle: Joe Thomas. Levi Brown was considered by most to be the second ranked Tackle in the class, but he wasn’t in the same atmosphere as Joe Thomas. So they went to the coin toss. The rest is history. We were a coin toss away from Joe Thomas possibly being the Greatest Tampa Bay Buccaneer of all time, and the Browns reaching for Levi Brown to hold down the LT spot. Seriously, I almost threw up when I typed that sentence. [Dawgs By Nature]



  • MrCleaveland

    If Joe Thomas hadn’t been available, Phil Savage might well have taken Brady Quinn with the 4th pick.

  • swig

     I almost threw up when I read that.