While We’re Waiting… Chisenhall vs Hannahan, All-Star snubs and local champion


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Breaking down Chisenhall vs Hannahan- “It’s hard to say who is the favorite for the everyday job at third this season. Like I said earlier, I think Hannahan is on the roster (barring injury) one way or the other. If Hannahan gets the nod as the starter, I think it’s unlikely that Chisenhall will make the team as a bench player. Chisenhall is still viewed as the third baseman of the future for the Indians, so he needs to be playing every day — whether that’s in the Majors or Minors. If he is thrown into the fire with the Tribe, put Hannahan on the bench as a utility man. If Hannahan gets the job, send Chisenhall to Triple-A Columbus to continue his development.” [Bastian/MLB.com]

See, this is how you snub a guy for an all-star reserve spot but at least write something nice about him. (Looking at you Hollinger.) “Anderson Varejao, Cavaliers. An even tougher snub than Irving, in a way. Varejao is one of the NBA’s great defenders, and he leads the entire league in offensive rebounding rate. He has become a decent pick-and-roll threat, but he’s not quite on Chandler’s level in terms of working as a foundational offensive piece. A great, great player.” [Lowe/Point Forward]

The other rotation options- “McAllister’s pitching mix begins with a four-seam fastball that sits in the low-90s and that he employs just over half the time. Off of this, he mixes in a two-seam fastball, cutter, changeup and curve against left-handers and a two-seam fastball, cutter, slider and curve against right-handers. With the exception of the changeup, McAllister has shown the ability to consistently throw all of them for strikes. McAllister’s problem is that none of them, by themselves, look particularly great. On the bright side, none of them seem particularly bad either. All of his pitches produce a moderate number of swings and misses, go for strikes, and even induce a decent number of groundballs (aided by McAllister’s 6’6” frame). For McAllister to succeed at the major league level, it seems as if he needs to get a little more out of at least a few of his pitches, particularly making sure to limit the damage on balls put in play against him (opponents regularly put up ropes against him during his September stint in Cleveland). [Let’s Go Tribe]

“But it didn’t matter. That ball was too hgh. Might as well have been a punt. and that middle linebacker made the interception–avoiding what could have been a game-sealing touchdown drive by New England. But the story behind that middle linebacker–Chase Blackburn–is awesome. From Marysville, OH (just like my dearly departed Honda Accord), Blackburn was an undrafted free agent out of the University of Akron, who earned a Super Bowl ring four years ago with the Giants against these very same Patriots. He was never a starter, and looked like his career was winding down.” [Cleveland Sports Torture]

Finally, an ESPN insider article, the top 25 under 25 in the NBA. Spoiler: Kyrie is 9th. [Thorpe/ESPN]

  • Anonymous

    it’s so weird that in the East there are better C candidates than PF candidates.  first time in a long time.

    PF:   Bosh, Josh Smith, Melo, Ryan Anderson, Garnett  (in that order for me)
    C:   Dwight, Hibbert, Monroe, Varejao, Bargnani (inj), Chandler (+Horford & Bogut inj.)

  • Anonymous

    great article by Doyle linked on that link.  highly suggest reading it.   amazing story that Blackburn will now always have.  Even if it’s the last time he gets to play in the NFL, he will always get to say he made the INT in the 4th that helped turn the tide.

    (note: David Tyree’s last catch in his career was the helmet catch)