While We’re Waiting… Jason Donald’s role, LeCharles Bentley’s prospects and tip your waiters and waitresses


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“As for Donald, he can play third base, shortstop and second base. Acta said Donald won’t be seeing much time in the outfield early in in camp, given the high volume of outfielder in the fold this spring. Donald could see some action in the outfield deeper into the spring games schedule, though. Having Donald as an emergency outfield option would help with the lefty-heavy lineup. If Grady Sizemore needs a day off, or Michael Brantley isn’t in the lineup, Donald would seems a solid fit versus lefty pitching. Last year, Donald hit .377 (.949 OPS) against southpaws.” [Bastian/MLB.com]

Former Buckeye, Brown and Cleveland radio personality LeCharles Bentley working with draft picks- “Offensive line coaches around the league are starting to notice Bentley’s work. Holland returned to start the final 10 games for the Dallas Cowboys after getting cut in training camp because he was overweight. He got into shape working with Bentley.One of the biggest ways Bentley did that was to erase the ‘fear of the scale.'” [Cole/Yahoo.com]

Don’t blame the Buckeyes’ defense- “Let’s get the most important statistic out of the way. Ohio State’s defensive efficiency is a ridiculous 81.4, meaning they allow (adjusted for strength of opponent) a measly 0.814 points per possession, which is the best in the country. In fact it’s not even close. The number two team (Michigan State) allows 0.841, or 3.3% more. Considering Ohio State has played almost 1,850 possessions, that 3.3% works out to about 61 points better than the next closest defense. Since adjusted efficiency data became available (2002-03) this figure (81.4) is the lowest.” [Rogner/Run the Floor]

This has been creating a buzz. Personally, I’m sick to death of anything involving LeBron, but some may want to read it, so here you go. [Vince G./Cleveland Scene]

  • Harv 21

    yep, have also heard a horrific LeBron high maintenance/non-tipping story straight from a fillie’s mouth. They need to add this lesson at all rookie symposiums: tip 20% minimum, and that money will more than come back to you in other forms. Wait staff never forgets getting stiffed on a tip by a millionaire celebrity and will broadcast it long after you are retired.  If you’re incapable of the empathy thing consider it a smart business practice, you overentitled man-child.

  • http://twitter.com/cpmack Chris M

    It’s not his fault, you can’t blame him because he was raised by a crack addicted mother and he never had anything and fame and fortune and hundreds of millions of dollars are too much to handle and [insert more excuses here].

    /sarcasm font

  • Max

    “like” x 1,000

    by the way, I too have secondhand knowledge of such a story through an old friend of mine who works for a popular high end restaurant in Miami that numerous ex and current NBA players frequent. 

    From what I hear, he just treats people disdainfully, as if they aren’t even the same species as he is. I grew up in the shadow of a Billionaire who treated my parents and everyone else who worked on her estate in the same fashion. 

    She eventually discovered (as I am sure LeBron will as well) that being a horrible person leads to a very lonely Golden Age, no matter how much money you have.

  • Wow

    which is why it’s so annoying to hear people say they like him as a person. Really? Ask people here how he treated them. Sounded like a jerk to me.

  • EyesAbove

    I hate to defend LeBron but a lot of restaurants including XO automatically add 18 percent gratuity to the bill for large groups. Is LeBron cheap? Is he a jerk? I dont doubt that he is, but do servers really expect a 20 percent tip on top of the 18 percent that was already in the bill? Im all in favor of good tipping and I always try to do 20 percent even for mediocre service, but it seems a bit excessive that they would expect an additional 20 percent on top of the 18 they already got.