While We’re Waiting… Kyrie and Chris Paul, Urban Meyer’s spread offense and Muni-Seats for sale


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“Through Kyrie’s first 23 NBA games, he’s averaging 18.0 points and 5.1 assists per night—numbers that line up very close to how the benchmark of NBA point guards opened his career. Through Chris Paul’s first 23 games, he averaged 16.7 points and 7.0 assists. It’s not just numbers drawing comparisons between the two players though. According to the guy who coached them both as rookies, “Kyrie also has a similar Chris Paul-type competitiveness as well.”

A comparison between he and Irving that Paul says is most definitely justified. “Yeah, no doubt, I see the similarities in both our games for sure,” Paul added. “Kyrie’s really good with the ball, his decision making, and things like that. And I talk to him pretty often actually.When the lockout ended he hit me, and asked me about different things that he could do to make sure everything went right with Coach,” Paul went on to tell SLAMonline. “I just told him, just be himself and play hard.” [Bowers/Slam Magazine]

Excellent piece on Meyer’s spread vs ‘other’ spread offenses, with graphics and videos- “Meyer’s base offense, by contrast, is largely inspired by the original, one-back pro-style offenses that currently flourish in the NFL. Meyer’s run game reflects this. Of course, the read and QB run threat is ever present and crucial to the offense’s success. But unlike Oregon, the offense is not completely centered around the read. Instead, the offense puts more emphasis on the inside run game, including the use of angle and power blocking. Hence, you will see an emphasis on plays like counter-trey and inverted veer, which uses the same power blocking but adds a frontside option.” [Fulton/Eleven Warriors]

Looking deeper at the Lowe signing- “The addition of Derek Lowe has been mostly overlooked, or seemingly brushed aside, by the Indians’ fan base this offseason. It’s not difficult to understand why this has been the case. For starters, the Tribe added him via trade three days after the conclusion of the World Series. Boom. Rotation hole filled. And still more than three months of offseason left on the board.

Then, there was Lowe’s ugly 2011 stat line. He went 9-17 with a 5.05 ERA in arguably his worst season in the Majors. To top it off, Lowe will turn 39 years old on June 1. It’s not hard to see why this deal didn’t exactly excite most Tribe fans.” [Bastian/MLB.com]

Up for bid, Municiple Stadium seats. [Ebay]

Finally, the United States map of college rooting. Via UniWatch.