While We’re Waiting… Most Improved Cavalier, An NBA Draft Update, and Ryan Tannehill


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First up, Conrad Kaczmarek at Fear The Sword is handing out midseason awards. This one is for “Most Improved Player” on the Cavaliers, and here’s some of his entry about one of the candidates, Alonzo Gee, “Gee has developed into a viable wing player in the NBA. Last year, he was pretty much just speed and athleticism. This time around, it’s apparent that he has worked on many different parts of his game. He’s able to knock down open jumpers now. It seems simple, but an effective jumper goes such a long way to opening up the rest of his game. If a defender has to respect his ability to hit shots, they can’t just sit back and anticipate the drive. Once he catches them sleeping on the drive, Gee tends to rise up and punish the rim. ” [Fear The Sword]

Next, Kevin Hetrick at Cavs: The Blog revisits the 2011 NBA Draft and provides his own rankings on the subject. Here is what he had to say about Tristan Thompson, “It’s still hard to tell exactly what the Cavs have with Thompson.  He may never develop into more than a solid defense & rebounding big man that pitches in points on o-rebounds & from other’s assists.  Is there anyone above him on my list, that I would definitely rather be on the Cavs?  Actually no.  When all is said and done, do I think he’ll end up as the second best player on the list?  No to that, too.  Like everyone else, I’m waiting to see where TT’s career goes.” [Cavs: The Blog]

NFL Combine talk is all over the place this weekend. Ryan Tannehill, likely to be the third quarterback taken in the draft at some point in the first round, is a bit of a question mark with a foot injury. Seattle’s GM John Schneider had this to say about him, “”First and foremost, that’s what we’re looking for,” Schneider said on Thursday. “Especially at that position. Guys that have always been in the quarterback schools, the special camps, and all that kind of stuff. They make me a little nervous to a certain extent. This guy is a real football player. He played defense. You could see him last year when he stepped in, he just went out and played. He had this natural toughness about him that the players really rallied around and went on a winning streak and he did a great job. I felt like this year, he had well over 60 drops. He did a nice job.”” [Shutdown Corner]

Jordan Bastian has his daily Tribe update with Spring Training nearly in full swing. This one mentions our old friend Kenny Lofton, who still has that blazing speed, “Kenny Lofton was in camp today with the Indians, in uniform, wearing his familiar No. 7 and helping out with the outfielders. The 44-year-old then did something that did not necessarily fall under his guest instructor job description. Lofton lined up with the position players after the first full-squad workout and took part in some sprint drills. Next to Lofton was Minor League outfielder Thomas Neal, who has a few more pounds of muscle on his frame than Kenny. On a few laps, Lofton was running a step or two ahead of Neal.” [Major League Bastian]

Finally, Bill Nagel at Stepien Rules gives some first half thoughts on the two Cavalier rookies, “Watching our two rookies last night brought my thoughts full circle back to my attitude about the Cavs season that I had the day after Christmas. That being, the season will be a failure or a success based solely on the potential displayed from Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson.  Kids that aren’t old enough yet to grab a brew with at Mullarkey’s but have the weight of Cavs fans everywhere to give us hope for a future sooner than any of us imagined a year ago.” [Stepien Rules]


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    RG3 just ran a 4.38 at the combine… hmmm

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    pashos won’t be at RT hopefully though