While We’re Waiting… Pile of arms in the minors, D’Qwell’s salary and right side of the line


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Makes sense. Then again, chances are everyone playing worth a dime will get a look at some point- “Some of the younger players on the cusp of the big leagues might have been a little miffed at times this offseason as news rolled in of Minor League signing after Minor League signing. Reliever Vinnie Pestano said he remembers that type of feeling from his days as a Minor Leaguer trying to earn his shot with the big league club. A funny thing happened, though. Pestano started to understand the approach.

“When you’re coming up through the system,” Pestano said, “and you see them signing guys and stuff like that, you think, ‘Well, when am I going to get my shot? When’s my turn? I’m trying to get to the big leagues and they just signed a guy for the exact same spot that I do.’ So you’re like, ‘What the heck do I have to do now?’ I think last year was the first year I understood how important that depth is, how important that experience is to have. All the guys we brought in, they’ve been around a little bit. It’s not their first rodeo.” [Bastian/MLB.com]

“After seven years marked by nothing but overpowering momentum and one year stained by rejection, where do we go with what we know we have?

The last two games have been a microcosm of the larger questions of this season. On Friday we were crushed by one of the best teams in the NBA, and on Sunday we beat one of the worst. As diehard NBA fans, most of us know that this is to be expected – we need to take our licks on the way to the top. But for those fans who don’t know the map as well as we do, the future must look a lot more uncertain and the present totally uninspired and like another year of disappointment.” [Factor/Cavs the Blog]

More on D’Qwell Jackson’s situation, if the Browns used the franchise tag- “Throw in Chris Gocong, who will make $4.5 million this year, and the Browns would have two of the 20 highest paid linebackers in the NFL. (Thanks to @cpmack for pointing that out on Twitter). When you look at it that way, we really have to wonder what the Browns will do. The one-year option makes the most sense because of Jackson’s injury history, but can the team really tie up that much money in one player and make Jackson the fourth-highest paid linebacker in the NFL? [Red Right 88]

“As evidenced by Colt McCoy’s itchy trigger finger and Peyton Hillis’ Madden Curse of a season, the Browns have bigger issues on their offensive [line] – primarily on the right side. Right guard Shawn Lauvao, one of GM Tom Heckert’s 2010 draft picks, also proved durable yet inconsistent. Right tackle Tony Pashos was a steep upgrade from John St. Clair, but could not stay healthy for most of the season. Which brings us back to Steinbach.

Ideally – at least as Holmgren’s thinking suggests – Steinbach is fully healed from his back injury and should regain his starting spot at left guard. Steinbach’s return could shift Pinkston to right tackle – unless Heckert invests another draft pick on his offensive line. In theory, these moves make sense, as right tackle is probably a more natural fit for Pinkston. Assuming that Lauvao continues to progress, the Browns’ line could organically improve in 2012. Of course, this bit of logic is predicated on the idea that Steinbach remains healthy and can return to form.” [DK/Orange and Brown Report]

Finally, Brendan caught up with Norris Cole. [Stepien Rules]