WKYC: Chances of Cleveland-hosted Super Bowl Improving

Whether the argument against the city of Cleveland hosting a Super Bowl are rooted in weather or amenities, WKYC’s Eric Mansfield writes that the outlook for Cleveland Browns Stadium hosting the NFL’s annual big event may not be as bad as some say.

High marks for Indianapolis as the host of Super Bowl XLVI — a first for that city — may set the stage for other cities to have a shot at the NFL’s biggest prize. […]

The league’s decision to host the 2014 game in New Jersey — a first with an outdoor stadium in a cold-weather town — could mean cities like Cleveland will eventually get stronger consideration.

Mansfield adds that the city’s accoutrements have increased handedly and will continue to do so with the construction and opening of the riverfront casino. Factor in attractions such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and the recently opened aquarium, and those within the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission feel that Cleveland could be a legitimate hosting city.

The 2016 Super Bowl (L) is widely speculated to be destined for one of the NFL’s founding cities — a list that includes Cleveland, OH.

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  • Dombard11

    i dont wanna host a frikin superbowl, i wanna be in one !
    draft : blackmon , sign reggie wayne to 2 yrs
    one more year of colt, if not Barkley next year.
    TEN better not let Finnegan loose! theres are other CB,
    cliff avril,, yes please!
    hightower LB bama, 2nd first round pick!

  • Tim K.

    If they decide to leave it to the fans to decide on the location for the 50th Super Bowl by having a 32 City elimination style tournament, we’d be a shoo-in.

  • Brian_24

    They failed to acknowledge one of the biggest stumbling blocks of any major event like a Super Bowl, Final 4 or Democratic/Republican convention taking place in Cleveland is the lack of hotel space.

  • Chucky Brown

    see Jackosnville Super bowl

  • swig

    Exactly, just park a couple cruise ships in the lake.  

  • Anonymous

    If they want Super Bowls in cold weather cities they should just do away with the neutral site games. Team with the best record hosts the game. I thought the whole point of playing in domes and warm weather cities is that neither team would have a decided advantage over the other.  A Super Bowl in Cleveland? I dunno, seems like a silly idea to me. But it could bring in a nice influx of tourist revenue for the city.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Green Bay would have a good shot as well.  As Super Bowl on the “frozen tundra” would be pretty sweet…

  • Anonymous

    Agreed about the SB disagree on the rest except for Finnegan and Hightower.  Blackmon shouldn’t be there he should go to St. Louis if they know what they are doing.  Only way I’d be interested in Barkley is if he shows more at USC and McCoy, after having his WR and OL improved, flubs terribly.  I doubt they could get Finnegan but we can dream.  Hightower would probably be the best LB the team has had since ’99 before ever stepping on the field.

  • Joe

    No, the host city needs at least a year to prepare for the Super Bowl.  not two weeks…

  • http://www.redright88.com/ TitusPullo94

     I got a guest room and a pull-out sofa that I’d be willing to rent out if it would help the cause.

  • Anonymous

    has nothing to do with competitive advantage.  in fact, having SB in a dome gives a competitive advantage to certain teams.

    has everything to do with corporate sponsors, the SB week being as desirable as possible, etc.

    I don’t think Cleveland will get a SB to host.

  • Jack

    No, they wouldn’t…

  • Jack

    This is an si.com-like misleading title…disappointed.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Are you telling me that most fans wouldn’t love to see a Super Bowl played outdoors at Lambeau field?  I guess I disagree. 

  • 5KMD

    Maybe from the warmth of this sofa at home. But to actually attend that game, not so much.

  • 5KMD

    Maybe from the warmth of this sofa at home. But to actually attend that game, not so much.

  • Anonymous

    and the media, fans would have to stay in Milwaukee over an hour away.  or possibly even in Chicago (and remember, Indy got high marks because the WHOLE WEEK was walkable from hotels)

  • Rory

    As someone who lives and works in downtown Indianapolis, hosting the Superbowl was amazing. Granted, we got very lucky with the weather, but Indianapolis is kind of built for hosting events like this. I mean, we are one of the best cities for conventions in the country and we regularly host other big sporting events like the Final Four and now the Big Ten title game. Cleveland will have to really show not only that it can handle a Superbowl, but how it is better than other cities. Here in Indy, we had an entire street that Lucas Oil sits on as well as the convention center closed off for festivities for the entire week. There was no need for taxis as everybody could walk from their hotel rooms. Hopefully though, Cleveland does get one some day (and hopefully just not the same year as our Brownies making it!).

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I get grilled for this everytime, but here goes nothing…

    Cleveland blew it when they didn’t build a dome. With a dome, Cleveland can host a Super Bowl. Without one, Cleveland becomes the second longest shot in the league (behind Green Bay).

    Also, I would love seeing Browns games in a dome. You can say I’m throwing away tradition, but let me ask you this…have you seen Lucas Oil Stadium. It’s fantastic. Go see it…then we can talk about how ‘crappy’ domes are.

  • BuckeyeDawg

     I understand that logistically, Green Bay probably wouldn’t work.  I am responding to the post that mentioned a “32 City elimination style tournament” voted on by the fans.  I think the fans would love it…but hotel rooms would certainly be an issue. 

    @5KMD – there are a lot of fans out there who love to attend the cold, “bad weather” games.  Two of my favorite games that I attended in person were the 2007 Buffalo “blizzard game” and the 2009 Thursday night game against the Steelers.  (Admittedly…maybe I’m just a little weird…) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nat-Nath/100003220884732 Nat Nath

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  • Anonymous

    better chances that Cleveland hosts one than the Browns appear in one…but both unlikely

  • The Dixie Dawg

    The Superbowl should be rotated to all cities and whoever is in line next gets it. Common sense doesn’t always prevail especially with the idiot Commish in charge and owners who think they are the NFL. I live in Nashville, another great Music City like Cleveland. I would love to see Cleveland get a SB since I was born and raised in West Park, but Nashville has so much more to draw a SB than C town does. As for Cortland Finnegan, the dawg pound would love him because he is a physical corner that doesn;t take any BS. I would love to see him in our secondary, if not, then Minnifield’s kid. We blew the op for Clay Mathews return. Time to get the fans some real excitement H&H.