2012 WFNY Bracket Contest – First Winner Chosen!

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I told you guys that I would be giving out prizes for joining our March Madness bracket contest. Well, today’s winner has been chosen pretty randomly.

Before I name the winner, let me thank all 337 of you who decided to join up. I’ll even thank the few of you who joined and then forgot to fill out a bracket. I am humbled that so many people decided to join up to try and win free stuff from WFNY.

So, how did the first winner get chosen? The number 13 is my favorite number. There were 9 people who are currently in 13th place.

ContestantChosen Winner
131 Round and DoneKentucky
13Scrapin’ BottomKentucky
13The Ostrich FarmNorth Carolina
13Hangin’ with DJ CooperNorth Carolina
13mouseMichigan St.
13Urine TroubleMichigan St.
13Bulldogs 3Duke
13Shock and AuditKentucky


So, how did I choose the winner after that?

Naturally, I used pity. The only person on the list who chose Duke probably doesn’t deserve anything because they picked the New York Yankees of college basketball. Still, I figure Duke fans have suffered (almost) enough. So your winner is Bulldogs 3 because he probably won’t have a chance to win anything else with Duke as his winning selection!

The prize? Depends on if Bulldogs 3 is local or not. Either tickets or an Amazon gift card.

Email me to claim your prize Bulldogs 3. Thanks again to everyone for playing.

More prizes coming!

  • 5KMD

    I think I should have won since I took my 13th seeded OU Bobcats to the sweet sixteen baby!

    Nevermind, that was reward in itself.

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Same here…though I also had Mizzou winning it all.

    No worries. I’m just pumped about my Bobcats. If they somehow beat North Carolina, all bets are off!

  • 5KMD

    Gotta stay in it early. NC has heard all week that they are done without Maarshall so they will be trying to blow OHIO out early.

    40 minutes of hell and let’s jack some 3’s. All hands on deck!

  • Bulldogs 3

    just sent you an email, hope you got it. Thanks

  • John

    as the only person who picked Lehigh to beat Duke, I disapprove the method of picking the winner in this competition…

  • Bulldogs 3

    still waiting on reply to email with subject: 13th place