Browns are better off without Pierre Garcon’s contract

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According to a report from Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns did make some form of an attempt to lure Pierre Garcon to Cleveland. As we all know, Pierre Garcon ended up the same place the second pick in the NFL draft ended up. Also, as we’ve discussed ad nauseum, it has been a bit frustrating for Browns fans to see their 4-12 team “sit idly by” as the top players in free agency get snapped up. But let’s get down to facts. Pierre Garcon is in Washington because they overpaid to get him there. Pierre Garcon is overpaid because his stats don’t justify the money he was paid.

Could Pierre Garcon break out and become worth every penny that the ‘Skins are scheduled to pay him over the next five years? Sure, but it isn’t likely. First, let’s look at Garcon’s stats. Garcon was 27th in the league in receiving yards in 2011. It was a career high for a horrible Colts team missing Peyton Manning. Garcon was playing opposite Reggie Wayne who was suffocated all year long by opposing defenses. Even still, Reggie Wayne carried the load with his 960 yards and 75 catches. Garcon kept pace pretty well with 70 catches for 947 yards and beat Wayne out for touchdowns 6 to 4.

Garcon could thrive in Washington with presumed new quarterback Robert Griffin III extending plays and tossing bombs over the top to the speedy receiver. Certainly if the Browns landed those two, that’s what I’d be pitching as the best-case scenario. At the same time, you don’t really want to put all your eggs in a best-case scenario with a career #2 receiver and even the best rookie QB prospect because of the money the Redskins will have to pay Pierre Garcon.

The Redskins gave him an $11 million signing bonus which will count $2.2 million against the cap per year over the life of the deal. The contract will look something like this from a cap perspective. Keep in mind there could be some other bonuses or incentives that I am not showing here.

SalaryBonusCap #

Now, again, maybe Pierre Garcon will earn every penny of that deal. The Redskins will have a decision to make before the 2014 season whether or not Garcon is worth keeping on. They will either keep him at a cap number of $9.3 million or they will cut him at a cap number of $6.6 million to save $2.7 million. The 2014 cap number is expected to jump because of the timing of NFL TV deals too, but it still seems like a big financial risk.

It is so easy to say that it would be worth the risk because Garcon is still better than any receiver the Browns have had playing for them since 1999 in all likelihood. My eyes opened wide just typing that last sentence because short of Kevin Johnson and one season of Braylon Edwards it isn’t even a question. Despite those kinds of realizations, it doesn’t make overpaying Pierre Garcon a good idea.

The fact is, right or wrong, the Browns didn’t know just how bad their receivers were going into last year with Pat Shurmur’s first year at the helm. They all but admitted that giant mistake when they cut Brian Robiskie mid-season, but by then it was too late. No excuse this year though. Tom Heckert has only drafted two wide receivers in his first two years with the Browns between 2nd rounder Greg Little and 6th rounder Carlton Mitchell.

Even if the Browns were smart not to overpay Garcon, this is the year where the Browns must draft a receiver or two. Greg Little dropped some passes his rookie year, but if you project him to take even a marginal step forward, he’ll be putting up numbers comparable to what Garcon did a year ago in expanding on 61 catches for 709 yards and two touchdowns.

It is the only way the Browns can absolve themselves to the fans for not overpaying in free agency for known entities. Your move, Tom Heckert.

  • TitusPullo94

    Dollars aside, here’s two more reasons why the Browns are better off without Garcon:

    He has caught only 53 percent of the passes thrown to him over the past three seasons (and that was with Peyton Manning throwing to him two of those years) while the rest of the Colts receivers caught 64 percent of the passes thrown to him.

    And for all the talk about Garcon’s speed, he has averaged 13.6 yards per catch, almost exactly the league average.

    This is another reason why it is good the Browns didn’t “do something” in free agency. Committing huge dollars to a player who, at best, is an average wide receiver is not how you build a team.

  • Tron

    I would have liked to see the Browns go after a different Colts receiver, Anthony Gonzalez. He was healthy all last year just didn’t play because he was in Caldwell’s doghouse. But when both him and Garcon were playing, he had better numbers. Patriots signed him for basically nothing, and I think he’d be better than all of our current receiver options, including Little. He runs better routes, and has better hands. 

  • Max

    it wasn’t the fact that they didnt overpay a Free Agent just so they could say they signed a free agent that bugged me. The thing that bothered me was the silence. Nothing. No reports of a workout. No one flying in to tour facilities. No rumors of having interest in anyone. Just…nothing.

    That makes fans (and players, if you believe certain reports) wonder…what are they doing? Are they doing anything? Do they know what they are doing? Nature abhors a vacuum.  If there is a void to be filled, it will be filled, whether though good information, or supposition borne of panic. 

    Now people who couldn’t understand why so many people were vexed when Berea was silent during this very important time in the NFL schedule point to the horrendous Garcon contract and say “See! Is this what you wanted?” No. Hell no. Of course not. To pretend there is no middle ground between Garcons monstrosity and doing nothing (at the time everyone was angry, they still hadn’t signed marquee DE Frostee Rucker) is also foolish, and further coddles the Browns brain trust who have preached “no excuses” out of one side of their mouths while offering excuse after excuse out of the other.

    Their job is to evaluate talent. H&H were here for 16 (ish) months before the start of last season. They chose to roll with Robiskie, MoMass and Cribbs.  “Right or wrong, the Browns didn’t know how bad their receivers…” why are you offering them another excuse? Their job is to know. If they don’t know, and if they err that egregiously, why do so many people say “Oh well, they were new. How could they know?” And I dont want to hear “We wanted to see how they’d fit in the new offense”.  That’s not a plan to improve. Thats a plan to let other aspects of the club die on the view in order to give yourself extra time to see if your “system” of building through the draft works. Whats that? No improvement? Well we were seeing if what we had fit the system, and its a new system, and you know we didnt have an offseason….”

    Im just holding the to their word. No more excuses.  I’m not saying they have to be world beaters overnight.  I’d even be happy if that meant 6-10 with the needle pointing upwards. Im just tired of them pis*ing in my ear and telling me it is raining. No excuses? Ok no excuses!

  • Max

    sorry, forgot to add, you don’t have to fire a GM/Coach every time they have a poor record. I’m in favor of MORE stability. I couldn’t understand why they fired Chris Palmer so quickly, and I was a Mangini fan.

    When I say I dont want to hear any more excuses, that even goes the other way, as in “We finished 5-11 this year, but we made errors in talent evaluation. That is our fault. We hired a new head coach, knowing there was not going to be a complete offseason and that could negatively impact the development of our team. Again, that is a decision we made, and we take full responsibility for it”

    I don’t think that’s asking for much. Especially when the whole “no excuses” line was their idea to begin with.

  • mgbode

    so, then are you more placated as things come out that they were in play for some of these FAs and just weren’t willing to pay the ridiculous salaries?

  • Harv 21

    There is no reason to assume that it would have been better to stake a “middle ground” by chasing another FA receiver who would by definition be worse than Garcon. They may have decided that the receiver talent in the upcoming draft, or even in the final camp cuts, is simply better and more cap sensible than the blah FA receivers recently signed. Seems like another argument to just do something right now. I don’t need them putting in face time for me, signing another Donte Stallworth so that I’ll think they care. I just need them to get it right.

  • Yup

    Making excuses for the Browns seems to be Lyndall’s raison d’etre. I saw this headline and thought “there he goes again!” my fav part is acting like the Browns aren’t going to HAVE to overpay for ANY significant FA! But Lyndall’s is a “serious” writer, right? Btw, one can look at Garcon’s stats ad marvel that they were that GOOD w/ the absolute mess the Colts QB situation was last year…

  • Max

    yes, but i still think the Front Office is failing miserably in public relations, as it relates to both the fans, and the perception of the team among other players in the league

  • Garry_Owen

    How would their lack of silence (and interesting rhetorical exercise) have changed anything?  The fans might have been coddled (at least until we got angry again), but it wouldn’t have changed a single underlying fact.  I’m not sure I understand what you’re upset about.  

  • Garry_Owen

    Please, present a better factual counter-argument as to why the Browns should have, and could have reasonably, signed Garcon.  We are all ears, and are waiting with baited breath for your serious exposition.   

  • Max

    now, I’m not attacking Craig. He calls him like he sees them, offers good analysis and most points are well reasoned, even if I may not agree with some of them.  

  • Max

    Im not saying we should have signed another free agent in the “middle ground”, I’m simply stating that Garcon’s mammoth contract (and similar FA signings)are not proof that Free Agency should be avoided entirely.  

    I wasn’t even really talking about the free agent wide receivers. My first point was that just because Pierre Garcon got a ridiculous contract, that doesn’t mean all free agency is bad.

    My second point is that I’m not calling for anyone’s head, just some accountability from the men making millions of dollars.  Failure is perfectly acceptable, so long as there is something learned.  When you  introduce the “no excuses” mantra, go 4-12 with a handpicked coach, and then offer up one excuse after another, that’s a much larger issue to me than who they do or do not sign in Free Agency.

  • mgbode

    yes, PR is not the strong suit.  some of it is ridiculous and there was not much they could do (Hillis situation for one), but there are plenty of self-inflicted wounds as well (playoff ticket rant won’t soon be forgotten by most).

  • Max

    who is upset? Why do so many people think anytime someone questions something that they are upset?

    what I was hoping to convey was my belief that  if you are a team that has been in the  bottom of the league for a decade, you might have to get out there ahead of the story and make people think you may be doing something even if you may not be. Players watch ESPN, they know where their buddies are going, they pay attention…why would a Free Agent come here if he sees a 4 win team, constantly embroiled in a QB or coaching change, doing nothing else to make themselves better? Especially if chances are extremely high that this will be their only bite at the apple (as Mike Golic puts it)And maybe they are doing this once they get FA’s into the facility for a walk thru. I have no idea. But if they say/do nothing for the first few days of free agency, then that void is going to be filled (mainly by meatheads like me), then all of a sudden a story  (like the story about draft picks Browns not wanting to get better) gets legs, finds some traction and grows, then it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not, because if that’s what Free Agents believe, that’s all that matters. The perception becomes the reality. 

  • mgbode

    most fans would actually still be angry.  they’d just be angry about the visible near-hits rather than the absense of firing missiles.

  • Jason Hurley

    Then you should also marvel when you look at Greg Little’s stats given the Browns’ QB situation in 2011.

  • BIKI024

    so do you think they expected MoMass to continuously be concussed and knee issues?  healthy MoMass may not have made a huge difference, but every little bit helps and he may have pulled some double team coverage from time to time to open things up for the other guys..  i think it’s OK to play the young guys in their efforts to develop them, not necessarily “tank” but go with the youth so you can develop the core and still have a top 10 pick the following year to go after a franchise QB.. oh wait..   franchise WR, or will it be franchise RB, i guess we’ll see..  either way, not like any FAs were gonna jump at the seams at coming to the Browns last year either unless we backed up a Brink truck, so we’ll see if the patience strategy will workout.. 

  • Mark

    Craig – I’m under the impression that a lot of the Redskin’s FA contracts will be an issue in 2014. Their short term gain may well put them in a bad spot cap wise in just a few years. Then it’s typical Skins when they’ll have to turn over some real key parts of their roster. But with the loss of all those top picks for RG3, there won’t be much youth in the pipeline. Then it’ll be FA time again. I’ll be curious to see if they can pull this off.

  • Harv 21

    you’re right, I re-read and you didn’t specify WRs. So what bothers you is their not sharing with you their thinking, trips, workouts, meetings …  I have no need to see them sweat. I just want results.

    Starting to think that the passionate Browns fans on this site fall into two broad categories: 1) those who give the FO the benefit of the doubt that they are working hard and are willing to wait a few years to see whether it works, and 2) those so fed up they demand a detailed and regularly updated plan so that they can keep their expert eyes on these guys, and if they don’t get info will assume that the FO is at best stupidly narrowminded and smug, and at worst just lazy.    

    My patience will wear thin if this third draft does not noticeably improve the roster, but from a management perspective telling the fans who you like, where you are scouting or any of those other details is just foolish from a negotiating and drafting point of view. Their biggest failure the past few months was Holms caving to pressure and offering up an excuse about Griffin. It was stupid because it can only hurt their chances of succeeding.

  • steve-o

    Of course we shouldn’t have signed Garcon for 42M (although, I liked the idea when i thought he’d get half that). But it’s not as though we avoided mistakes. We don’t have the cap space that a young 4-12 team should because we always overpay our own players. Gocong and Patterson are decent players but 16M+ is crazy. Both are marginal players. The Lions just re-signed Tulloch to a deal that was about half that of D’Qwell’s (similar caliber MLB’s). What we gave to Frostee Rucker, a situational run stuffer, borders on insanity (just as overpaid as Garcon). Granted, these players are good to have on the team, but chewing up that cap while setting a precedent for overpaying will make it more difficult to retain players in the future. I don’t see any of the elite teams doing this. Would the Steelers, Patriots, Packers or Giants have made any of these signings? I doubt it.

  • mgbode

    from a fan perspective, I agree.  perception can become the reality (until you start playing games).

    from a player perspective, I disagree though.  as you mentioned, many players only get “1 bite of the apple”  and if the Browns are the ones willing to offer the juiciest bite, then they will come.

    the only teams that can get away with offering crabapples and still getting some players are ones with proven championship backgrounds (NE, GB, NO, Pitt, Balt, etc.).  

    one example:  Mario Williams.   you can’t tell me that competing in a division with Tom Brady and the Pats along with how poor the Bills have played the past few seasons and then add in the weather there could help their cause any more than a FA coming here (Mario has lived his whole life in the South too)

  • mgbode

    Skins are betting on the new TV deals will make the cap explode in ’14.   it’s a risky strategy, but it could “work” for them to an extent.  if it doesn’t, then they are going to have some really tough decisions to make and will have to rebuild from scratch (again).

  • mgbode

    there’s a post (i think from Craig?) that shows Frostee’s contract is not nearly as much as the bloated number in the media suggests.   something along the lines of a 2year show-me contract (with really low numbers) and then it balloons up (or he’s cut before that happens).

    not sure on the others if they have similarly or not.

  • Max

    not like any FAs were gonna jump at the seams at coming to the Browns last year either unless we backed up a Brink truck, so we’ll see if the patience strategy will workout.”

    that’s exactly right, and I’m saying by at least giving the appearance that they were getting guys in and taking a look that may have emboldened other guys to come and you never know who you might be able to sign, at agreeable terms.  But sitting (mostly) idle just allows guys to automatically dismiss us, and we are out of the running immediately.

    It’s kind of like when Coordinators interview for Head Coaching jobs they figure there’s no way they will get. You never know. The interview could last ten hours and you and the GM may realize you are 100% on the same page on how to run a team.  I just think doing nothing (or very little) isn’t a good way to sell your franchise as a destination for other Free Agents, whether this year or in the future.

  • Max

    Id like to think I’m in group 1, but I’m done making excuses for them. That’s all I’m saying. Do, or do not. There is no try. This is year three. Patience is over now. I’m not calling for anyone’s head. We could go 5-11, but be much more competitive, actually score 20 points a game, and see the team really starting to jell, as the organizational philosophy finally start to take hold. That would be awesome.

    I’m done hearing about “inside deals” and how the lockout and shortened offeseason “stunted the development of our new offense”. No more “now that we have everyone on the same page”. They have their coach, they will have three drafts and off seasons under their belt. 

    I don’t want to hear about if  so and so hadn’t gotten concussed, or if this Safety had finished the season…winning teams have their share of injusries too, and they still win. The Patriots have started both Julian Edelman and Try Brown in the secondary in the Super Bowl.

    Just get better. Quit telling me why you cant.

    And I think one way you may be able to help yourself get better when you are a moribund franchise that has trouble attracting free agents is by being proactive, getting your name out there, selling your program to people, making offers you find acceptable (even if they dont work). It is free to try. It’s better than sitting on your hands allowing other’s to control peoples perception of your franchise.  I could be wrong. 

  • Yup

    I’m sorry, but it seems like you didn’t understand my post. The Browns will have to overpay to land any significant FA’s. Do you disagree w/that somehow? And I offered a clear counter point about how one can look at Garcon’s stas in light of the silly situation at QB for the Colts last year. Where’s yr confusion lie? And yes, I was critical of Lydall. What is the deal here with acting like criticism I anyone be I the Browns or writers is treated like some great breach of etiquette? I loathe this “holier than thou” approach I see on here where seemingly fans and commenters are seen as either raging idiots or super-serious, thoughtful sages. Complete bullshite. One can be smart and thoughtful and still think that the Browns FO has shown itself to e particularly inept these last couple of years. I also think it is a complete fallacy that somehow writing angry things about the Browns will do nothing am is pointless. I would say that fan pressure almost forced the FO to go after RGIII. Pressure even from blogs can and does matter. So please stop acting like yr the only serious people around and stop making excuses and start holding feet to the fire. You may just be surprised what happens when and I you do…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Counterpoint to your first reason: Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark were two very good reasons why Garcon only caught 53% of the passes thrown to him. 

    It doesn’t matter now but wouldn’t it have been nice for someone associated with the Cleveland Browns to let fans know that they indeed did have interest in Garcon but it didn’t work out rather then to wait over a week?  Or maybe this was another “We tried to trade up to #2 with St. Louis but they took Washington’s deal” after the fact.

  • Team Brady

    What impact did Wayne and Clark have on Garcon catching 53% of passes thrown TO him exactly?  Did their mere presence make his fingers buttery?

  • TitusPullo94

     I can see how having Wayne and Clark would cut down on the number of passes thrown to Garcon as he would not be the first or second option, but why would they stop him from catching the balls that were thrown to him?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I misread what you wrote but I’d love to know the % for the Browns WRs on dropped verse caught balls especially for Little. 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    NWE signed a bunch of WRs and they had one of the best passing attacks in the NFL.  Go figure.

  • Ike

    Pierre Garcon, Vincent Jackson, Josh Morgan, etc. were never in a million years going to come to Cleveland and H&H knew that before FA even started; moreso after missing out on Griffin and publicly hitching their wagon to McCoy this season. At that point, any chance of a meaningful WR acquisition in FA without overpaying was 100% impossible.

    “Even if the Browns were smart not to overpay Garcon, this is the year where the Browns must draft a receiver or two.”

    This quote highlights my feelings, which are that I don’t agree with everything H&H’s done, but one thing is for sure: whether you’re on board with H&H or not, you can’t argue that with 13 picks in this draft (4 compensatory), the pressure is on to deliver.  No more excuses.

  • Joe Murphy

    I think the crux of the argument, that both sides are trying to get at, is free agency is all about value.  You don’t want to buy the brand name player who brings inflated cost, with the exception of a playoff team who has a hole to fill. Garcon, Meachem, and Laurent Robinson were all given inflated contracts.  Meanwhile the Pats got Brandon Lloyd at a great value, and the Bears got Michael Bush at a tremendous value. I’m definitely happy we didn’t overspend (I agree with Craig), but it didn’t even sound like they were exploring options (I agree with Max).  The Browns don’t have to publicly come out and say what they are doing (in response to Harv), the rumor mill tends to catch wind at even the slightest inkling – remember the “Ben Tate trade”.  That fictitious report was the most activity I heard all offseason.

  • porkchopexpress

    I agree that the Browns will Have to Pay to land any significant free agents, so my question is why would you be in favor of this path?  Why would you pay someone more than they are worth when you can get equivalent value by drafting smart?  Where is the team that has used high priced free agents as the corner stone of a successful long term run?

    As to your pont about fan pressure, I would remind you that several years ago fan pressure led to Savage drafting Brady Quinn and trading a buttload to get Shaun Rogers.  Just saying lets not start casting the bronze “fan” statue for the HOF just yet. 

  • Henry Brown

    Hmm, in two years they took nothing and built a top 10 defense (legit, despite the early rush defense issues). But what’s important is that H&H didn’t placate your feelings?

  • TitusPullo94

     Well, Greg Little was at 54 percent:

    At least the Browns have him on the cheap if nothing else. And he didn’t have Manning throwing him the ball 2 of the past 3 years.

  • Henry Brown

    You are clearly in Group 2

  • Max

    you should change your user name to Captain Obvious.

    I used to be in group one. But I’m just not going to continue making excuses for them anymore. That’s all. Is that so wrong?

  • Max

    above, I wrote ”
     I’m not calling for anyone’s head, just some accountability from the men making millions of dollars.  Failure is perfectly acceptable, so long as there is something learned.  When you  introduce the “no excuses” mantra, go 4-12 with a handpicked coach, and then offer up one excuse after another, that’s a much larger issue to me than who they do or do not sign in Free Agency.”

    So I dont know what your point is? And everyone knows football is no place for feelings so keep all that warm fuzzy crap out of here

  • BIKI024

    don’t believe it works that way..  if you pay them, they will come. plus the agents of the players aren’t paid the big bucks just to look pretty, there is a lot of preparation done in terms of identifying teams that have cap room and would be ideal situations for their clients.  we’ll see how the rest of this FA process goes, lot of time left and still plenty of players available, including veteran cuts over the next couple months..  

  • edpro1979

    Ok heres what i want to know….HOW COULD THEY NOT KNOW HOW BAD THE  WR’S WOULD BE? I did and I know a lot of fans knew and so did several writers so how could they not know?Or  have they been watching Blackmon for the last two years waiting for this draft? If its the first scenario then thats a very scary thought knowing they are evaluating our talent.

  • Saurabhgup

    Seriously do the Browns front office pay you guys?  is WFNY the unofficial PR arm of the Browns Management?  
    Right, so we are better off to go in 2012 with Jordon Norwood and Butterfingers Greg Little?  
    …if you all along with the Browns front office believe winning without spending is possible you are fools.  

  • theotherJimBrown

    Definitely agree. Not even getting a sniff of Gonzalez at the price NE got him at is kind of baffling.
    A hometown kid on the cheap would have put a lot of salve on the wounded egoes of a lot of Browns fans (some are so miserable in their own existence that nothing will do, but that’s another issue for them and their psychs, pastors, etc.).

    Most likely Heck may not have been aware of his availability. Belichick is as crafty as they get. Maybe he was and didn’t like the fact that he was in the doghouse on a 2-14 team. Heckert has stated many times that he’s not fond of FA’s because there’s always a reason the prior team is letting them walk (use P. Hillis, M. Roth, A. Elam, E. Wright as an examples).

  • theotherJimBrown

    Sorry, but, what I’m hearing them say is… “we scouted him and Morgan, made qualifying offers and were blown out of water before we could counter.”
    This is what you do as a president or GM. See what you like and set a price your willing to pay.

  • theotherJimBrown

     Does any of the complainers realize how much RG3, Matt Flynn and 1 of the FA’s WR’s we missed on would have cost us in draft and monetary considerations. No they are not or they would be as OK with the non- signings as I, and many other SANE Browns fans are.

    The only thing that is baffling me is the amount of cheaper, solid role players that have been passed on. Heckert’s mantra is “build through the draft and pick up the extra pieces through FA”.

    I love that idea, but, what Travelle Wharton, G; Eric Winston, RT; Anthony Gonzalez, WR; Manny Lawson, OLB; John Carlson, TE; Chris Carr, CB???
    Could have signed all of these probable starters or significant role players to what it would cost for two splash FA’s.
     Heck (pun intended), any two of these would have plug a hole and not cost much

  • theotherJimBrown

    This FO has added on offense … Brad Childress, Mike Thomas, Gary Brown- coaches; Jason Pinkston, G; Peyton Hillis, RB; Alex Mack, C; Greg Little, WR; Jordan Norwood, WR; Ben Watson, TE; Chris Ogbonnaya, RB; Brandon Jackson, RB; Evan Moore, TE; Colt McCoy, QB; Seneca Wallace, QB and implemented the WCO…and have lost Eric Mangini, HC/ OC/ GM; Eric Steinbach, G; Tony Pashos, RT, Braylon Edwards, WR, Kellen Winslow, TE, Jamal Lewis, RB; Peyton Hillis, RB; Chansi Stuckey, WR; Billy Yates, G; and Hank Fraley, C; .
    Think they’re winning this battle…

    …on Defense… Dick Jauron, Ray Rhodes, Dwain Board- coaches; Jabaal Sheard, DE; Phil Taylor, DT; Scott Fujita, OLB; Joe Haden, CB; Sheldon Brown, CB; T.J. Ward, S; Dmitri Patterson, CB; Buster Skrine, CB, Chris Gocong, OLB; Eric Hagg, S; Frostee Rucker, DE; Juqua Parker, DE, returned to the 4-3 and re-signed D’Qwell Jackson…and have lost Rob Ryan, DC; Eric Barton, ILB; Kenyon Coleman, DE; C.J. Moseley, DE; Matt Roth, LB; Eric Wright, CB; Abe Elam, S; Mike Adams, S; Brandon McDonald, CB; and have scrapped the 3-4.
    …and lest we forget Tom Heckert for Eric Mangini as GM.
    Think they’ve WON that WAR…


  • Garry_Owen

    Apologies if I misconstrued. You said, “bugged,” “bothered,” and “vexed.” I read perceived, wrongly, I guess, “upset.” Maybe “bipolar,” then? (Kidding.)
    I always hesitate to accept any “perceptions becoming reality” notions, because reality is reality. I get your point, however. Still, I wonder if the Browns’ “silence” in the wee hours of FA was all that different from normal practice. Maybe 5 or 6 teams were loudly active in FA. What about the other 25 or 26 teams? I’m just not sure that the perception of the Browns could change any reality within the NFL.

  • Garry_Owen

    So, how could we have reasonably signed Garcon, given the cap issues that Craig noted?