Browns fans shouldn’t pay for Saints bounty program

Scott Fujita, DeMaurice Smith

As the New Orleans Saints scramble to make plans for Sean Payton’s year off from the game (possibly by talking to Bill Parcells) the players who played with the Saints from 2009 – 2011 wait for punishments to be handed down. As is the case with Scott Fujita and the Browns, they have to wait to pay the piper for sins that occurred under a completely different organizational umbrella. While Scott Fujita is a man who made choices and presumably earned some form of punishment, it seems rather odd that that punishment could end up being felt in Berea and all around the country wherever Cleveland Browns fans choose to roam.

So, is there a way for the player to be punished while not punishing the fans of a new team in a new organization that presumably had their house in order, at least with respect to bounty programs? I think there is.

Just force Scott Fujita to play without pay for whatever games he would be suspended. Wouldn’t that make more sense anyway? To risk injury without any compensation might send the message more appropriately than having to sit out safe and comfortable at home without pay. This isn’t to say that Fujita is a guy who needs the message anyway, as we don’t know all the details. It seems to me that Fujita is already pretty sensitive to the dangers of playing football and safety given the letter he wrote during the lockout.

But just in case a punishment is necessary for Fujita, maybe keep Browns fans in mind and try not to punish them as well.

  • MrCleaveland

    In other words, just fine him. That’s “just fine” with me.

    Also, maybe they could force him into some NFL version of “community service” in the off-season.

    And make him wear a scarlet B on his uni.

  • Tron

    Haha I like the scarlet B idea

  • mgbode

    NFLPA would never allow a player to directly “play w/o pay”
    they do it sideways through fines afterward, but never directly like that.

    I’m over Fujita.  He gave us a nice 2010.  He was not good in 2011 and needs to be shown the door (I favored that before this, but now am adamently supporting it.  last straw on the camel sort of thing).

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    How much of a loss would it really be if Fujita didn’t play?  Marginal.

  • oribiasi

    And, why not?  We have “party plates” in Ohio for DUIs.  I see nothing wrong with it.

    Of course, the NFLPA will never approve of it since it “demeans” players.

  • Ritt

    playing with a browns jersey on is the same thing as wearing a scarlet B

  • Craig Lyndall

    Do you have any idea how badly I wanted to call it “bountygate” again just to poke all you sensitive jerks who gave me crap the last time I used that term??!?!?? :-)

  • oribiasi

    I think he was a good coordinator on the field for our young defense, so I think its better if he plays.  His own production is a little limited but I never saw him make any glaring errors…except, of course, this terrible-ness.

  • MrCleaveland

    Yes, Craig, I did notice and very much appreciate your admirable restraint in not foisting upon your loyal and adoring fans another Hack-gate. A kudos to you.

    (Man, this is like thanking the mailman for not throwing your mail in the flower beds.)

  • JNeids

    Admittedly, at first I thought the scarlet B Mr. Cleave suggested was meant to stand for “Browns,” and that all former Saints would wear scarlet letters of their new teams. I had almost forgotten some were calling it Bounty…palooza

  • steve-o

    If this convinces the Browns to seek a younger/faster/healthier replacement for Fujita then it would actually be helping us.

  • Erchoov

    The only way the Browns would be punished is if the NFL forced them to play fujita. He’s awful. I’m sorry but he really is.

  • theotherJimBrown

    Absolutely makes no sense…. except in China…

     But, in the United States, people do not work for nothing because their bosses need retribution for something stupid they did. Especially a worker with a union contract who also doubles as a sort of shop steward. 

  • theotherJimBrown

     Could be the end for Fujita. The idea of losing time in his probable last season may force him to retire or force the Browns to cut ties with him and save his contractual obligation that will kick at a certain date.
     Think the latter is the most likely. Thanks for your year and half of stellar play, Mr. Fujita, but, it’s time to say g’bye.
    …on a second note, expect the Browns to draft another OLB high in this draft simply because of these implications.
     Watch the names Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Ronnell Lewis, Travis Lewis, Bruce Irvin, Emmanuel Acho, Keenan Robinson all come into play in the first 3 rounds. Think Manny Lawson’s name will re-emerge out of necessity. Philip Wheeler, Ind.; Chris Chamberlain, St.L.; Gary Guyton, NE; and dare I say it…Ernie Sims, Phi. will also be there as possible FA replacements should the draft not be productive.
     May even see Marcus Benard go back to LB (my choice outside of a Lawson signing or drafting of Zach Brown, Lavonte David, Manny Acho).
     Lawson could teach Benard the finer points of run support and dropping back for a couple of years.

  • theotherJimBrown

    Without a replacement we only have Kaluka Maiava as an option. Could draft or sign a weakside LB and move Chris Gocong over, too.

  • Greg

    What about Saints fans?  These punishments will have lots of external effects on innocent parties.  Obviously I would prefer it if the Browns and Cleveland fans weren’t among that group, but we’re definitely not the only ones.

  • mgbode

    Lavonte David is my first choice.  Hopefully with our 3rd rounder, but I think we’d need to use one of our 4ths w/ the 3rd (and maybe a 5th) to move back into the 2nd to get him.

  • Dpaceagent
  • Dpaceagent

    NFL fans can do something. Read the link above.

  • Underthebus

    Whack his pee pee and move on.