Cabot: Reports refute Browns’ willingness to include three first-round picks

Adam Schefter reported that the Browns were involved in the talks and had also offered three first round picks like what the Rams got from the Redskins. That report seemed confusing considering that the Browns had both a higher first round pick and a second first round pick in 2012. Common sense would tell you that the Browns’ were in a position to make a more attractive offer, and yet in the face of that offer, the Rams apparently chose the Redskins.

According to the Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot, that report might be confusing because it might not be 100% accurate.

Others have indicated the Browns didn’t offer three first-rounders, including NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi, who told the Washington Post on Saturday that Browns sources told him they weren’t willing to invest that much.

Amidst rumors of favoritism between Jeff Fisher of the Rams and Mike Shannahan of the Redskins, this would make more sense. It is just too hard to believe that the Browns offered a seemingly superior package and the Rams chose to trade with the Redskins anyway. It seems much more likely that the Browns just weren’t willing to pony up quite as much as the ‘Skins.

We’ll probably never know for sure, but after Tuesday when trades can be announced it won’t matter. The chapter will officially be closed.

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  • MrCleaveland

    Yesterday around noon, a smelly and unshaven Daniel Snyder aggravated his pounding headache when he yelled into his phone, “I DID WHAT???” 

  • AP

    Thank God. That is an enormous price for a guy that nobody even had in their top 5 as recently as early November. All of a sudden a few good games and a great combine and teams are willing to trade first rounders through 2014??

    I would understand it if first round picks had contracts like they used to. But now after the new CBA? First rounders are 10x more valuable than before.

    Lots of pressure on RG3 in the nation’s capital, he has to pretty much replicate Cam Newton’s rookie season and potential to justify that trade.

    Good luck with that!

  • cmm13

    It took a report from Mary Kay to realize this?

  • Craig Lyndall

    Schefter hasn’t been doing very well with his Browns reports if this one was wrong and the Peyton Hillis CIA one was also wrong.

  • Justin Weiser

    Right?! I think the moment I read about the trade I knew there was NO WAY the Holmgren regime would be willing to spend that much on one guy. Where is Schefty getting his information? Chris Fedor?

  • oribiasi

     Watch him do it.  All of the RG3 haters will cower in the darkness with their anti-Cam Newton posts to boot.

  • oribiasi

     Yeah, I wish we had a hard-hitting, no-nonsense reporter like Tony Gro–woops, nevermind.

  • floydrubino

    I would be shocked if Heckert would of given up this many picks. We will know if this is true after the draft because if the Browns overreach for Tannehill then who knows the truth.

  • porkchpxprss

    And since spending equals winning and Washington will spend 175 mil… whats that? There’s a salary cap that oribiasi didn’t know exists, awwww

  • porkchpxprss

    That just gave me an idea for “The Hangover III)  Snyder, Jerry Jones, Hank Steinbrenner, and Mike Ilitch (played flawlessly by Zach Galiwhatisnesss) go on a weekend free agent bender, throwing money around like Floyd Mayweather and Pacman Jones on Dollar Dance night, hilarity ensues.

  • MrCleaveland

    Well done, pcx! The “III” in the title is perfect on both levels!

  • Derek Hawk

    Mary Kay Cabot has got to be the worst insider in all of football. 

  • Mark

    Tell me something, anything, that Grossi has broken in the last 5-6 years? We are all better for having him move on. I’m sure you like him because he is critical of the Browns. Fine. But that’s all he brought to the table. All heat and no light. Hmmm, reminds me of someone else who likes to rip the Browns.

  • oribiasi

    What has he broken?  I have no idea and I have even less time to look back 5-6 years to find out.  He wasn’t at the four letter network so honestly, he didn’t have a lot of resources at his disposal.

    To be snide:  He did break the truth that Lerner is an irrelevant billionaire by saying what everyone knows.

    You cut me deep.  If I were a lesser man I’d point to the proviso about going after posters on this site, but don’t fret Mark.  No one will raise the alarm for that against me.

  • oribiasi

     Well now that there is a cap and a required amount it changes things, of course. 

    I don’t have to go through that list again…do I…

  • hollyw

    browns trade 2013,2014,and 2015 drafts to colts.colts trade us number one pick in 2012 draft.also browns trade 2016,2017,and 2018 drafts and wr massaquio,te watson,josh cribbs to the vikings.vikings trade us rounds 1-6 in 2012 mccoy for 4rth round pick. then in 2012 draft browns draft first round-qb andrew luck,rb trent richardson,wr justin blackmon,wr michael floyd. second round-cb trumaine johnson and wr alshon jeffery. third round- dt jerel worthy and ilb/olb vontaze burfict. fourth round-te orson charles,wr ryan broyles,og kelichi osemele,and wr patrick edwards. fifth round-cb chase minnifield,cb cliff harris. sixth round-olb sammy brown and wr jordan white.  trade/restructure/or release-cb brown,lb fujita,de mitchelle,wr massaquio,wr norwood,te watson,rb jackson,qb wallace,ot pashos,og stienbach,og greco,og cousins,og hicks.  will give us over 40 million to spend on players.  nfl free agents-ilb/olb curtis lofton,fs laron landry,de mario williams,og carl nicks,og ben grubbs,ot marcus mcneil when chargers cut him,cb aaron ross,dt amobi okoye,de derrick harvey.(if more money look to sign fb/rb peyton hillis,rb joseph addai,rb brandon jacobs,olb david hawthorne)

  • Usa Sports 360

    I don’t think the Browns would give up as much as the Redskins were willing to throw in. The Browns have a good number of holes to fill. Giving up that many picks for one guy is not as wise at it may seem. 

  • Usa Sports 360

    Besides RG# is unproven in the NFL, Much quicker league than College

  • Erichb1

    Mckoy is still unproven with a weak arm that will only be worse once the cold weather and high winds settle in on the lake

  • Erichb1

    I totally agree we all will witness RG 3 tearing it up on the field while the Browns will still be playing musical chairs with quarterbacks.  By the way the last time that cleveland had a franchise QB it was Bernie Kosar, and before him Otto Gragham.  Look around the league if you don’t have that franchise QB you’re going to be middle to bottom of the pack team.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You’re forgetting Peter King.